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He's my personal favorite character of all time mainly because I can relate to him in a multitude of ways. If you ever read the Archie Sonic Comics He is a T Total BADASS! He actually can not only keep up with Sonic in terms of speed but can also match him in sheer strength by also having a spin dash and a Super Transformation using the 7 Super Emeralds making him become Turbo Tails. I'd play this game all the time and quite possibly call in to skip work and school just to kick Ass with my favorite character of all time!

Please let tails be playable he's my favorite character and I love him So please let tails be playable because if he is I will buy this game if he was playable and the game would sell more to because everyone loves tails and it would be very sad if he was not playable

Miles "Tails" Prower is would be a wonderful addition to the game. Sonic was the most requested by fans after melee but Tails would be great too. It would be kind of obvious what his move set would be too. Final smash would be the Tornado. I think that Nintendo should make more people from other games like add more Donkey Kong players like Dixie or Kirby players like Prince Fluff (Maybe not) but Tails from Sonic in the game would be nice.

Because he's Sonic's right hand man and that's like putting in Mario in the game and leaving Luigi outside of the game. Plus he it's well know than other Sonic characters. And honestly, I would rather see Tails in SSB4 than Shadow, Knuckles, Amy, and Dr. Eggman. Because for one even though he's cool and all, he's another copy of Sonic but the only thing different is that he has chaos control and lethal weapons, than Knuckles here can only punch and dig which I think is a little lame, next in line is Amy and all she does is whine and complain, is in love with Sonic and swings around her hammer and to add on she's like a better version of Peach but still add in the right hand man Tails, then last is Dr. Eggman and even though he's the villain and would have a cool/ok moveset I LIKE TAILS ALLOT BETTER THAN THE REST OF THESE CHARACTERS! :-P plus I like Tails much better cause he can even do more thing than Sonic and Dr. Eggman and if you don't know what I'm talking about just simply go ...more

Tails would probably be my main character to play as if he was in the next Smash Bros. Game.

Tails is the only character from the sonic series that makes sense to put in (other than Sonic). As they said for shadow, he is the only character to match his speed. Basically making him his clone. They are looking for unique characters not characters that have the exact same move set.

Like come on it would promote the sonic series. I would be a shame if sonic didn't have anyone from his series and if they make Tails powers and attacks and skills very insanely cool then I'd definitely play as him otherwise I'm probably going to be my Mii character mainly or someone I don't really enjoy playing as (which is less likely to happen for me)

He's like Sonic's brother so he HAS TO BE IN THE NEXT GAME ( I rather have him than Shadow in the game)

He's the next thing to sonic and can have a different move set
Just play super smash flash 1 or 2 and you'll see what I'm talking about - kevi2g11

He's the next sonic rep. We at least need 1 more sonic character and that should be Tails because whenever I think about sonic I think about Tails rather than shadow. Plus I shouldn't have to say any more facts why he should be in ITS OBVIOUS

An awesome character who is unique in his own way and NOT a clone like SHADOW is to Sonic. Plus the only thing different about Shadow is his chaos control, dark powers, and his unpleasant attitude.

Come on he's the baddest mofo around and everyone loves him as much as Sonic and maybe even... Shadow. so why not join him in.

People may say he has no move potential. I think not. His up special could be flying, his down special could be dropping a cog or screw, and his side special could be an invention based move! And for a final smash, he could make a plane and fly it across the map!

Honestly, Tails makes the most sense. He is popular, easy to create moves for, and Sonic needs his buddy as he is one of few characters in the game to be the only one from his universe.

Tails is an iconic character to the sonic series and has been it mostly every sonic game since sonic 2. His fighting style could be like in Sonic Battle for the GBA with a mixture of moves seen throughout his other games. Tails is actually the ONE and ONLY newcomer I've wanted to see so far. If he isn't added I don't see a point in me buying SSB4

If Mario gets Luigi with him, then Sonic should be able to have Tails come along. Super Smash Flash 2 had Tails, and he was great in that game.

Tails should be in smash 4. Tails has been a great help to Sonic. He deserves to join the battle. Tails is my favorite sonic character. I'm praying and hoping that he'll be in smash 4

Tails is also my favorite Nintendo character! I would love to play as him. Besides there are like five Mario characters and one Sonic character.

Tails has got to be in smash bros. he's smart, he's fast, and he is just a really fun character in the sonic games, so I feel he's perfect for smash bros.

I agree! He could use his tails for recovery, his canon for special attacks, and his Tornado, for Final Smash!

If they include Tails in Super Smash Bros. 4 as a DLC Fighter or Possibly in Super Smash Bros. 5, they Should Add the Sonic Adventure 2 Version of His Theme Believe in Myself

I love tails even more than sonic the main character, so PLEASE put him (and krystal from star fox) in SSB4

Tails should be in there because he can fly, build things, go super and can invent weapons that he use

Tails would be great! And if we get Palutena and not Tails I'll be pissed.

I hope tails makes it I mean shadow couldn't make it so how about Nintendo give o tails a try!