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81 Dry Bones Dry Bones Dry Bones is a common enemy species in the Super Mario series of video games since „Super Mario Bros. 3“ (1988). After his first debut as a playable character in „Mario Superstar Baseball“ (2005), he became a fan-favorite and also got playable in other spin-offs of the Mario series.

He's been my favorite character out of any game since I first saw him.
Please he's epic and would have a very simple and easy-to-make moveset.

He wont be in but that's awesome

Dry bones diserves a slot in the roster, Dry Bones could be impredictable to guess and has pontencial for a moveset, I could guess it's playstyle and could play out as some sort of " Glass cannon" or as simple, has slightly more defense then most light characters, or could play out as an techical playstyle, as Dry Bones is nearly inpredicable

82 Dr. Eggman Dr. Eggman Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a fictional video game character and the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sega.

His final smash would be changing machines, like the Big Arm and the Death egg Robo and many more.

If there are bosses in this game Eggman has got to be one of them

I also want to see dr. Eggman from sonic the hedgehog as a playable 3rd party character please Nintendo

Or Metal Sonic. I prefer Metal Sonic though

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83 Bayonetta
84 Young Link Young Link

He deserves this move set 1. Have the rapid a combo from melee 2. Be able to shoot Fire, ice, and light arrows 3. Side special could be a bombchu 4. Final smash he puts on the captains hat to call skull keetas who slash the opponents and quickly puts the garos mask to call them and they slash the opponent for a KO. 5. Down special should be him changing into deku, Goron, z

He could be like Pokemon trainer, switching between Deku, Goron, and Zora. Final smash could be fierce diety mask.

It should totally be like the one from majora's mask and not ocarina of time. He could have a b move like Shulk's that switches between Goron Zora and Deku masks and his final smash would be the fierce deity mask!

Link is 0% better but Young Link is 100000000000000% better' So, Vote for him.

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86 Baby Mario Baby Mario

Another duo character like ice climbers

Paper Mario would be way different then Mario

His final smash would be his annoying crying and would knock whoever touches him out of the game.

Final smash? CHAIN CHOMPS Like double dash

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87 Masahiro Sakurai

If it weren't for him, Super Smash Bros. Would not exist. How could he not get put in? How? How? How? Again, I ask, how?!

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88 Wreck-it Ralph

His finale smash should be:1giant building 2 Ralph falls of it 3 Ralph wins and if any one survives they will have lots of damage and be pushed away by al of the mud splashes from Ralphs fall

Wreck it ralph should also be a playable 4th party character for super smash bros. For Nintendo 3ds / wii you please Nintendo

I would LOVE to see him and Vanellope get in as playable characters!

No. Just no.

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89 King Boo King Boo

He is epic in Mario party 8 - medropo4

Gotta be in! He is the best villain ever other than Herobrine!



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90 Miis

Is already a surprise and a disappointment that they weren't in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so now they have to be in the new fourth game.

I still don't understand why they weren't in the last game. I really really hope they are in the next one.

Having your own mii fight in battle would be awesome! Just think about it. You have YOUR mii fight alongside mario, link, and samus would be so cool. The miis can use things that have been in their older games, like a golf club or a bowling ball. I was just thinking about what the miis' special jump would look like... Maybe it can be the glider from pilot wings resort and can function like meta knight's glide. Having your mii in the new Super Smash Bros would be awesome!

Umm, they are in the game.

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91 Micaiah

It would be great to have a few more charas of fire emblem in the new ssb. So I vote for Micaiah. Shes a great mage and there would be many attacks and skills for her.

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92 Latios Latios

Haha no it is an assistance trophy

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93 Quote (Cave Story)

This needs more recognition

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94 Dark Samus Dark Samus

Smash Bros needs more Metroid representatives and more villains. Dark Samus would help fit both slots. The final boss of Metroid Prime reborn, took control of the entire planet Phaaze, corrupted the space pirates to its will, nearly corrupted every planet in Galactic Federation Space, and even absorbed the power of the other Hunters. How is it not an awesome villain. Its cutscenes and boss battles include plenty of moves to make a unique move set.

Its hovering just above the ground for movement

Neutral b - the phazon pellets from the first half of the final battle in Corruption (the longer a player charges the shot, the more pellets, or way it was used to kill the Dark pirate troopers in Echoes that occurred before the second fight (still the charging factor)

Down b - the missile reflector from the first fight in Echoes

Forward b - the super missiles from the first encounter in Echoes

Final Smash (multiple options) - turning back into Metroid Prime ...more

Why is Dark Samus so for down the list? She has her own spin off series as well as being one of the most interesting villains in Nintendo. She deserves her own assist trophy or an alternate costume for samus at the very least...

Down b should be splitting into two and recovering, like in the boss battle from metroid prime 3

Instead of ridley we should have dark samus

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95 Rouge

I rather want to have Charmander along with bulbasaur and squirtle and have charizard as a separate character(please no hard feelings :>).

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96 Chibi Robo

How cool and original would a enlarged chibi robo be to fight? Plus it'd be a new franchise character represented!

Chibi-Robo will be a very unique character! Not only is he an interesting, cute character, but he has a lot of potential for a good moveset (Chibi-copter, Chibi-blaster... )

Chibi-Robo actually has a lot of moveset potential! He's a funny character, his inclusion in ssb4 would help represent more franchises and would help advertize the Chibi-Robo games!

97 Mach Rider
98 Magneton Magneton V 1 Comment
99 Black Pokemon Trainer

The guy who said if you don't vote is racist is a dumbass you're not a racist if you don't want to do something

It needs to be a character. The old one was actually a character, most likely ash

They need to add more Black characters. What they should do for the Pokemon Trainer is that every different colour is literally a different character design, so instead of a tinted green white Trainer, one Caucasian Trainer, change color, now he'she's African American with an afro, change color, now he's Asian with long hair, change color, now it's a female, etc

I would like that perhaps with emboar dewott and snivy

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100 Electroplankton

Maybe Hanenbow could be launched as the final smash! - adamgogle

So many varieties and can use Electric music and sparks to fight!

The main now will most likely be Nanocarp he seems like the main character and the only one who could be in it but great idea, - adamgogle

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