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Ridley is a villain from the Metroid series and a character from the Super Smash Bros. series. He's Samus Aran's archenemy and has been fighting her since day one with the first Metroid game in 1986. When Samus was three years old, Ridley murdered her parents in front of her. He is a member of the Space ...read more.


We need another playable villain in smash and if anyone was to make the cut its ridley. I Mean come on! He is a space dragon-like pterodactyl with the brain of a intellegent evil master mind, he is the leader of a army of space pirates, and whenever he dies he just keeps on returning! He keeps on changing shape and color anyways, and he is a master when it comes to a fight in the air! Plus he has his even stronger form Meta Ridley! Plus we wouldn't even have samus if it weren't for Ridley killing her mother! Ridley made samus who she is! And last but not least have you ever thought what his attacks may be in smash?

Meta knight was a HUGE success in SSBB. Just imagine Meta Knight as a flying robotic dinosoar from hell. That gives you a glimpse at the potential and sheer awesomeness that Ridely possesses. Ridely is right up there with Mewtwo and Micaiah for my top 3 favorite newcomers for the next Super Smash Bros. Game, plus Ridley has a good chance of getting in either SSB Universe or/and SSB Memories!

Ridley is an excellent choice for the roster. His moves have already been defined during previous Metroid games, from fireball attacks, to claw and tail attacks. We've even seen him grab and throw. His wings could function similarly to Pits flight or a glide like Peach. He could be similar to charizard.

I also feel that we've been teased enough being that Ridley is present during Melee's Opening CGI and fought as a boss multiple times in Brawl.

I say give Ridely a little more respect and let us use him as a character in SSB4.

Or in other words, I want to play as a dragon.

Ridley is a boss in the subspace emissary TWICE in brawl! He's the most iconic character from metroid other than Samus, and possibly kraid. You know what, never mind... Better than KRAID! Don't give me any too big poo, because olimar is tiny, Bowser is gigantic, and I'm pretty sure Yoshi isn't actually as big as luigi, maybe if he was standing as tall as he could, but Nintendo could EASILY shrink him! There's only one rep for metroid (being samus) and there's no way dark samus will be in. Maybe an assist trophy or an alternate color palette for samus. Ridley might not be in though because Nintendo pretty much TOLD US that he's gonna be a stage hazard. Still, they should make the stage hazard kraid and add Ridley! WOOHOO PETITION TIME! LETS GET WILL FERRELL TO SIGN IT!

Ridley is by far the most recurring and important Metroid character after Samus herself, he deserves to be in. I mean come on, Bowser, Ganondorf, Dedede, Mewtwo and Wolf all make it in to the series but not Ridley. And besides, Metroid needs more reps aside from Samus, it's the 6th biggest Nintendo franchise yet Starfox gets more reps

HE IS NOT TO BIG! Olimar was smaller the a penny BUT HE got in! Just shrink him and to all who do not agree I say this"I FART ON YOU! "! Nintendo if you are reading this BRING IN RIDLEY AND DROP PEACH, JIGGLYPUFF, AND OLIMAR. Those are the bad characters they just Plain STINK! No hard feelings to the fans of those characters. Vote for Ridley!

Many Nintendo franchises have their own playable villains such as Bowser, Ganondorf, King Dedede, and Wolf...so why not Ridley? Sakurai may be teasing us with the recent Pyrosphere snapshots.

Ridley even appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Crusade online.

We need more villains in this series and Ridley is an icon of the Metroid series. Adding Samus's long time nemesis would definitely not hurt, besides there is no one else more deserving from the Metroid series.

Metroid needs more representation, as it is one of Nintendo's longest running series, and Ridley would be the best choice, as he is the main villain of the series and could work great for smash. He could fly, breath fire, use his tail, and ever use his claws.

I'm a evil Dragon dude who leads an army of space pirates, Yeah, you don't want to mess with me.

The main thing that bugs me about the whole "he was deconfirmed" argument is that Ridley was first teased in a PotD on Aug 20 2013, then we were shown a shadow in the direct on April 8. So far he has yet to be mentioned by name and people are still not certain on his role. It makes no sense to tease a stage hazard for 11 months, especially if the hazard in question has been asked to be playable by a number of people from the smash community. If he wanted to deconfirm Ridley he should have been very direct about it just like so many others (Ashley, Midna, Skull kid, etc. ) If he is not playable I will be disappointed for more reasons than Ridley not being playable.

Who cares if he's big. Resize him. He deserves to kill everybody

He is Samus's nemesis and the one who killed her parents. He is the most worthy Metroid villain who deserves to be in Smash above all her other enemies. He never stays and down and´╗┐ keeps coming back just like Ganon for Link.

Metroid series could use another character, and sizing wouldn't be a problem, but he flies. You can't have a strictly flying character, and you can't put Ridley on the ground... - jonnyjames3

We need more villains, he's iconic, the too big argument is bull plus sakurai has already stated size is not a thing to stop a character. Also only one metroid rep since the first installment is ridiculous (I don't count ZSS as a new character since they're the same person). He is perfect I don't understand why he hasn't been in to this point yet

Bowser is only big when he gets a power up! Really he is a few inches bigger than Mario! Ridley is 10 feet tall! Two words, TO...BIG!

He is not too big so stop complaining people who think that. See a video called 'is Ridley really too big for smash? ' By game theory

We need more Metroid characters. Ridley is the best one we can have. Nintendo can size him down for Super Smash Bros.

Ridley is a very awesome Charakter. Well he is a dragon but he's also a bad scientist and the mein villain from Samus. And no he isn't to big! Ridley is one of the best choices for the next game!

He would be a mad addition to the game but I think Ghirahim would be my #1

Metroid needs more representation and the possibilities with ridley's move set are too enticing to not consider.

Jeepers stop using the excuse he's to big

Ridley could easily be Charizard size. Metroid deserves another representative.

Same reason everyone else wants him in. He's not too big and is the only viable second character for the Metroid series in Smash.

He needs to be here I don't care about the too big argument its irrelevant. He would make a great character please add Ridley!