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41 Pocahontas

Brilliant movie with a heartwarming story (loosely based on real life history), great characters, great animation, and how could I forget about Colors of the Wind. - Anonymousxcxc

This will always be my favourite Disney movie.
It has an amazing soundtrack, stunning visuals, great story, likeable characters and one of disneys most powerful endings. Though Pocahontas is often thought of as the movie that started the publics disinterest in Disney films, I think this and the movies that came after it are some of Disney's best. People think it's boring and predictable but I think it's a must watch for any Disney fan

42 The Rescuers Down Under
43 Moana

Their best since Beauty And The Beast. Must be higher.

Should at least be #10

I loved this movie! The crab was hilarious! 😅😅😅

44 Winnie the Pooh (2011)
45 The Adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad
46 Meet the Robinsons

This is absolutely my most favorite movie from Disney - jerk4life

47 Bambi V 1 Comment
48 Make Mine Music
49 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
50 Toy Story

This isn't disney

51 Fantasia 2000
52 Treasure Planet
53 Dinosaur (2000)
54 Melody Time
55 The Three Caballeros
56 Saludos Amigos
57 Home on the Range

How is this last place yet Chicken Little is in the teens?

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58 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
59 Inside Out

Inside Out is amazing, but it's not a Walt Disney Animation Studios film you idiots!

This movie is very emotional, it's a masterpiece - Unknownguy

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