Top 10 Most Wanted Movies for Marvel Phase 4

The Top Ten Most Wanted Movies for Marvel Phase 4

1 Avengers: Secret Invasion

Let me guess: it's going to be another infinity multiverse war plot between good and evil. Right? Come on. You're kidding me. It's always the same old same old stuff that's been done several times before. So unrealistic.

The predictions:

Budget: $350,000,000
Opening Weekend: $300,000,000
Domestic: $900,000,000
Foreign: $1,900,000,000
Worldwide: $2,800,000,000

2 Doctor Strange 2
3 Fantastic 4 (MCU Reboot)

What the hell NO?!

No please no we've had enough terrible fantastic 4 movies.

4 Spiderman 2
5 The Runaways
6 Black Panther 2
7 Captain America 4: Reborn
8 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3
9 Captain Marvel 2
10 Hulk

The Contenders

11 Nova Solo
12 Moon Knight

I love moon knight!

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