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21 Sunpaw

I like the prefix sun- even if I here it's not allowed.

22 Moorpaw

Light gray and yellow tabby tom, green eyes, becomes Moorshadow?

A brown tom with green eyes maybe his warrior cat name should be moorshadow.;-)

23 Lilypaw

Warrior name: Lilystem? That's the main character in my book's mother.

I'm using this in a story I'm writing
Ps I was using it before I read the list - TheJinxedJay

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24 Stormpaw

There is a storm


love it

25 Diekit

You guys are getting desperate

This one is...a bit sad. It's like: "DIE, YOU WORTHLESS KIT! "

Honestly why would anyone put this! First of all this is for apprentice names not kit names. And this name is probably against the warrior code! ~ Gingersplash of SnowClan


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26 Gingerpaw

Could do

A white tabby she-cat with an abstract shaped ginger patch. She has yellow, amber flecked eyes and a plump, sturdy body. She's an apprentice of SnowClan with her mentor, Amberstorm, a light brown-and-ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Gingerpaw always listened closely to what her mentor taught her and was more obedient than her brother, Lionpaw, a golden tom with several white flecks and narrow, green eyes. This trait gave her a lovable personality from her mother and most of her Clanmates. Her mother, Dustwind, was a light brown she-cat with dark sienna stripes on her face.

A white she cat with ginger blotches and yellow eyes.
Father: BlackFire, a black tom with orange splotches and yellow eyes
Mother: PaleStream, a white and pale blue she cat with watery blue eyes
Sisters: Amberkit, a amber she cat with yellow eyes
Brothers: Lionkit, a pale brown tom with a spiky ruff and orange muzzle
As kits BlackFire and PaleStream had abandoned them.
Gingerkit mewed around the den. Amberkit and Lionkit whined around her. She crept closer to them and snuggled them closely. Amberkit had not opened her eyes yet and Lionkit licked her clean. Gingerkit padded out of the den, to look around and make sure nothing was around. " Lionkit! Is Amberkit doing alright? "
" Yes, she's not coughing as much. They had to watch out for their littlest sister.
" Lionkit... I smell.. a.. a.. fox. We have to leave soon. " The fox was only a bit away. It sniffed around. And snarled slamming itself against the den and biting into Gingerkit.
She yowled and hissed, ...more

27 Trollfacepaw

THis sounds like a character from Once Upon a Time.

This is perfect.


Once upon a time that was a cat called Trollface paw he lived with other troll face cats
WOW! 😒

28 Airpaw
29 AT&Tpaw

i'm dying


Just, wow... - IcetailofWishClan

LOL. - IcetailofWishClan

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30 Sundrownplacepaw V 2 Comments
31 Wildpaw

And Wild song

A grayish tom with fawn blotches on his hind right leg. He has bright yellow eyes and his fur is very scruffy.
He had two sisters CloudKit and RoseKit. His mother was Rain Whisper and his father was Sparkfur.
As kits Wildpaw's sisters always loved listening to the elder's stories and playfully rolling around in grass. While Wildkit was the complete opposite. When the elder's were speaking, he scrambled in and shook all the water and dirt of his pelt. His parents were extremely disappointed. Even though they tried to stop him by making punishments Wildkit was always the adventurous one, he later became a great warrior with his sister RoseWind. And his other sister CloudWater became a medicine cat.

This name sounds cool what will I'ts warrior name be here's some warrior names for wildpaw! Please enjoy

Wild tail
Wild dream
Wild fur
Wild frost
Wild fur
Wild speed
Wild pelt
Wild jaw
Wild water
Wild wave
Wild River
Wild fern
Wild Wink
Wild stripe
Wild star (only for leader)
Wild paw (only for apprentice)
Wild kit (only for kit)
Wild Spirit
Wild lion
Wild bird
Wild Claw
Wild flight
Wild (Rouge or loner or kittypet name)

Yay! I'm so happy my name is on here! I couldn't imagine why my Mother named me Wildkit! *Sees butterfly*

Mine! *Leaps on butterfly*

But in all seriousness, I'm a tortoiseshell she-kit with white chest and muzzle, I have one white paw, to ginger and one black. I have green eyes and a sharp tongue. My story goes:

Wildkit purred, shoving her way past three other kits, fighting for her mother's milk. The biggest kit, her brother, Birchkit, shoved past her, knocking her to one side. Wildkit picked herself up, squealing her disapproval.

