Top 10 Warrior Cat Arcs

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The Prophecies Begin

Not my personal favorite but I know they are popular by the fandom. But it is still a really good book series

Not my favourite, but this is definitely the most well written arc in my opinion. It’s also nostalgic too

Vision of Shadows

This is my personal favorite. Action-packed and amazing overall

This one's my favourite, dunno why. I really enjoyed the characters and the plot.

Dawn of Clans

I haven’t read this one yet but I heard it is pretty good - Heedrie

Omen of the Stars
Broken Code

It's super good!

One of the best, in my opinion. I recommend reading it :3

Haven’t read it, but sounds good

Power If Three

I thought it was pretty cool.. but I know it wasn’t popular among the fandom - FrostfeatherofSnowClan

favorite arc - BlackberryoftheRainWings

The New Prophecy

This is definitely the least popular in the fandom. I personally didn’t mind it that much. - FrostfeatherofSnowClan

This is the WORST series. lt drags so much.

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