Top 10 Warrior Cat Apprentice Names That Don't Exist


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1 Speedpaw

This is perfect for a windclan cat don't be so negative

Works great for a WindClan cat.

Ew. This stinks.

How can you tell that a kit is fast when their born? Oh wait, you can't! Theirs swiftpaw, but a swift is also a bird, so they could look like a swift. I can't deny, this is a great name, it just doesn't make sense. - Bonnie_Fazbear

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2 Oceanpaw

Cats don't know what the ocean is called.


Child says yes Lol maybe a petite gray striped she cat with white paws, chest and underbelly and stormy blue eyes. Anyway I love it

I told my friend what someone said "If cats knew what an ocean was, they would get a heart attack. "Look at all the water". My laughed her head off.

I like this name, yet I like Marinepaw best. Was it on the list? But I can see a pure white she-cat with breath taking beautiful ocean-blue eyes in my mind! - Hollyleaf

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3 Shadowpaw

It does exist. Read Lost Stars. - RoseWeasley

Warrior name could be Shadowblaze, Shadowcast (my favorite name), Shadowfrost

What about Shadowkit of ShadowClan in VoS?

I imagine a dark grey tom with black triangular stripes going down his back with bright yellow eyes. His warrior name would be "Shadowbreeze" or "Shadowfall" or "Shadowcreek"

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4 Kitpaw


It's beautiful

Kit paw...

Uh, you know that mean that when they were a kit they were seriously called Kitkit, right?

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5 Lightningpaw

Good name! I named one of my OCs Lighteningpelt, because he had a lightening-shaped mark on his fur.

I think that Lightningpaw's warrior name would by Lightningleaf, Lightningtail or Lightningskrike!

I love this! His warrior name would be Lightningskip, he's a tall, lean tom with striking yellow eyes! He's probally sharp tounged and always very...what's the word? Oh yes, Mysterious! -Ghostwing

Lightingbreeze, Lightningcloud, Lightningdazzle, Lightnignwhisker, Lightningflight, Lightningcloud, Lightningclaw. Phew, that's done and dusted. - BloodFang

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6 Warriorpaw

Do you have Kitpaw really Now Warriorpaw? What the what? Why are these names actually hear? They are really cruel.

Warriorpaw sounds like a ludicrous name to give a cat in my opinion.

Warrior name: Warrior cat - Bonnie_Fazbear

Just what? Leafstar, I have a complaint against this name!

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7 Hearthpaw

Hearthpaw? That sounds like a fireplace - Sunstar of Solarclan

Yeah and give its warrior name "Hearthstone". Why not?

Hearthstone? Lol I used to play hearthstone

Gather by the hearth with me children!

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8 Burnpaw

Very original and unique prefix! Definitely might use this some time. I think of Burnpaw as maybe a tortoiseshell tom with the fiercest of amber eyes.

I think of a white she-cat with a ginger tail, her warrior name would be Burntail. - TheCrystalWolf

Going into oc

Ooh. This sounds like a tom, the color of Sandstorm, who has dark orange-yellow eyes. He'd have a scar on his left shoulder, which he got in a hunting session.
Warrior name: Burnscar or Burnfire.
Sounds like he comes from either a Clan called DesertClan or FireClan.

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9 Lostpaw

Lostpaw, his/her name origin? Oh, when he/she was born their mother was like WHERES THE KIT? So when they never found it, they picked up a stick and stroked it saying "Ssssh, it's okay Lostkit, I'll never lose you again." And since they felt so bad for the mom cause she named a stick after the kit she lost, they name it an apprentice.

Name:lostkit, lostpaw, lostfaith
Appearance: sleek brown tabby tom with wide green eyes
Mother:birch poppy
Appearance:pale ginger she with light green eyes
Appearance:light brown tom with bright amber eyes
Origin:lostkit ganed his name when his mother discovered he was missing a paw ( front left ).

This is used remember Brightheart lostface whoever came up with this name have you read warriors at all probably the first one only right?

