Best Wander Over Yonder Characters

The Top Ten Best Wander Over Yonder Characters

1 Lord Dominator

She is the definition of a Dominator! I liked how she is not sticking to men like some whiny girl cliche, and instead proving herself worthy of being powerful!

Her ship was destroyed, not her, but she did surrender to Wander, Peppers, Lord Hater, and Sylvia, and everyone else that is good.

She rocks. Best character and singing voice. - girlcool

She's a cool villian.

2 Wander
3 Lord Hater

Lord Hater is hilarious in every episode. I like him

4 Sylvia

Sylvia is best character on T.V.. I really like Sylvia

5 Peepers

I think he's very cute! He is really intelligent

Cutest guy ever.I Have an little crush on him

So adorable I literally cannoT

He's so cute and smart.

6 Westley

I felt sorry for the little guy

7 Beeza
8 Prince Cashmere
9 Emperor Awesome

He's so annoying

Cool shark guy.

10 Emily Ripov

The Contenders

11 Troll
12 Little Black Cube of Darkness

Life is very sad for him because he's ridiculed by the other villains, but thanks to Wander, his life has been turned around completely.

13 Little Bits

Nothing is cuter than wander

She's adorable better than wander

14 Dr. Screwball Jones
15 Buster
16 Huckleberry Knucklehead
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