Top 10 Warrior Cat Apprentice Names That Don't Exist


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1 Speedpaw

Fastest in the clan warrior name speed foot

This name is simple yet affective

@Speed means quick? , (i think)'

This is a great name!

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2 Oceanpaw

If cats knew what an ocean was, they would get a heart attack. "Look at all that water! "

I bet she would get a lot of mate requests...

I bet she came out of her mom with an ocean helping her out water filling the den

Probably Sundrownpaw. A Russian blue, maybe?

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3 Shadowpaw

I imagine a medium sized, sleek black she cat with seemingly glowing yellow eyes. She wasn't really picky or playful as a kit but she was more focused on how the clan worked. Her mentor was a snappy, arrogant black with white paws tom named spiderfoot. He taught her well but she wished he wasn't so judgmental and sassy. Nightpaw, another apprentice she saw a lot liked her and followed her around. He told shadowpaw he liked her but she wasn't really into him... bam! Rejected! He was so angry and sad and he tried to drown her in a nearly frozen lake. But she got out and clawed the heck out of him! He went back with her with serveral cuts and tears. She never did find an actual mate but successfully made her dream of becoming a dep named Shadowblaze. After she retired dep she died from old age in her den.


Shadowpaw can become Shadowfur of Thunderclan

I love it! I know ' Shadow ' can't be used, and all the other names were mistakes, but mistakes are mistakes. Like Windflight, Sunfish, Sunfall, Moonflower, and Shadowkit. Except maybe that Shadowkit was named after Tigerheart's Clan. So yeah, this could be used.

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4 Kitpaw

Really? This name is simply crazy, no offense guys, but this name is mouse-brained.

Thai name does not make any applicable sense. I mean seriously, Kitpaw? Talk about the humiliation of the poor young cat!

Wha...I give up, this name just makes me wanna give up on life.

Let's name the the kit Kitkit, his mother,(who is probably Rainflower, Millie, Daisy, or Ferncloud) was probably high - AmethystFoxQueen

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5 Warriorpaw

Warriorpaw sounds like a ludicrous name to give a cat in my opinion.

Just what? Leafstar, I have a complaint against this name!

Sounds like a Leafstar name. You shall be known as Warriortail, in honour of your harmful tail.

Millie: ''i'm going to name my new kits Warriorkit and Brairkit because Brairlight is a true warrior! "

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6 Lightningpaw

Lightningpaw: Lean, lithe, long-legged black tom with sharp yellow eyes, sleek, glossy fur, and powerful haunches. A perfect description for Lightningpaw soon to be Lightningfur

Lightningpaw is actually real. He was mentioned in crookedstars promise

Good name

Lightningpaw is a small ginger tom with yellow eyes. His warrior name is Lightningfang, and he later becomes leader of Riverclan. His mate, Featherflight, gives birth to 2 healthy kits, named Ashkit and Snowkit, later known as Ashheart and Snowflower. Lightningpaw ( Lightningstar) dies from greencough

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7 Hearthpaw

Yeah and give its warrior name "Hearthstone". Why not?

Hearthstone? Lol I used to play hearthstone

Gather by the hearth with me children!

Already taken it's Lionpaw x Heatherpaw. Forbidden love remember

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8 Burnpaw

Dark ginger with black and brown dapples with emerald green eyes, scar over her right eye, her name would be burnscar/burnstar.

A ginger, blacl, gray, and white spotted she-cat with emerald eyes. Her warrior name would be either Burnshine or Burndapplem - Wisp

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9 Lostpaw

Lostpaw, his/her name origin? Oh, when he/she was born their mother was like WHERES THE KIT? So when they never found it, they picked up a stick and stroked it saying "Ssssh, it's okay Lostkit, I'll never lose you again." And since they felt so bad for the mom cause she named a stick after the kit she lost, they name it an apprentice.

I see him as a black tom with dull green eyes. His name was given to him because when he was a kit his whole family was killed and he LOST everything. So the queen that nursed him named him Lostkit. He also got many scars. Then he was given the warrior name Lostfur. He was a good warrior and earned the respect of the clan and became an elder to live a long life.

This one is just sad.

This is sooo cool! I love it! Warrior name could be Lostheart, Lostspirit, or Lostcry! Sounds like a cat with a very dramatic life.

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10 Wolfpaw

Personally there aren't enough "wolf" pronouns, Warriors know what wolves are, I believe.

