Shadow The Hedgehog is my favorite character in the Sonic franchise. He is the 2nd most popular Sonic character behind Sonic himself. Some people say that if he were playable, he would be a complete clone of Sonic. I highly disagree. Yeah, he might have the spin dash and some of Sonic's other abilities, but he also has the Chaos Force. Imagine his back grab attack: Shadow grabs his opponent, and he could quickly warp behind him and kick him. That would be an awesome reference that one scene in Sonic 06. Plus, his Chaos Control would be great for warping around the stage. He could charge up a Chaos Spear and then release it for a powerful charge shot. Sonic Battle shows that he has different attacks he could use with the Chaos Force. Example: He could snap his fingers to spawn a blast of chaos energy in front of him. This would make a great smash attack. His Final Smash should either be Chaos Blast, or Super Shadow. I would personally rather have Super Shadow because Shadow's super ...more

Shadow needs this to not break my heart, shadows the only rival of sonic besides Megaman and Mario so why not bring in another sonic character. His standard special could be chaos control so he can teleport (not to far) his side special could be a amiable chaos spear like pit and dark pits bow of guidance his down special could be a chaos fissure or something(sorry could not think of anything) his up special could be a chaos control (again) but it slows down time for like 6 seconds and his final smash... Super shadow! But not like sonics final smash but kinda like little Mac for a limited time (duh) but you can still stay on the ground (no flying it sucks not but something different) and larger chaos spears and longer chaos control up special for like 16 seconds and maybe chaos blast!

Shadow would be better than Tails and Knuckles, even though Tails and Knuckles are both awesome characters, but Shadow is pretty similar to Sonic and has a vast majority of different skills, he could use chaos Spear and teleport, and Chaos Blast as a Final Smash. Shadow's fighting style would of course be more aggressive but that would be the fun of it, having a character like Sonic but with more damaging and stronger attacks.

Shadow is a character that quite well fitted for Smash. He already has a decent move set, which could be derived from Sonic Battle, and unlike sonic, His game actually featured full on fighting, and though many people think he'd be a gun abuser, his original play style doesn't need guns- an advantage to being a character who only had guns in like, 2 games.

Shadow Should Be In They Need More Sonic Characters. besides they put a lot of Mario Characters its like super smash bros thinks Sonic Sucks. and there is only one sonic character. and people try so hard on youtube to find out how to get shadow in super smash bros. and they say he's awesome so why not put him in there

Shadow is a beast character that must be in this game. After they have him, he will have a stage of his own. The Space colony ARK would be a good stage or Westopolis. There would be good Shadow music like I Am and Sky Troops. Many people made hacks of him in Brawl. He deserves a spot since he is the second most popular character in the sonic series. He has great moves such as Chaos control, blast and spear. He ain't a clone of sonic

Shadow is just Shadow, that's all there is to it. Plus, he's one of the only Sonic characters (besides Sonic) to have a game focused purely on himself.

I really really really really want shadow in the game but he won't be because if Nintendo wants him in the game they will have to pay sega like millions of dollars just to have him in the game so I really do want him but I don't think he will be in it - RPD6478

Shadow is one of the best (or to my opinion the very best) sonic characters. People whine about him not getting in or not having a chance to get in and I think that is just stupid that people wouldn't want shadow (I want shadow more than sonic :) )

Shadow would be so cool. I was really stuck between Mewtwo and Shadow but Shadow takes the cake, with Mewtwo being a very close second. Both Shadow and Mewtwo have so much potential for SSB4 it's just... NINTENDO! PLEASE PUT BOTH THESE CHARACTERS IN OR TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WILL BE DISAPPOINTED! Also get rid of Pit his turn is over. But keep Olimar it's funny watching him suck laugh out loud - VanguardSoul

Shadow is an absolute BEAST and deserves a place in the brawl. More Sonic characters are needed anyway. I'd also like to see Amy or Blaze.

Shadow's chaos abilities would rule the battlefield!

Shadow would be unstoppable his final smash could be going super and then use chaos blast to its fullest potential his special move chaos spear his sideway one chaos control the version that slows time and
His upset move chaos control teleport and his down move a low powered chaos blast

Well I'm pretty sure if they have sonic in brawl then either tails knuckles shadow or even silver will be in super smash bros Wii you

Shadow Is definitely PERFECT For Smash Bros Even If He Was Bad He'd Be My Main He's So AWESOME I don't Think It Would Be Hard To Make A Balanced Character We don't Just Want A Skin For Sonic No We Want A Whole Character


Most people say that shadow is a clone of sonic but I guess they never played Shadow the hedgehog and sonic 06( wouldn't blame them for this game) he can be slower and heavier than sonic. His b specials an do more damage than sonic but have weaker a moves. His final smash should be chaos blast it should be a big explosion like tabuus but it only hits once

You have GOT to put Shadow the hedgehog in SSB4. He would be a hit. Shadow can slow down time, he's just as fast, if not faster, than Sonic and he can teleport. Honestly he would have an epic final smash

Shadow is a really good and cool character in sonic, if he's not in it, whoever is making it, you might lose two buyer's. while your at it, please try to put in blaze the cat, or you might lose three buyers.

I think shadow should be in the game cause shadow is a famous character theses can be his movesets
B:Shot gun
B left and right:Chaos spear
B Up: flying
B Down: teleport
Final smash: super shadow
This idea was really great

To be honest, I rather see Tails. Plus, Shadow already made it as an Assist Trophy anyway and he'll most likely still be one in future Super Smash Bros. Games if Sonic is present.

Shadow should make it he'll do great final smash should be CHAOS CONTROL!

Shadow could be 'your too slow'ish too. Sonic though needs more characters. I think Shadow though should be number 1.

If sonic is going to be in it why not shadow? He would be an awesome character with his chaos moves

Give him guns, super speed, and him to be his own character and then I think you have a pretty neat roster.

Why hasn't this been done yet? Shadow has been sitting on top of this list since man invented the toaster, does Nintendo even know if this list exists?