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1 Tabletop Tactics

A new exciting channel with a cutting edge style. Churns out at least two high quality bat reps a week with very cinematic intros and special effects. Great painting tutorials and weekly list analysis.

The best narrator - best painted and converted army's on display in the highest quality battles

Excellent quality videos and tutorials. Plenty of regular content to keep returning to. Love the engaging list analysis and by far the best painted armies.

Excellent painting skills and tutorials to learn from. Best in-front of camera and easily relatable and very engaging.

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2 Miniwargaming

Where else can you get such a wide variety of videos? Loving the Deathwatch campaigns just out and even the Dark Heresy role playing somehow works.
Their regulars are all quite different and the have regular guests who can be very amusing - Mitch springs to mind for general silliness and knowledge of the game. You can even go and play them in Canada if you want as they are 100% a professional outfit.

Best army's and best battles

A wide range of videos and people making them too, excellent batreps and reviews. - WargameWinners

3 StrikingScorpion82

Very fun and fluffy lists, focusing more on the narrative rather than winning at all costs, the quality of the paint jobs are breath taking and the theatrical video editing just rounds it all off

Possibly some of the most in depth and best batreps on YouTube, with some interesting videos outside of that, sort of like Miniwargaming but more weighed down with batreps. - WargameWinners

It's a shame the you never get to see the hoasts - also the battles could do with seeing more dice rolles - poorly edited videos many cuts

4 Golden Throne Wargames

A new channel, so don't be put off by the subscriber count, and although having a lack of battle reports aka "batreps" They have excellent review series' and easy breakdowns of rules along with videos on Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and Dropzone Commander Just get some o' those batreps up! - WargameWinners

5 Tabletop Minions

I love these videos on this channel and I'm into war gaming myself

Best audio and great thought pieces.

Nice guy and good content

6 The Beasts of War

Cover lots of wargames and have excellent and thorough discussions with knowledgeable people on the channel and some awesome special guests. - WargameWinners

7 Fritz40k

The best. Like talking 40k with a friend. And he puts a lot of effort into addressing all the different facets of the game.

Amazing channel

Sometimes a little informal, but maybe that's good! Some excellent videos, but their proffesionalism is the only thing lowers their place on this list - WargameWinners

8 Joey Berry

Or "Warhammer Joey" the dominant figure for females in the wargaming hobby, with some videos that break the boundaries of wargaming, eg- "Starting a YouTube channel" this makes her videos very wide in range, but her irregular uploads may reduce her subscriber amount, and also her placement on this list. - WargameWinners

9 WarGamerGirl

Not many videos, but if you're into Warmachine, then she is definitely for you. - WargameWinners

10 GamesWorkshopWNT

Very formal, but they're gonna be, they're the formal creators of Warhammer fantasy and 40k! The fact that this is only for Games Workshop products and not lots of wargames lowers it's placement. - WargameWinners

The Contenders

11 WargamerOnline
12 ThePaintingClinic

The clue's in the name really, some truly awesome painting tutorials done with a professional style and welcoming tone, check him out. - WargameWinners

13 Winters SEO

The best for his ability to tell the stories behind his armies. Listen to his story time videos of the 13th and the Penitent Forge.
Not as many ad breaks as SS82 and he edits his batreps down to roughly an hour.
Always has great guests with lovely looking army

14 GirlPainting

There are better painters on YouTube, don't get me wrong, but the large amount of videos and wargames she has and has covered make her a truly awesome channel, so go give her a sub if you feel like it - WargameWinners

15 BohemianEagle

The funniest and most entertaining World of Tanks (by YouTuber out there!

16 The Long War

Fast paced batreps focuseing on the competative side of 40K, some armies a very well painted and converted

17 Moarhammer88
18 Imperium Gaming

Great 40k batreps

19 The Dark Artisan

Different people on lots of live streams and interaction with people, good reports from 40k and AOS

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