Top 10 Warrior Cat Apprentice Names That Don't Exist


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61 Solickpaw
62 Ferulpaw
63 Pearlpaw

Like it but."Pearl" it's not a Preffix - cassiabez

It's a nice name. But how can warriors know what pearls are? 3 and a half stars for this one... ~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

64 Rivsandpaw
65 Pandapaw

All I have to say is that I love PANDAS - -Pokemonpaw-

Hmmm.. Maybe a long-furred black she-cat with a white underbelly and tail? I don't even know if cats know what pandas are..

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66 Tidalpaw

Warrior name suggestion: Tidalwave.


I imagine: A silver tom with piercing green eyes cat of River Clan. His mother would be Littlebreeze and his father would be Whiteclaw and his littermates would be Silentkit and Needlekit. As a kit he would be either playing moss ball or practicing battle moves. When He got his apprentice name: Tidalpaw he got injured from a hunt and came back to camp with a sprained paw. He could still train but a fox attacked camp killing him and an elder Redmoon. He went to Star Clan and watched over his clan mates. After a moon his mother Littlebreeze joined him in StarClan. The end. -- SilvercrestOfHailClan

Small Grey Fae with ocean blue eyes and a warrior apprentice (Tidalrush,Tidalstar)

67 Blazingpaw


68 Sapphirepaw


69 Shorepaw

Doesn't work well

70 Hailpaw

Brother and sister, children of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar.
Hailpaw-light brown tabby tom with gray stripes and beautiful sun-drown-place blue eyes. (medicine cat apprentice.
Slashpaw-dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a splash of ginger fur on chest. (warrior apprentice)

Already done

71 Derpypaw


72 Pantherpaw
73 RetardedPaw

Really? Even Lizardstripe and Rainflower would name their kits better. - cassiabez

Rude! - IcetailofWishClan

Love it


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74 Shadedpaw
75 Silentpaw

A black, handsome Tom with a white face, ears, legs and tail tip. Green eyes that he shares with his mother, Forestsong. A good stalker and almost a warrior.

76 Demonpaw

When will someone add a serious name here? - cassiabez

just why?

77 Prettypaw

I bet she's like BriarLight and BrokenStar put together T-T not pretty

78 Hungerpaw
79 Rollpaw

This is a cat in my book

80 Zebrapaw
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