I imagine a she-cat who was a kittypet that got lost in the forest and found riverclan ( and almost drowned ). the leader kinda hated her so he called her that so she would always remember her past life and be ashamed

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10 Wolfpaw

My Name is WOLFSTAR and I am a She-cat with white, dark gray, and light gray, with black paws and Sea blue eyes - Wolfstar

Warrior name: Wolfsong. - TheCrystalWolf

Imagine this being called: Wolfkit, Wolfpaw, Wolf heart, Wolfstar. Very beautiful names if ya ask me.

Wolfpaw sound like a tom with three mixed colores in his pelt:dark gray,light gray and white and sea blue eyes

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11 Redpaw

I made a list of warriors names and I think this was one of them.# warriors cats!

Aren’t you forgetting in into the wild redtail Killed by Tigerclaw this name does exist

This can work. And just because another cat already has the ' apprentice ' name of Redpaw, doesn't mean you can't use it completely. Like so many cats have the prefix -white. Whitewing, Whitewater, Whitestorm, White-eye, etc. They all have the same prefix but they aren't the same cats. Redpaw can be different because you can use anything for the suffix that's not in the books. Redfoot, Redfang, Redpelt, Redberry, Redstripe, Redfeather, Redflame, Redclaw etc.

Clan: Pineclan
Leader: Fernstar
Deputy: Dottedsky
Parents: Gingerstripe & Foxdust
Littermates: Rowancloud & Firefeather
Warrior name: Redtalon
Mate: Dawnmist
Kits: Gingerflower(because Gingerstripe died), Duskwings, & Goldenberry
-Dottedsky+Frostfern of Pineclan

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12 Pawpaw

Jesus christ,leafstar probably told you all of these


*claps* amazing name Leafstar, perhaps you should consider changing your prefix to Star Leafstar so then you would match in

...? Whoever wrote this name down, have you ever read warriors?

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13 Emberpaw

A black tom with and orange belly and yellow eyes

Emberheart is mine - Aquastar_of_DewClan

A ginger tabby tom with blue eyes. Fierce. Loyal. Curious. Fast. Clan: ThunderClan.

My apprentice name! -Emberflight, a ginger Abyssinian (look up Abyssinian cat) she-cat warrior.

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14 Skypaw

I made a Skypaw in a fanfic too! Her warrior name is Skyheart, and she becomes Skystar! (even though there is one already)

I made an OC named Skyspirit. I know the spirit suffix is reserved, but I still like it. ~Cookie

Skyheart, Skylight, Skycloud, Skyflight, Skycloud, amazing prefix, easy to match suffixes to. - TheCrystalWolf

I don't know why, but it just sounds so cool!

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15 Hedgepaw

Warrior name:hedgehogs fly

Whenever I hear this name, I thinknof a dark brown tabby she-cat with white patches and dark amber eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

16 Brackenpaw

Sounds like it was already used.

Brakenpaw is already used. His warrior name is Brackenfur... mates with Sorreltail and has Cinderheart, Honeyfern, Poppyfrost, Lilyheart, Seedpaw, and Molepaw. How can you guys say that its original?

Calm the fick down

*sighs* Would you two just get over it? ~Bluefang

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17 Frostpaw

Frostfall would be a beautiful warrior name. - TheCrystalWolf

Dude. My medicine cat is frostpool. I'm a leader. My best friend is deputy. All our other friends are apprentices, warriors, queens, elders, or kits.

My OC.

Kit: Frostkit
App: Frostpaw
Warrior: Frostfur
Queen: Froststar
Deputy: Frostfur
Leader: Froststar
Mate: Owlberry
Kits: Blazestar, Seedfall.
Pelt color: Brown She-Cat with white specs
Death: None yet!

An OC of mine! Pure white she-cat with yellow eyes. Her warrior name is Frostwing
- Skyheart

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18 Willowpaw

I think willow paw is a cute name! I'm making my own story with made up cat names and clan names... This really helped me out! (considering one clan is named "willowclan"

A short furred pale grayish silver tabby with black splotches and icy blue eyes. - Wisp

In my story she's my apprentice

A cat of my Duskclan is med cat apprentice has no sense of taste

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19 Diekit

Person who made TOP ten. I use to think this website was great, but in starting to c u guys get desperate

Diekit die die died


Thought this was apprentices

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20 Starpaw

Stargleam's prophecy is amazing! You take that back, you ungrateful female dog!

