Top 10 World of Warcraft Starting Zones

Your favorite World of Warcraft starting zones, your opinion can be based on questing, leveling content, how re-playable it is, the aesthetics.

The Top Ten

1 Elwynn Forest

For me, this was my introduction to the game, everything felt fresh and exiting. The quests flowed really nicely taking you from one place to the next. Also, the zone contains Stormwind City, one of the most iconic places in the game's history. - alirulz111

2 Eversong Woods

The whole atmosphere of the zone was so great for questing. Silvermoon city is very good made,

This zone contained for many, what s considered the most beautiful city in all of Azeroth, Silvermoon City. - alirulz111

3 Teldrassil

From frostsabers to gigantic spiders, this zone had it all, and no-one can say they haven't jumped off of the giant tree in Shadowglen. - alirulz111

4 Wandering Isle

And.. it was a turtle! AN ISLAND TURTLE! Actually the best.

Many people had their complaints about Mists of Pandaria, but no-one when entering this zone didn't admire the beauty, it was certainly a great introduction to the Pandaren race. - alirulz111

5 Scarlet Enclave

Although not a level 1-10 zone, I still consider this a starting zone as it was the beginning for all Death Knights. This zone took you right into the excitement. We all felt shivers upon realizing Arthas himself was our first quest giver. - alirulz111

6 Gilneas

Despite having a rather dull atmosphere, the story in Gilneas captivated me to the point when I could not stop playing. - alirulz111

Best setting! It also has the most complex storyline. - ChrisZimson

Love the victorian england mood

Amazing gothic atmosphere, enthralling first time play through and a sense of urgency that pulls you through the plot. Still want more the the Worgan story which sadly sends you to Darkshore, which feels rather unrelated to the Forsaken battle, your homeland or anything Gilnean.

7 Mulgore

Although being populated with the Horde, there was a real sense of peace in this zone, with its vast plains and stunning wildlife. - alirulz111

My favourite starting place and my favourite race. Although my favorite capital city is probably silvermoon or orgrimmar - Harri666

8 Tirisfal Glades

With a very dark atmosphere, this zone definitely had an evil feel to it, and The Undercity gave so many Warcraft 3 players nostalgia, Succeeding you... - alirulz111

9 Dun Morogh

This is the zone I enjoy replaying the most, especially since Cataclysm. Although outdated, the Dwarves still have a great introduction and one simply can't not enjoy New Tinkertown. The airfield quests are the icing on the cake. - alirulz111

10 Kezan

This is an eye opener to see mechanical chaos all over the island. Not to mention the jazzy xylophone music - Megad0rk

The Contenders

11 Durotar

For me, this zone lacked variety, the whole way through it just felt like more of the same. Luckily, the introduction of The Echo Isles and the flooding gave opportunity for questing variation. - alirulz111

12 Azuremyst Isle
13 Eastern Plaguelands
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