Top Ten War Movie Soundtracks

The Top Ten

1 The Thin Red Line

Hans Zimmer has rivetted a marvel of a score

Gorgeous score by Hans Zimmer.

2 Saving Private Ryan
3 Inglourious Basterds

Tarantino movies always have great soundtracks

4 Braveheart
5 The Patriot

One of the best soundtracks from the LEGEND John Williams.

6 The Deer Hunter
7 Apocalypse Now

A really good use of The Doors music - Beatlesboy9

Agree. Love the music in the heroine sex scene

Head and shoulders above the rest.
The use of "The End" may be the greatest cinematic use of a non-original song ever done, and by itself puts this one on top.

"This is the end, beautiful friend… my only friend, the end." - PetSounds

8 Schindler's List
9 Tora! Tora! Tora!
10 The Great Escape

The Contenders

11 Platoon
12 A Bridge Too Far
13 Fury
14 Patton
15 The Battle of Algiers
16 Where Eagles Dare
17 Lawrence of Arabia
18 Casualties of War
19 The Guns of Navarone
20 Full Metal Jacket

Fugetaboutit, this is the gold standard

21 Black Hawk Down
22 Tears of the Sun
23 Lone Survivor
24 War Horse
25 300
26 Paths of Glory
27 Enemy at the Gates
28 Walker
29 Cross of Iron
30 Crimson Tide
31 The Bridge on the River Kwai
32 The Dirty Dozen
33 Casablanca
34 The Train
35 Dark of the Sun
36 The Great Raid
37 Hangmen Also Die!
38 They Were Expendable
39 Back to Bataan
40 Midway
41 Das Boot
42 Kelly's Heroes
43 The Dam Busters
44 The Big Red One
45 Zulu
46 Von Ryan's Express
47 Battle of Britain
48 Zulu Dawn
49 Hell is for Heroes
50 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
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