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Warfaze is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Bangladesh. They're one of pioneering bands in Bangladesh Rock Music History. Formed in '80s and still reigning in Bangladesh's Rock Industry.

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1 Obak Bhalobasha

This is the best

Good song, but shouldn't be at top. - zxm

What a song, I love it.

Awesome song & Great Instrument play

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2 Boshe Achi

The new one is better. The old one has like a rat voice. Super thin voice. The new one has good deep voice. And also the guitar riff is like a speed metal riff. Better than the old one. - zxm

That should be on the top

One of the songs of Warfaze. Should be at the top.

Best songs by warfaze!

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3 Moharaj

Best of best

"Ha Moharaj, Aso amder somotola
Pabe jibon Jake bohudur gacho fele
Prane Jowar,Ache Jonotar E Bhubone
Ha moharaaj! : "

"Your Majesty, come to our plane
Life will be, he has gone far
Psyche tide, there is a world of people

Your Majesty, come to our plane
Life will be, he has gone far
Psyche tide, there is a world of people
O... "

I hope admin don't delete it - zxm

4 Dhupchaya

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I wish you gonna ve win
With my so much hop
I will pray to may allah
Just go ahead bro
We are with you
Best of luck

priyo gan

5 Purnota

Absolutely Awesome. And That Vocal by Mizan...Just Too Good.

It's a best song ever I hear✌

Best of warfaze according to me,right before boshe achi eka

6 Tomake
7 Ekti Chele

This song is awesome. This song is from their first album. The chorus of this song was great. I am surprised that this wasn't here. This is one of the best songs of 90s by Warfaze. And the screaming (little bit of) of Sunjay reminds me screaming of Highway Star by Ian Gillan. - zxm

This song was sung by Sunjoy. But at the warfaze 30 Years Legacy Celebration Concert both Mizan and Sunjoy sang this song. And Mizan started to scream instead of Sunjoy, and the screaming was very good. - zxm

8 Oshamajik

Incredible solo with burning lyrics...

Should be on top 3

9 Nei Tumi

This song is very underrated. its got one of the best vocals by warfaze singers - zxm

Zxm apni ki mizan vai er die hard fan naki?

10 Agami

A monster riff at the beginning with a synthesizer riff. But the synthesizer solo was the best part. - zxm

Its 2016, the 90s gone. The "Obaak Bhalobasha" isn't the best song of Warfaze anymore. This song is quite good. This song has a monster riff, and also a synthesizer solo. You won't get to listen this kind of synthesizer solo in many songs. - zxm

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11 Bewarish
12 Omanush

The lyrics of this song was good. The slap bass solo was also good. The keyboard intro and some riffs were also very good. The guitar solos is as usual very good. - zxm

13 Mone Pore
14 Joto Dure
15 Brishti Nemeche
16 Hotasha
17 Ojante
18 Dhushor Manchitro

I heard the new one. And the riff was awesome. Wonder how much speed was used for it - zxm

19 Jokhon
20 Shomoy
21 Nirbashon

People usually listen this song for keyboards. Not for the vocals. - zxm

22 Rupkotha

Awesome song

23 Mrittu Elizi
24 Boshe Achi 2

The new one. Extended solo one. Much better than the original. great outro guitar riff, solo, scream and keyboard solo. those licks were so the*n fast. - zxm

25 Hariye Tomake

Its tomake,there was 2 type

26 Agami

Osthir song

27 Protikhkha
28 Otit

"Mone Pore, Mone Pore, Mone Pore Shei Din Guli
Mone Pore, Mone Pore, Mone Pore Shei Din Gul"

Mone Pore, Mone Pore, Mone Pore Shei Din Guli
Mone pore, mone pore, more pore, mone pore tumi ami nodi tirey,
mone pore, mone pore, mone pore"

great vocals from Balam. the backing guitar riff was also great - zxm

29 Asha
30 Bichinno Abeg
31 Na
32 Ondho Jibon
33 Rupali Srote
34 Protichchobi
35 Shekhano Bornona
36 Nei Proyojon
37 Ar Koto Kaal
38 Jibon Dhara
39 Pothchola
40 Aalo
41 Shadhikar
42 Shotto
43 Bangalira Aar Koto Dekhbe
44 Ake Ake Dui
45 Brishty
46 Boshonto
47 Shukh
48 Akti Chele
49 Bondhu
50 Koishore
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1. Boshe Achi
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