Grayish brown she cat with bright green eyes

A male that looks like a wolf

I think this cat should be like a bulky, handsome, solid gray tom with maybe a spiky mane like Lionblaze except not his color. His father was a kittypet and his mother was a she cat named Graytail. She was a brown and dark brown tabby with [ obviously ] a gray tail. When he was a kit, he accepted that his mother would tell him who his father was and instead reacted like he was so cool and proud, well the most proud apprentice in NightClan. When he was a kit, he had this " gang " of 10 of his favorite friends that went around bullying other kits and talking back to Darkstar. He secretly liked a pretty white tabby shekit but never told anyone else he liked her. ( his group also had Tornkit, Crookedkit, Crowkit, Blackkit, Clawedkit, Brownkit, Redkit, Smallkit [ his love ;) ], Flowerkit, and Stripekit ) When another apprentice tried to stand up to him, he commanded the gang to " kill " him/her. But he gave them a scar. Then when he was on a patrol with his mentor, Hawkfeather, and ...more

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11 Redpaw

I made a list of warriors names and I think this was one of them.# warriors cats!

Aren’t you forgetting in into the wild redtail Killed by Tigerclaw this name does exist

This can work. And just because another cat already has the ' apprentice ' name of Redpaw, doesn't mean you can't use it completely. Like so many cats have the prefix -white. Whitewing, Whitewater, Whitestorm, White-eye, etc. They all have the same prefix but they aren't the same cats. Redpaw can be different because you can use anything for the suffix that's not in the books. Redfoot, Redfang, Redpelt, Redberry, Redstripe, Redfeather, Redflame, Redclaw etc.

I LOVE this name! I picture a redish tom/she-cat! Very unique! LOVE IT! Warrior name: Redpelt!

~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

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12 Hedgepaw

Whenever I hear this name, I thinknof a dark brown tabby she-cat with white patches and dark amber eyes. - IcetailofWishClan

13 Pawpaw

*claps* amazing name Leafstar, perhaps you should consider changing your prefix to Star Leafstar so then you would match in

...? Whoever wrote this name down, have you ever read warriors?

My friends and I used to joke around about that name.

*mother just had this kit* " oh jeez. What should we name him? " said the mother " I don't know " said the father " oh I know! Pawkit! so when it is an apprentice it can be pawpaw! then pawclaw! then pawstar! its perfect! right honey? " said the mother " erm... sure... totally... "

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14 Skypaw

I don't know why, but it just sounds so cool!

I wish the pronoun "sky" was used more

Skypaw! I made one in a fanfic.. She is a silver she-cat with brilliant blue eyes. Her name as a warrior is "Skylight"!

I see her as a white she-cat with big blue eyes. She has a terrible back story though. Here it comes. Her mother was Flowerear and was killed by her father, Deathstar. He then was killed by her older brother, Darkclaw but he turned evil. He killed many Riverclan cats then went to the dark forest. Meanwhile Skypaw was made a warrior, Skyflight. She remained sane and was one of he most caring cats ever and had a very bubbly personality. She had a mate, Briarpelt and they had a litter of kits.

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15 Emberpaw

A black tom with and orange belly and yellow eyes

My apprentice name! -Emberflight, a ginger Abyssinian (look up Abyssinian cat) she-cat warrior.

16 Willowpaw

A short furred pale grayish silver tabby with black splotches and icy blue eyes. - Wisp

A cat of my Duskclan is med cat apprentice has no sense of taste

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17 Brackenpaw

Sounds like it was already used.

Calm the fick down

Ok, Dawnfeather I know Brackenpaw was in the books. I also have a Brackenpaw who becomes Brackenmist which is not in the books. I hope we can start over and become friends?

I'm not saying that Brackenpaw/fur is a bad name, I'm just saying that it is a real cat in the books!

I'm sorry that 'Dawnfeather' is a real cat. BECUAE I HAVEN'T READ IT YET! SO THANKS FOR SPOILING IT FOR ME!

Yep, yes I do write FanFics!


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18 Moorpaw

Light gray and yellow tabby tom, green eyes, becomes Moorshadow?

A brown tom with green eyes maybe his warrior cat name should be moorshadow.;-)

19 Gassypaw

Wow, even Leafstar could have thought of this - Emberflight_of_StormClan

This den stinks ever sence gassypaw came - Gassystar

LOL - IcetailofWishClan

20 Frostpaw

An OC of mine! Pure white she-cat with yellow eyes. Her warrior name is Frostwing
- Skyheart

A pure white she cat with crystal blue eyes
Father: JayDrop, a blue grey tom with stormy blue eyes
Mother: IcePool, a pure white she cat with pale blue eyes
Sister: WhitePaw, a sleek, white she cat with blind, green eyes
Frostkit played with her mother's tail. IcePool looked down at her tiny kit and felt her heart melt. She pushed Frostkit over and she playfully got back up and jumped onto her nose. JayDrop came in with a small vole in his mouth. He dropped it and padded over to Whitekit. He curled up next to her and whispered so quietly even Frostkit couldn't hear it.
" Whitekit come on! Let's play! " Frostkit said excited. Whitekit slowly walked over to her sister wobbling all the way and ended up falling onto of her.
" Why'd you fall into me? " she asked questioning. JayDrop sighed. " Might as well tell her now, before she gets older. " IcePool nodded at her mate and she sighed too.
" Frostkit, sweetie we have something important to tell you about your sister. ...more

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