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Warfaze is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Bangladesh. They're one of pioneering bands in Bangladesh Rock Music History. Formed in '80s and still reigning in Bangladesh's Rock Industry.

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1 Obak Bhalobasha Obak Bhalobasha

Awesome song & Great Instrument play

Good song, but shouldn't be at top. - zxm

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2 Moharaj V 1 Comment
3 Dhupchaya
4 Boshe Achi

The new one is better. The old one has like a rat voice. Super thin voice. The new one has good deep voice. And also the guitar riff is like a speed metal riff. Better than the old one. - zxm

That should be on the top

5 Oshamajik

Incredible solo with burning lyrics...

6 Agami

Its 2016, the 90s gone. The "Obaak Bhalobasha" isn't the best song of Warfaze anymore. This song is quite good. This song has a monster riff, and also a synthesizer solo. You won't get to listen this kind of synthesizer solo in many songs. - zxm

7 Ekti Chele

This song is awesome. This song is from their first album. The chorus of this song was great. I am surprised that this wasn't here. This is one of the best songs of 90s by Warfaze. And the screaming (little bit of) of Sunjay reminds me screaming of Highway Star by Ian Gillan. - zxm

This song was sung by Sunjoy. But at the warfaze 30 Years Legacy Celebration Concert both Mizan and Sunjoy sang this song. And Mizan started to scream instead of Sunjoy, and the screaming was very good. - zxm

8 Nei Tumi

This song is very underrated. its got one of the best vocals by warfaze singers - zxm

9 Tomake
10 Purnota

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? Pothchola Pothchola
? Nei Proyojon Nei Proyojon

The Contenders

11 Mone Pore
12 Omanush
13 Bewarish
14 Hotasha Hotasha
15 Brishti Nemeche
16 Jokhon
17 Ojante
18 Joto Dure Joto Dure
19 Shomoy
20 Dhushor Manchitro Dhushor Manchitro

I heard the new one. And the riff was awesome. Wonder how much speed was used for it - zxm

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1. Dhupchaya
2. Obak Bhalobasha
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1. Boshe Achi
2. Tomake
3. Akti Chele



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