I think starpaw’s warrior name should be StarGazer

I hope when she become a Warrior she won't be Deputy - cassiabez

Me! - Starstar

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21 AT&Tpaw


Get your phones here


This is so funny! You've got me crying in laughter!

i'm dying

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22 Laurelpaw

My middle name is Laurel and I think this is a great idea. I think of her as a beautiful dappled golden tabby she cat with striking green eyes, she would be a medicine cat, and her official name would be Laurel leaf or Laurel pool, or Laurel shade, Laurel heart, Laurel shine, Laurel wish,Laurel gaze, Laurel frost,
She would have been originally a kitty pet but, all the sky clan medicine cats died, and when Laurel showed up the clan decided she would become a medicine cat, she gets easily distracted, loves nature and other cats around her. Leaf star being the horrible leader for naming cats decided to keep her first part of her name and put something else on the end.


I see yanny but okay >:3

Like it, but I always picture Laurelpaw as a medicine cat. Um, she would kinda look like Leafpool and Birdflight. Medicine cat name could be Laurelleaf or Laurelshine. ~Mistyrain

23 Moorpaw

Light gray and yellow tabby tom, green eyes, becomes Moorshadow?

A brown tom with green eyes maybe his warrior cat name should be moorshadow.;-)

24 Wildpaw

Wildflight would be an amazing name. - TheCrystalWolf

My of name is wildblaze! They are an orange Tom with black stripes and a long red tail. - Bonnie_Fazbear

And Wild song

Crap I told my friend her OC wild heart was a bad name🤐

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25 Lilypaw

Maybe Lilypool for a warrior name - TheCrystalWolf

how cute

Warrior name: Lilystem? That's the main character in my book's mother.

I used this for my first warrior cat oc. I'm just here to find a good name.

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26 Gassypaw

This one is amazing.

Wow, even Leafstar could have thought of this - Emberflight_of_StormClan

This den stinks ever sence gassypaw came - Gassystar

Ohhh he farts

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27 Gingerpaw

Could be named Gingersplash or Gingerblaze - TheCrystalWolf

I imagine her as a light ginger she-cat with a white underbelly, white tip of her tail, and white muzzle. Gingerpaw has tawny eyes, flecked a brighter ginger. She's a small but light she-cat that is a very skilled fighter, but not always the best hunter. Her mentor is Sunsplash, a dark golden tom with bright green eyes. She becomes Gingerflower. Her parents are Hollyflame, a black she-cat with dark ginger blotches, and Firestep, a dark firey colored tom with lighter firey colored speckles, and muzzle. Her littermates are Embercloud, a black she-cat with bright firey colred splotches, and Goldenpelt, a light firey colored tom with light ginger speckles.

Could do

A white tabby she-cat with an abstract shaped ginger patch. She has yellow, amber flecked eyes and a plump, sturdy body. She's an apprentice of SnowClan with her mentor, Amberstorm, a light brown-and-ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Gingerpaw always listened closely to what her mentor taught her and was more obedient than her brother, Lionpaw, a golden tom with several white flecks and narrow, green eyes. This trait gave her a lovable personality from her mother and most of her Clanmates. Her mother, Dustwind, was a light brown she-cat with dark sienna stripes on her face.

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28 Sunpaw

Beautiful but this time I’m not doing Mom: Dad: nope!
Ginger and yellow shecat/Tom with white belly with Minty Green Eyes for shecat or Dusty Orange Eyes for Tom

I like the prefix sun- even if I here it's not allowed.

29 Icepaw

It's been used... don't you remember Icecloud? Foxleap's sister?

Wait guys! Didn't you forget Icewing?

Like you?

