Top Ten Warner Bros. Movie Franchises

This list compiles the best movie franchises released under the Warner Bros. label.

The Top Ten

1 Batman

I like it a bit more than Mad Max - iliekpiez

2 Harry Potter

Best, Should Be Number 1 - VideoGamefan5

3 Mad Max
4 Lethal Weapon
5 Superman
6 DC Extended Universe
7 Dirty Harry
8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
9 Ocean's
10 The Hobbit

The Contenders

11 Tom And Jerry
12 Looney Tunes

I Hate Elmer Fudd, Marvin The Martin, Tazmanion Devil, And Yosemite Sam

13 Scooby-Doo

I Don't Like Scooby-Doo Male Heroes Characters Feels Screaming, Sad, Yelping, Yikes!, Tide Up, Crying, And Falling Down

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1. Batman
2. DC Extended Universe
3. Superman
1. Harry Potter
2. Mad Max
3. Lethal Weapon
1. Batman
2. Lethal Weapon
3. Mad Max

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