I'm Gonna Speak Up...

This is a good question. When we hear about an all new Super Smash Bros, we don't wonder about some new stage or new mode, it's who we're gonna play as. There were so many people, but the Wii U isn't a supercomputer, so I expect about 40 characters. I believe there should be Toad who could use his spores, the Toad Brigade, and his cap for some of his moves. Also, Ganondorf needs a new moveset. And Midna would be a good replacement for Toon Link. She could use Wolf Link and some others. It would be very entertaining.

Mewtwo should replace Lucario. Lucario may be better, but Mewtwo was here first. Meowth would be good because he's fairly popular. And I don't want Pokemon Trainer, jsut Charizard with a Tail Swing down special move. King K. Rool is a great addition to DK. Please don't do Dixie Kong, Nintendo. King K. Rool could use his boxing gloves, crown, and cannoball and an uppercut from DK64 as his recovery move. Bring Roy back because it would be entertaining to see all 3 Fire Emblem characters in a battle. Add Ridley and Dark Samus. Ridley could be big and heavy, strong and slow, and a good jumper. He could glide, use his talons, claws, tail, and plasma fireball. Dark Samus could use Phazon.

Clones are a split issue so I want Jeff to swap Lucas out. F-Zero needs more, so I think Samurai Goroh. Did I forget to mention Bowser Jr? He could use stuff from Sunshine and other games. It would be sweet. I would love to see Mr. Resetti and Little Mac too. For third party, we're not gonna get too many. First off, they would have to be on a Nintendo console, so elimination time for Ratchet & Clank, Sackboy, Ryu, etc. And they would need to belong in a fighting game, so I'm just gonna hope for a Pac-Man World style Pac-Man and Mega Man along with the returns of Snake and Sonic.


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Quick run-down of all suggestions: Mac and Pac-man have now been confirmed, and Charizard will be a standalone character (how you predicted that 2 years ago is beyond me). I think Sonic's back too. K-Rool would be decent, Toad deserves it, and Bowser Jr. makes too much sense to ignore. Only one I don't like is the F-Zero guy, we don't need a supporting character from a likely dead franchise. - jonnyjames3