Too simple and lazy

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30 Trollfacepaw

I picture this cat running up to firestar and screaming "Do you like waffles? " and then run away.

THis sounds like a character from Once Upon a Time.

This is perfect.

Oooh from the youtube video

Bluestar: looks back in disgust and says, "why are you smiling"
Firestar responds with a troll face, "i just like smiling; smiling is my favorite.
bluestar sighs

bluestar walks into the camp, "this is the north pole"
Firestar no its not
bluestar,...yes it is
firestar no its not
bluestar yes, it is
Firestar no its not, wheres the snow! notices something else and runs away and stops abruptly when bluestar says,2 am tomorrow Santa's coming to town. SANTA OH MY GOD ITS SANTA I KNOW HIM I KNOW HI... everyone in camp turns and looks at him
i know him he whispers

tomorrow 2 am
firestar reports for duty then notices fake Santa and screams ITS SANTA YOUR REALLY HERE YOUR ACTUALLY HERE! a
Santa says yes I'm really here and Firestar runs to sit on his lap and then smells the air "eww you smell like beef and cheese"
Santa," well yeah that's what I had for lunch
Firestar you aren't Santa and leaps on him ...more

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31 Airpaw

Ya know, like snow flurries?

Not a bad name. Why am I the first to comment though?

I agree. Doesn't sound... that bad. I mean, compare this to Prismpaw. Would have Poolcloud's looks. Um... agile, rambunctious, and loves to make trouble. I'm thinking his Clan would be WindClan. Warrior name... Airflight? Aircloud? Airstorm...? I dunno, just suggestions. Airfoot, Airfeather, Air... ~Mistyrain

32 Riverpaw

Hard to match suffixes to - TheCrystalWolf

Rivermoon as a warrior name?

Over used. Seen it quite a lot.

I think she is a decisive, sometimes bossy shecat, bluegray with deep blue eyes

33 Stormpaw

Stormsky would be a great name - TheCrystalWolf

There is a storm


love it

34 Silentpaw

I love this. It's sounds like a silver and white tabby with ocean blue eyes

I really like it. I imagine a black tom, with teal eyes. I don't know, it's just my opinion. :P

A black, handsome Tom with a white face, ears, legs and tail tip. Green eyes that he shares with his mother, Forestsong. A good stalker and almost a warrior.

I love this name and it’s description!

35 Clawpaw

Just no. Imagine if his warrior's name is Clawclaw. This would be hilarious~

36 Echopaw

I like the name Echolight, or Echosky. - TheCrystalWolf

Also a cat in my book

Great name

White shecat with silver ears, hind legs and tail tip with gray belly, front legs and muzzle and Minty Green Eye and Elertic Blue Eye
Mom: Morningsong (White with strange silver markings and gray muzzle, hind legs and tail tip with Icey blue eyes)
Dad: Jayflight (Cream colored with black and white patches, muzzle, ears, belly, tail and paws and Minty Green Eyes)
Brother: Lionpaw (Cream with dark brown tail tip and fluffy brown neck tuft and yellow eyes)
Sisters: Fallenpaw (Black with white belly and red stripes down sides and Icey Blue eyes) Lilypaw (White with red muzzle, hind legs and spots with silver stripes and tail And Minty Green Eyes) Hollypaw (Black with yellow belly, ears, neck tuft, muzzle, paws, and tail tip with red berry-like spots all over her)
Furute mate: Shadepaw (dark, dark brown Tom with black splotches and eletric blue eyes)
Daughter(s): (First litter) Foxkit (Orange shecat with fox-like tail and claws with white belly and paws), (Second litter) ...more

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37 Dawnpaw

What about Dawnpelt!

Why not? I love this as a prefix, it's so pretty, and I think she would've been named Dawnleaf. :3

Um, golden tabby with ginger flecks and ice-blue eyes. Nice, emotional, and always trying to help her Clan. Warrior name... Dawnfrost? Dawnwater? Dawnstream or Dawnheart could be good. I don't think she'd be a MAJOR cat if there were books about with her in it, maybe like a developing character like Brackenfur. ~Mistyrain

38 Sundrownplacepaw

Too long. - IcetailofWishClan

Thos is jost stopid
lol jk but rlly this is stupid

OK what is this! Are you kidding me sun drown place paw? That sounds really weired I'm mean I like sundrown paw and ocean. Paw but sundrown place paw?! No. Just

39 Prismpaw

She would be a light grey she-cat with one lime green eye and one ocean blue eye.

