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21 Fantasia

Younger audiences may not be all that into Fantasia seeing as its just animation with classical music, with no real flowing narrative, but older viewers can really see the effort being put into every single frame of this creation. Without any words, the animation takes us on an emotional thrill ride that excites us and calms us at the same time. While not that known to younger Disney fans, Fantasia still holds a spot in many people's hearts. - phillysports

If you don't like Fantasia it just may mean that you don't appreciate art. - BKAllmighty

This movie was my childhood

Best one of all. They should adapt Night on Bald Mountain.

22 Alice In Wonderland

The Lion King can go suck it... This is my favorite.

23 Tarzan
24 Cinderella

When most people think of a Disney princess, Cinderella is usually the first to come to mind. This movie is just another classic from Disney's heyday, and a film that is as referenced and parodied as any ever made. This story has been told for so many years, but the Disney animated version seems to be the one that is looked back to the most. - phillysports

Their most classic effort to date. - alimarashian

25 Mulan

This movie meant so much to me growing up. I taught me about to be brave and you are not what people say you should be

Breathtaking! Also, why in the name of God is Chicken Little even ON this list? That movie was TERRIBLE! - Co0lk1d25

26 The Rescuers
27 The Princess and the Frog

Imagination good music great animation good plot good story and childhood fave

28 Dumbo
29 The Sword in the Stone
30 Peter Pan

My childhood bro... This movie is amazing.

This is an awesome movie why aren't you voting for it people?!?!

31 The Aristocats

My second favorite Disney movie (first in The Lion King). - Catacorn

Why isn't Astriocats on the top Ten favorite Original disney movie

32 The Black Cauldron
33 Robin Hood
34 Chicken Little

Why is this above Snow White and Frozen?

Whoa. Nope. This shouldn't be here. - BKAllmighty

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35 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
36 Pinocchio

This movie is a lot darker now that I think about it. There's a guy being transformed into a donkey in a very disturbing fashion! Pinocchio is a fantastically written story about a wooden puppet's simple desire to be a real boy. Accentuated by Jiminy Cricket's classic tune of "When You Wish Upon a Star", Pinocchio is an unforgettable piece to Disney's animated line-up. - phillysports

Very classic, they can make such a good animation at that time.

This is the greatest animated movie ever made, as far as I am concerned. - BKAllmighty

37 Hercules
38 The Emperor's New Groove
39 The Fox and the Hound

It was mostly an underwhelming affair when it arrived in theatres back in 1981. It hasn't really seen a renaissance of popularity, either, so how did it end up so high on the list? - BKAllmighty

Hey BKAllmighty, it ended up high here because it's a masterpiece so yeah

40 Sleeping Beauty
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