Top 10 Best Walt Disney Theme Parks


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1 Disneyland, Anaheim, California

The first theme park ever. Disneyland was the first theme park and the only one built under Walt's supervision. It has classic attractions like Space Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, California Screamin, Pirates Of The Carribean, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones etc.

2 Disney World, Florida

Even better than Disneyland. Disney world rules all other parks. Disneyland is good but its nothing when put against Disney World.

Even better than Disneyland It just beats it because it's better and more thrilling rides Disney World rules

Disney World Rules its just better than Disneyland for a lot of reasons like size. Disney World >> Disneyland and Disney World is the Best Disney park because SIZE But Disneyland is second though and World has rocking Roller Coster which Is better than California Screamin at Disneyland. Disney World is the best park because unlike the other ones it's a World Not Land that's why it's the Best park its Castle it's the best one also It has all these parks in one place which is Crazy because its just one Enormous Park in Florida its like a small city ones you get in To the park these all kinds of stuff. its just Unbelievable how its just one place but it's a small city twice the size of manhattan and almost the size of san Francisco California and the castle is the best one at night or day its like it could be Disney headquarters and it's a Disney World Not a Disneyland that's why everyone says it's the best And it's the only Disney World out of the six Disney Parks. and magic ...more

3 Shanghai Disneyland
4 Paris Disneyland
5 Hong Kong Disneyland
6 Tokyo Disney Resort
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