I love this one though it's name would be Prismgaze and it would be a medic/healer - Lavamoon

lol no

Possibly adopted kittypet into Clan.

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40 Speckledpaw

Speckledpaw, a pretty brown she-cat with darker mottles and a paler chest. Warrior name would be Speckledface.

Haven't thought of this. It's really pretty actually. A sleek, ruffled black she cat with a white chest, and a mixture of orange, white, and brown patches on her back, along with a lot of black speckles. As a kit she always wondered about the sky, the clouds, and what lied up in the outside world. She looked up at the falling rain and tilted her tiny head to the sun peeking out of the gray clouds. Her mother's tail shoved her back into the den of tumbling kits and loud shouts of play. Mosskit had yowled, " Come get me! I'm Tigerstar and I gonna eat you! " he jumped onto Littlekit. She squealed with delight and dove into Crowkit's back. He looked up annoyed and pressed against Mistyfur's chest, telling her he wanted her to keep cleaning his glossy black pelt. Littlekit charged at Speckledkit. She didn't fight and instead wandered away to the outskirts of the camp. She stumbled upon some berries and thought they would taste good. She had almost taken a bite when Sageflower ...more

41 Shadepaw

I think Shadepaw is a cool name

I already used this

A dark black tom with blue eyes he got his warrior name after fighting in battle Shadestorm his mate is named Fernwing and had three heathy kits named Sharkit Flightkit and Shadowkit now are known as Sharkclaw Flightbird and Shadowheart Flightbird became deputy and later became Flightstar Shadowheart became evil and killed Flightstar and he is Shadowstar now Sharkclaw got a mate named Poppywing and had Dawnrise Adderclaw Unowhisker Dimondpaw and Sorrelfur Unowhisker became Unostar and Sorrelfur became Sorrelstar leader of Shadowclan

Isn't this already a cat in the real books?
But if he/she wasn't, then I think he/she looks like: Black tabby tom with striking blue eyes, he/she could maybe just be a warrior, not leader or deputy or something. Maybe his/her warrior name could be Shadepelt or something.

~Dawnbreeze - Formerly Dawnfeather

42 Gorgepaw

I think one of my friends has this name. He's a small, dark gray tom with blue eyes, a long, wiry tail, and long legs. He is a dedicated SkyClan apprentice that dreams of being a cat who affects his Clan the most.

Dark gray tom with pale smoke colored back. He has beautiful white eyes like a bush covered in snow. His mother was Creeksong and his father was JayFang.

Love it. Never heard the prefix Gorge" but I'm glad it's on here. I picture Gorgepaw as a gray SkyClan apprentice with dark blue eyes. His mother, Shadowblaze (Yes, I know it's not allowed, whatever.) was formerly a kittypet named Shadow. When the two came to SkyClan territory, Hawkstar (Hawkwing) let them join and Shadow became a dedicated member of the Clan. Gorgepaw was timid with the other apprentices but soon made friends with a ginger she-cat named Sunnypaw (Tinycloud's kit) They became mates when Gorgepaw become a warrior as Gorgeleap. ~Mistyrain

43 Glacierpaw

I made up a cat named Glacierpaw(Glacierstreak). She had a hard time with her apprenticeship and she is dark orange with gray streaks/stripes. I posted this