“Dum dum! ” She squeaked, plopping her rump on the ground.

“Now, now Wildkit,” Foxstripe drawled, her hazel eyes glittering “what do we do when someone challenges us.”

“We fight dem! ” Wildkit yipped, jumping up and down.

“No, no, no, we tell them to stop, and if they don’t listen, Then, you fight them.” Foxstripe purred in her velvety voice. She arched her slender neck, swiping her ...more

32 Sugarpaw
33 Prismpaw V 2 Comments
34 Speckledpaw

Speckledpaw, a pretty brown she-cat with darker mottles and a paler chest. Warrior name would be Speckledface.

Haven't thought of this. It's really pretty actually. A sleek, ruffled black she cat with a white chest, and a mixture of orange, white, and brown patches on her back, along with a lot of black speckles. As a kit she always wondered about the sky, the clouds, and what lied up in the outside world. She looked up at the falling rain and tilted her tiny head to the sun peeking out of the gray clouds. Her mother's tail shoved her back into the den of tumbling kits and loud shouts of play. Mosskit had yowled, " Come get me! I'm Tigerstar and I gonna eat you! " he jumped onto Littlekit. She squealed with delight and dove into Crowkit's back. He looked up annoyed and pressed against Mistyfur's chest, telling her he wanted her to keep cleaning his glossy black pelt. Littlekit charged at Speckledkit. She didn't fight and instead wandered away to the outskirts of the camp. She stumbled upon some berries and thought they would taste good. She had almost taken a bite when Sageflower ...more

35 Starpaw

I hope when she become a Warrior she won't be Deputy - cassiabez

Me! - Starstar

Well I usually don't care for Clanclans or Claw claws but this just reminds me of Star Flower in Dawn of the Clans. So I'm guessing she has an interesting prophecy. Her mother was a yellowish white she cat named rainpoppy. She had unexpectedly started kitting in a crazy rain storm. She was trapped in her den and her kits were already here, 3 already with starclan. Rainpoppy had already been long gone and drowned but the leader of rainclan also believed that her kits were dead. But one of the patrols of flame clan had found her after the camp had been prepared and took her back to camp. The kit was called half blood because she was now apart of flame clan. But a hostage of Rain clan, Crookedtooth had recognized the kit to be his enemy Rainpoppy's kit. The kit had already been sent to starclan but was rejected back to flameclan with being the only survivor. Flarestar couldn't speak with starclan at the moon pool because of timing but gave the kit to the only queen, cream heart. Being ...more

36 Shadepaw

I already used this

A dark black tom with blue eyes he got his warrior name after fighting in battle Shadestorm his mate is named Fernwing and had three heathy kits named Sharkit Flightkit and Shadowkit now are known as Sharkclaw Flightbird and Shadowheart Flightbird became deputy and later became Flightstar Shadowheart became evil and killed Flightstar and he is Shadowstar now Sharkclaw got a mate named Poppywing and had Dawnrise Adderclaw Unowhisker Dimondpaw and Sorrelfur Unowhisker became Unostar and Sorrelfur became Sorrelstar leader of Shadowclan

Isn't this already a cat in the real books?
But if he/she wasn't, then I think he/she looks like: Black tabby tom with striking blue eyes, he/she could maybe just be a warrior, not leader or deputy or something. Maybe his/her warrior name could be Shadepelt or something.

~Dawnbreeze - Formerly Dawnfeather

37 Sickpaw

I Can't even count how many rude and mean names are there... - cassiabez

Jayfeather and his stick's kit warrior name fur

38 Riverpaw

I think she is a decisive, sometimes bossy shecat, bluegray with deep blue eyes

39 Wonderpaw
40 Gorgepaw

Dark gray tom with pale smoke colored back. He has beautiful white eyes like a bush covered in snow. His mother was Creeksong and his father was JayFang.

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