Best Warcraft Heroes

The Warcraft / DotA is a popular PC game and we are giving a chance to vote for the best heroes among them.

The Top Ten

1 Illidan Stormrage (Demon Hunter)

Illidan Stormrage is one of the most powerful Heros of Warcraft, he consumed the power of the skull of gul'dan and also claimed the Eye of Sargerus. He was well known for the name Betrayer but in fact He was the on to be betrayed.

You are not Prepared! - ChrissyBear

2 King Arthus (The Death Knight)

Get the name right please

First of the Lich King's Death Knight.

3 Warchief Thrall (The Far Seer)

Thrall was the warchief of the Horde. He led his people to a new future by removing the curse of the Legion upon them.

4 Tyranda Wisperwind (Priestess of the Moon)

Well known for the name of Priestess she was a brave soilder to take down a vast army of the undead for herself (Alone). Beloved of Malfurion.

5 Sylvanus Windrunner (The Forsaken)

Murdered by the Death Knight she was called the Queen of the Forsaken.

Her Charm spell is very good.

For The Horde

6 Lord Tichondrius (Dreadlord)
7 Cairne Bloodhoof (Tauren Chieftain)
8 Kel'Thuzad (Lich King)
9 Lord Archimonde (Solo Hunter)

Achimonde is the one of the most powerful demons from the Burning Legion. He with his Doom Guards once tried to destroy and put the world on flames for once but the combined effort of the Night Elf, Orcs and the Humans defeated him.

10 Jaina Proudmoore (The Archmage)

Leader of the survivers of Lordaeron. She was the one to fight with Archimonde and his scorageand aid the Night Elfs in their plans to defeat the Burning Leagion from the pasts.

The Contenders

11 Lord Antonidas (Archmage)

The gurdian of the Dalaran who was a powerful Archmage from the Humans. Lord Antonidas tried to stop Arthus from reaching the circle of power in Dalaran to stop him from sommoning Archimonde in this world.

12 Furion Stormrage (Keeper of the Grove)

Powerful Druid who could cast Entangling roots, Forces of Nature and Tranquility.

13 Maiev Shadowsong (The Warden)

The warden from the cold underworld cell of Illidan has come up for capturing Illidan again.

14 Grom Hellscream (Blademaster)
15 Blackhand (The Destroyer)

Seriously underrated character, was the BLOODY WARCHIEF, and the Horde had the biggest succes under his rule. - artic

16 Ner'Zhul (Lich King)
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