Best Warfaze Albums

Up until 2016, album count- 8 (including a compilation album)

The Top Ten

1 Oshamajik Oshamajik

The fastest album that has been released by them. - zxm

It took them only 1 year to release this album and has gained a lot of popularity. While Jibon Dhara wasn't much good though it took them 3 years to create the album. Two major members were replaced in this album. The line-up lasted for only for this album. - zxm

2 Warfaze

Ekti Chele, best song for me from this album - zxm

Boshe achi was good. but the new one is better actually. and comparing the old one with ekti chele, I like ekti chele more. though boshe achi is more popular. - zxm

3 Aalo Aalo

My favorite song from this album is Nei Tumi. just try this song. this song has the best vocals. this song is pretty underrated - zxm

4 Obaak Valobasha Obaak Valobasha

It was one of the heaviest albums of 90s. Some of the most recognizable songs are from this album. - zxm

5 Moharaj Moharaj
6 Jibon Dhara

This is the only album of theirs that I didn't like. There aren't many good songs of theirs in this album. - zxm

7 Shotto

I like this album for many reasons. One of the reasons is, this album vocals is very powerful comparing to other albums vocals. - zxm

Probably they had the best line-up in this album. Oni, Kamal, Mizan, Tipu, Roger, Shams. Now two of the greatest members of Warfaze left this band. Samir is good. But I don't like Palas Noor's vocals. - zxm

8 Poth Chola Poth Chola

They remade their old songs in this album. But also created some new elements in this album. Especially guitar solos. - zxm

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