Top 10 Warrior Cat Apprentice Names That Don't Exist


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41 Riverpaw

I think she is a decisive, sometimes bossy shecat, bluegray with deep blue eyes

42 Wonderpaw
43 Streampaw

This is a beautiful name, Maybe Streamheart, Streamtail, or Streamwhisker would be nice name. If there are names like Frecklewish, then this name should be a thing. Also, if I had an account then Stumppaw would have been on this list. -VioletRoseFox

44 Forestpaw

A spiky furred, dark brown tom with darker brown stripes and amber flecked eyes.

His mother was FallenBranch and her father was a kittypet. The only cats that knew were FallenBranch and Hawkfeather, the medicine cat of ForestClan. A few days after FallenBranch gave birth to Forestpaw, she died in an attempted attack from SmokeClan. Sprucestar, leader of ForestClan decided to give him away to another queen named ShineHeart. She was a kind and loyal cat with 2 kits, Brokenkit and Soaring kit. Forestkit was comfortable in the new den, unaware of the fact that ShineHeart wasn't his mother. When Forestkit and his brothers became apprentices, Soaring paw had come up with a devious plan to take over ForestClan. ( only about 3 moons later) One the day, he pretended to be sorting Hawkfeather's berries and tansy but really was putting a death berry in the mice in the fresh kill pile.

By sunrise, Sprucestar, Vinepool, and Pinepaw had died. Forestpaw had seen Soaring paw put the ...more

45 Poolpaw
46 Hiddenpaw

Beautiful white she cat with amber belly and amber ear tips. Daughter of Minnow tail and Rain storm. She would be a warrior apprentice her mentor would Mistfeather. She is a RiverClan apprentice her warrior name would be Hidden flame.

47 Witherpaw V 1 Comment
48 Drippaw
49 Burnetpaw
50 Solickpaw
51 Ferulpaw
52 Pearlpaw

Like it but."Pearl" it's not a Preffix - cassiabez

It's a nice name. But how can warriors know what pearls are? 3 and a half stars for this one... ~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

53 Rivsandpaw
54 Applepaw

I LIKE APPLES! Also It would be a ginger!

Honestly I don't like "Apple" As a Preffix - cassiabez

55 Pandapaw

All I have to say is that I love PANDAS - -Pokemonpaw-

Hmmm.. Maybe a long-furred black she-cat with a white underbelly and tail? I don't even know if cats know what pandas are..

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56 Huskypaw V 1 Comment
57 Tidalpaw

Warrior name suggestion: Tidalwave.


I imagine: A silver tom with piercing green eyes cat of River Clan. His mother would be Littlebreeze and his father would be Whiteclaw and his littermates would be Silentkit and Needlekit. As a kit he would be either playing moss ball or practicing battle moves. When He got his apprentice name: Tidalpaw he got injured from a hunt and came back to camp with a sprained paw. He could still train but a fox attacked camp killing him and an elder Redmoon. He went to Star Clan and watched over his clan mates. After a moon his mother Littlebreeze joined him in StarClan. The end. -- SilvercrestOfHailClan

Small Grey Fae with ocean blue eyes and a warrior apprentice (Tidalrush,Tidalstar)

58 Blazingpaw V 1 Comment
59 Laurelpaw V 1 Comment
60 Sapphirepaw

I like gemstones names but I don't think Cats know all the gems - cassiabez


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