"Daisy is definitely someone who is culturally relevant, she has had just as much, if not more, roles in Mario games as much as Bowser jr. And Waluigi. If people are so scared of her being compared to peach, well then let her be a rep for the Mario sports series. Give her a Mario sports related move set and give her the yellow tank/shorts outfit that shes given in Mario sports games. Even pull a wario and give her the dress too.

Daisy is usually excluded from a lot of Mario Games, often seen as a Peach clone and not important. She has always been seen as the tomboy, the sporty girl, the strong princess you don't want to mess with.

She could fit perfectly to the game if she's approached in a completely different angle as Peach is. Why not have her in her sport clothes? Also, using ice attacks could be a possibility, as she uses it in Mario Strikers, give her her dress as an alternative choice (just like Wario had), she could be a great add to the game, also adding another girl to the game!

She could be amazing JUST if she's not made into a Peach's clone and instead make her a complete fresh character. - ArcCharlie

Daisy always gets shrugged off as being a peach clone if she made into smash bros games or she has an annoying voice not to me or the excuse that she is weird and has a third eye laugh out loud but I think she could come out from peach's shadow if she made it in a smash bros game no more peach stealing her dress daisy for smash bros 4

Daisy is AWESOME! She should have been in Brawl! Geez, who else could hype up the Mario Games? Appearing in her Striker outfit is fine, but I really want to see her in her dress so she can have the same floaty ability as Peach. Oh, move over, Daisy will kick your butt!

Yeah! Daisy will also kick Rosalina's cosmic ass and kick her ass back to where she came from! - MeaganSaysHI

She is not clone but not to be too strong anyways tons and tons of people want female characters that are not clones and stop call only one that is daisy A CLONE ok better then peach the lame old princess that does nothing useless while daisy is more smarter then using a toad or golf club for a frying pan or a racket if there was team and daisy I would only do daisy and luigi and peach vs Mario I would win

Daisy could represent all of the party/sport and kart games. And if you say that she isn't an adventurer or a fighter, she has been in deep jungles, dry deserts, active volcanoes, frozen tubras and outer space. Plus, have you seen the Mario game where you punch and kick your opponents off o a platform

Nintendo is giving out A LOT of attention to Rosalina and Peach! They keep adding them to the main games! What about daisy? She's super special!

Daisy should be in it to finally prove she's more than a Peach clone! That she's actually could kick some butt.

I do not understand how this character is SO LOW on this list!?! She is an OBVIOUS choice for this game, and would kick any guy characters ass.. DAISY for the win

Way better than Rosalina. I mean come on she was created for Super Mario Land in a real game and since then been in the shadow. daisy deserves a spot!,

Nintendo should give a chance to this Princess! She's wonderful and she could be more powerful than Peach

I agree. Daisy is a headstrong tomboy, while Peach wails for Mario when she could've fought him herself.

Rosalina got herself in so daisy should get herself a chance with her tomboy nature and she should have all of the Mario sports attacks not waluigi

Since 1989, Daisy needed some love. Now is the time to show people how amazing Daisy is.

Daisy could probably be against Zelda and Peach because she is not a coward. Daisy should save Luigi and not get trapped like Zelda and Peach. Jen Taylor can do daisy's voice instead. Daisy actually came from a desert called Sarasaland so she's seen worse than ultimate fighting. Final Smash - take opponents out by sending them in tatanga's ship. Daisy shouldn't copy Peach because Luigi doesn't copy Mario!

Why is this at 85? Daisy is more deserving than non Nintendo characters, and why are non Nintendo characters such as Finn and Jake on this list? Finn and Jake belong to Cartoon Network and it is not likely and will not be likely to see them in the game.

Yes I think daisy should be in this game shes awesome and she is my favorite character she could have speed cause in olympic games Mario&sonic shes speed type and I love also her ultimate attack in super Mario strikers the ice attack

Daisy is a tomboy and definitely deserves to be in Smash. People think she's a Peach clone, but she's much more. I think that she would be cool in her sports outfit. Rosalina's in Smash and she's not really the fighting type, but why not Daisy?

She needs to have a spot she can not be a clone she can be like do 90 damage by punching because in Mario party 3 she punched Bowser to the moon like she is over 9000 she could be the best of all

My Idea for Daisy's Standard Special is the Wonder Flower from Mario Power Tennis. When using this attack, Daisy uses her tennis racquet the same way she uses it in Mario Power Tennis and hits opponents using the attack and quite strong. Kirby also uses this attack after he uses Swallow on Daisy.

Princess Daisy is my favorite Princess and I feel like she's being neglected. Rosalinas getting more attention than her and I don't think its that fair. I think Daisy needs some light too! Bring Daisy in the game!

Daisy should eally be in ythis game. Everyone says "no she'll be a copy of peach. " No she wouldn't she is better than peach. She would really kick ass in this game.

Come on People, Vote your hearts out so she can get into Smash! Daisy will dominate Rosalina yeah! - MeaganSaysHI

Okay she could beat up Bowser and could beat up Mario and she is more than a peach clone

She needs to be number one, why are people like Forrest Gump and bill nye ahead? We should be putting up Nintendo characters plus she would kick some butt! I already think she needs more attention in just Mario games, this could be her start! She is much better than peach and she would be amazing!