Greatest Walt Disney Animation Studios Movies

Just to be clear. These movies are made solely by the company of Walt Disney Animation Studios. I don't want people adding any Pixar or DreamWorks films on the list. These are the movies that are classified as "just Disney". Now that that's out of the way, Disney has cornered the market on making high quality animation for generations. From the Golden Age of the 40s and 50s to the struggle of the 70s and 80s. From the Renaissance of the 90s to the second popularity decline, leading up to the Second Renaissance of recent years, Disney Animation has always been a factor in movie history.

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41 Bambi


Man, did that mess me up when I was younger. Bambi just is a wonderfully told story on the life and experiences of a deer growing up in a harsh world where the threat of Man is always present. By having no appearance of Man, that makes his presence felt even more. Bambi is a story that goes from being cute one scene, to brutally heart-wrenching in another. It's a story that hits so many bull's eyes and is looked back on very fondly today. - phillysports

42 Lady and the Tramp
43 The Rescuers
44 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
45 Toy Story

This isn't disney

46 The Emperor's New Groove
47 Fantasia 2000
48 Treasure Planet
49 Dinosaur (2000)
50 The Aristocats

My second favorite Disney movie (first in The Lion King). - Catacorn

Why isn't Astriocats on the top Ten favorite Original disney movie

51 Melody Time
52 Make Mine Music
53 Fun and Fancy Free
54 The Three Caballeros
55 Brother Bear
56 Saludos Amigos
57 Home on the Range

How is this last place yet Chicken Little is in the teens?

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58 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
59 Inside Out

Inside Out is amazing, but it's not a Walt Disney Animation Studios film you idiots!

This movie is very emotional, it's a masterpiece - Unknownguy

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