44 Drippaw

Drippaw: Scrawny blue-gray tom with one white front paw, pale blue eyes, and white tip. Now...
" SANDPAW! " Screeched Drippaw in anger, " GET OFF! "
"Make me, you little RAT! " He would growl, and raked his paw down his side. His claws were sheathed
" Okay, but you asked for it... " Drippaw wriggled his scrawny body till Sandpaw loss his grip and Drippaw slipped from under him. Sandpaw fell to the ground and Drippaw leaped onto him, and nipped his neck.
" I won! "
" I went easy on you... "
" Did not! "
" Did too! "
" All cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the Silver Rock for a clan meeting
~Fast Toward ~
" I do. " Said Drippaw clearly
" Then with the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior name: Dripfoot. "

45 Sugarpaw

Sugarpaw into Sugarcloud would be GREAT! A white and gray she-cat with a cloudy appearance. The med cat of CityClan(my made up clan)
- Streetstar of CityClan

Yeah, I guess this COULD technically work. Honey is sweet but I'm not sure they really know what, 'sugar' means... I do kinda like it thought; it just wouldn't entirely fit with the naming system. But hey, at least it's better than Amethystecho! All I can think of that sounds the most normal is Sugarleaf. I don't know. Sounds decent.

46 Pandapaw

All I have to say is that I love PANDAS - -Pokemonpaw-

Worst name ever

Hmmm.. Maybe a long-furred black she-cat with a white underbelly and tail? I don't even know if cats know what pandas are..

PANDAAAPPAWSSS! :D(srry I just imagine my warrior cat oc saying that )

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47 Huskypaw


48 Hawthornpaw

A light brown tom with a white underbelly and green eyes. His warrior name Hawthornclaw.

I like this! And a funny coincidence is I made an OC named Hawthornclaw in my fanfiction book! He's a dark ginger tom with white paws and blue eyes (I really like the color blue). His mother is Ivypool and his father is Fernsong. He has two siblings, Rumblefoot is his brother and Lichenstep is his sister. I'm pretty sure I took an online quiz and it said that my warrior name would have been Hawthornclaw lol! - Falconflight

Too long

Sounds a little long. But I like it anyway. 'Hawthorn' would even be a good rogue name. ~Mistyrain

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49 Cougarpaw

I wish cougar was a real prefix. I'd use this for a light brown tom. Warrior name: Cougarheart?

This is good.

50 Shadedpaw

Yeah, I like your comment owo

Shadedpaw would be a she cat that has a brown tabby coat with a flash of vibrant white on her nose. She would have dark green eyes and would have a torn ear due to a fight with a Riverclan border patrol. She recently lost her brother and is deeply saddened, making her seem a bit cold. Underneath her coldness, she has a sharp and quick personality. She jokes around a lot and developes a small crush on a Windclan apprentice named Hurricanepaw (warrior name:Hurricanstrike). They both meet each other at a gathering and develop small feelings for each other. Shadedpaw’s warrior name would be Shadedwillow. She eventually has kits with Hurricanestrike, which are named Sagekit, Maplekit, and Raggedkit. No one finds out about the half clan kits until the leader of Shadedwillow’s clan, Lizardstar of Shadowclan, find out. She is seen as an outcast and is sent away. Furious she goes to Windclan to live in peace with Hurricanestrike. At first, Windclan doesn't want to keep the Shadowclan ...more

I have facts on Shadedwillow (paw) and my oc’s!

-Shadedwillow was originally going to end up with Emberscorch.
-Ivystar wanted Hurricanestrike to be named Hurricanepelt.
-Duskvoice, Ferntail, Blazingsight, and Oaklake all had the same father (Featherpatch) making them half brothers and sisters.
-Lilyfrost (Hurricanestrike’s mother) had a vision of him on the great rock when she was kitting.
-Honey-eyes sometimes wishes that she didn’t leave the kittypet life.
-Honey-eyes has a crush on Amberdawn (who is also a she cat).
-Bramblenose can’t have kits.
-Lizardstar exiled Shadedwillow because he didn’t want her to raise her kits on her own and end up like him.
-Hopesong was the only kit to survive in Raggedfur’s and Goldenfern’s litter.
-Pepper has always loved Yellowlight and Whitespot and wished that she had never sent them away.
-Blazingsight’s and Lizardstar had kits, even though they were from different clans.
-Blazingsight’s ...more

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