Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist

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1 Iceclan

I can imagine they are cold and calculating.

I just made up clan with this name

Vote for ice clan go iceclan!

ok then - Thecyanryan

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2 Rainclan

Perhaps is easy-going and funny. A comical Clan that makes the best out of situations

Yep best clan name

These particular cat live under control if the great Clan known as Fartclan, whom live in the mountains where if trespassers ever approach they will be warned with a regal stench.

I really like this name! I bet RainClan cats would live in a rainforest just like RainWings live in a rainforest in Wings Of Fire

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3 HollyClan

Prickly and Brave
Clan Character: Very sensitive to insults, resulting in a lot of interClan fights. However, when faced with crisis, the cats become one indestructible unit that will defend the Clan with their life.
Prey: Small mammals such as squirrels, young raccoons, and chipmunks. Occasionally the large hare or adult raccoon will be hunted by a pair of hunters.
Hunting Skills: Excellent stalkers and have quick reflexes, similar to those of RiverClan. They sneak up on prey, frightening it into the nearest holly bush or clump of thorns. When the prey gets stuck, the hunter quickly finishes it off.
Significant Leaders: Hollystar, Jaggedstar, Dewstar, Eaglestar
Back Story: HollyClan was created by Holly, a character from Dawn of the Clans. Holly thought WindClan's loyalty was too loose, mostly due to WindClan forgiving Moth Flight, and decided to create a Clan of her own; HollyClan. Her mate, Jagged Peak, succeeded her. Because of his injury, HollyClan is ...more

4 Leafclan

Umm I posted 2 comments down so yeah

Lives in a giant tree in the middle of the forest. Leader and is Thistlestar, Light gray short-hair she-cat with green eyes, deputy is Clawtail, a white and black Siamese, is battle scarred, (everywhere), and has blue eyes. Med is Cloudfur, a white tabby Tom with green eyes.

Geez why people gotta make such a big deal about their OWN clans!?!?
If ya don't want anybody taking it. Don't even put it in!
Awesome clan name by the way


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5 Fireclan

! Thank you guys this is my first clan that's got so many votes!

Sounds powerful but you would be proud ti be in this clan

Can I be in this clan I am a strong and battle ready tom

Fireclan is the best name ever

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6 BreezeClan
7 StormClan

Home of the strong and brave! I like it.

I think the clan sounds cool

8 ThornClan

Is like BloodClan in the warrior cat series but totally different. ThornClan has to have better votes

9 Moonclan

Sound very spiritual. Kind and compassionate. Truthful

This name sounds beautiful. I love it!

Nice! I like this one a lot!

I am doing a story with this clan! Leader is Moonstar, then Silvermoon is her deputy. My other clans are StoneClan, WaterClan, and LightningClan. Yay! Go warrior cats!

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10 OakClan

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11 Frostclan V 2 Comments
12 Sandclan

Sounds like a stubborn Clan. Sly.

Ah sandclan the leader sandstar tom with sandy colored pelt that clan would live in well the sandy part,

Lives in a desert. Leader is blazestar.

I imagine them as thin-pelted, sandy-colored cats living in deserts. They would be real survivalists, be able to go with a small supply of water for a long time, sly, sneaky, mistrusting. They would eat scorpions and poisonus desert snakes (the poison would serve as something they would tip they're claws with)
The leader would be Dunestar, a uncommonly large darkish sandy-colored mackerel tabby tom with yellow-green eyes.
The deputy would be Cactusblossom, a golden tabby and white she-cat with white ears, faint tabby markings, and green eyes.
The med would be Lizardgaze, a sandy ticked tabby tom with a white flash on his muzzle and slightly protuberant golden eyes.
Well, that's all I've got.

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13 Rockclan

Tough and down-to-earth. They are idealists. Independence is very important to them.

This is awesome for one big reason : the first leader's name was ROCKSTAR! StarClan must've turn Justin Bieber into a warrior cat or something...

Ooh, ooh can I join Rock clan, I promise to be a loyal warrior.

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14 DoveClan
15 Dawnclan

Leader Swift star tall dark brown tom with a black stripe he has dark blue eyes and is always looking out for his clan
Deputy misspelt a completely white tabby she cat and the trainer of storm paw

Yes, it's in my fanfic too, but it doesn't mean they stole it from you. There aren't many choices for clan names, and this is a very nice one, with a lot of attitude. So therefore, please do not accuse someone of stealing when they simply like the clan name and would like to use it.
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

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16 Lightningclan

I like it. I had this idea for a clan once. I imagined them as courageous cats with superior agility. They would be proud of their clan and true to their hearts.

Fast and agile. Quick reflexes and quick to act.

Cool! Can I join your clan? I am Owlpaw, and if you don't have a medicine cat, I will be a medicine cat!

I can imagine that they are able to nimbly race through the trees. And the apprentices have races with the squirrels. Yeah. They be that fast. they can silently creep up on their enemies without them knowing. The elders groom their fur in lightning shaped patterns. The kits try to cut leaves into lightning bolts. I got it all planned out.

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17 Echoclan

This is the best name in MY opinion

This is a very unique clan name that I love. I can just imagine the tall lushes green grass flowing on the moorland with plentiful prey. - Sunstep

Like RiverClan--beautiful and graceful. Cats will have graceful, sleek coats.

18 GorgeClan

Live in a deep ravine/gorge. Hunt creatures that live in sandy places. They drink from a stream running through their camp.

Awesome name, maybe favorite prey is snakes?

Wow, really cool!

This is cool! Imma use it =3

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19 SpiritClan V 1 Comment
20 Silverclan

No, clans cannot be named after colors!

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