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1 Iceclan

Well guess what? Life's not perfect and not everyone in the world likes you

This isn't too bad... I like it, but it is very common.

I can imagine they are cold and calculating.

Just want to say, but I do play Cat Sim Online. I am BluePaw, medicine cat apprentice, thank you very much. But I get annoyed with cats saying they are from IceClan. It’s just too overrated. By the way, it’s like every clan lives in the island! Even IceClan does. I just played yesterday and cats who said they were from IceClan didn’t like me near them. I wanted to join IceClan, but I was not gonna tell them. I promised not to hurt them. Then, some, some just RUDE cat apparently kills me! I now do not want to join IceClan, but I still respect their ways and the dignity of all their Clanmates. ~BluePaw, FireClan’s current medicine cat apprentice

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2 Rainclan

Perhaps is easy-going and funny. A comical Clan that makes the best out of situations

Yep best clan name

These particular cat live under control if the great Clan known as Fartclan, whom live in the mountains where if trespassers ever approach they will be warned with a regal stench.

May I please join RainClan? I’m Silverspark, a silvery-white she-cat with bright yellow eyes. I don’t like fighting and hunting, but I love to talk, and like to be around many cats. Though I ended up breaking the warrior code, and my former clan banished me, but I still really want to join this clan. Please? Thanks.
~Bluestripe of FireClan

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3 HollyClan

Wow you have this all sorted all...

HollyClan is a Clan which is located in a patch of tangled brambles and bracken intwined.
Shadows from the pine nearly shade the camp's entire area, so to adapt, the first cats adjusted with keen eyesight and hearing to hunt and see in the dark. The leader's den is a hedge of dark leaves, stuck together by wood sap. It is placed of crooked rock that's been overturned. The warrior's den is bramble thicket lined with dry sap and dead leaves for insulation. The nursery, which is much softer, is lined with feathers from their prey, which includes raccoons, young adders, small snakes, insects, squirrels, birds and if needed they will go after rats. Every cat works in a pair of 3. The first two sneak up behind prey. The third sneaks up in the front. When the first two cats hiss, the prey would either be shocked or start running, right into the third cat's paws. Some leaders include Thornstar, a ragged, black-and-white tom, Nettlestar, a wiry, brown she-cat, Thrushstar, a russet tom, ...more

Prickly and Brave
Clan Character: Very sensitive to insults, resulting in a lot of interClan fights. However, when faced with crisis, the cats become one indestructible unit that will defend the Clan with their life.
Prey: Small mammals such as squirrels, young raccoons, and chipmunks. Occasionally the large hare or adult raccoon will be hunted by a pair of hunters.
Hunting Skills: Excellent stalkers and have quick reflexes, similar to those of RiverClan. They sneak up on prey, frightening it into the nearest holly bush or clump of thorns. When the prey gets stuck, the hunter quickly finishes it off.
Significant Leaders: Hollystar, Jaggedstar, Dewstar, Eaglestar
Back Story: HollyClan was created by Holly, a character from Dawn of the Clans. Holly thought WindClan's loyalty was too loose, mostly due to WindClan forgiving Moth Flight, and decided to create a Clan of her own; HollyClan. Her mate, Jagged Peak, succeeded her. Because of his injury, HollyClan is ...more

4 Leafclan

Umm I posted 2 comments down so yeah

Lives in a giant tree in the middle of the forest. Leader and is Thistlestar, Light gray short-hair she-cat with green eyes, deputy is Clawtail, a white and black Siamese, is battle scarred, (everywhere), and has blue eyes. Med is Cloudfur, a white tabby Tom with green eyes.

Geez why people gotta make such a big deal about their OWN clans!?!?
If ya don't want anybody taking it. Don't even put it in!
Awesome clan name by the way

Quiet and Swift

On a patch of birch and oak forests with a very small brook near the camp. Many bushes, moss, and a few stones scattered around. Thick, leafy branches and the grounds are covered in thorns, bracken, and berry bushes.

Animals & Prey:
Mostly red or gray squirrels, sparrows, small birds, and more. Rarely bird's eggs and straying pigeons. Other animals include deer, foxes, wolves, or eagles. Many Twolegs and often, dogs come to hunt with them.

Battle Techniques:
Extremely good on the very tops of the trees and logs. They sometimes use mud to cover themselves in and hide in the logs or stun the enemy from pouncing on them from the trees.

Clan Traits:
Silent while at Gatherings; all apprentices are taught never to talk at them. They never want any secrets being told to other Clans and enjoy isolation. They can be very snappish, " rude ", and short-tempered, though they never talk back and prefer to judge. They are always ...more

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5 Fireclan

Fierce and loyal. Powerful and brave. Live in a forest with burnt trees in one area.

! Thank you guys this is my first clan that's got so many votes!

Sounds powerful but you would be proud ti be in this clan

Nice - BlazeHeart

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6 BreezeClan

I had this idea once, it was the look/like of WindClan.

I love this name! Sounds like the cats are swift but talk back quickly. They are fast hunters, who love to eat rabbits, thrushes, some berries, and squirrels for fun! They probably have a hard time inviting new cats to the clan, though, but if they even do they are a little too hard on you, and wide-eyed. They were started by Breeze, a rogue who liked to watch how leaves were blown by the wind, but tended to stay quiet. One day, Breeze had an excellent idea to make a clan of his own. He names it BreezeClan. Soon after, he picks out rogues and kittypets to join his clan. Some were unsure, others tempted. He became Breezestar. His deputy was Rainswept, a silvery-blue she-cat with dark blue eyes, and has vision that is a little blurry. The medicine cat was Grasspelt, an over-experienced healer who always ended up dirty with greens. Breezestar didn't have a clue how to lead, so at first he was demanding and over-bearing, and all his warriors would do with no pause. But then this leader ...more

7 StormClan

I had this idea many times to. I though of it as a Clan in an oak forest.

I think the clan sounds cool

Home of the strong and brave! I like it.

8 ThornClan

Is like BloodClan in the warrior cat series but totally different. ThornClan has to have better votes

Sounds good, I imagine this as mostly ShadowClan/ThunderClan-ish.

ThornClan Territory:
Large fields with tall, tanning grass. Thorn bushes spread around the feilds. A gorge lines the border between them and StormClan. They call the gorge Sharp Edge. The gorge runs down to meet an old, forgotten Warehouse, were the cats can catch rats. A small, thin forest marked the boundary between ThornClan and HillClan. They call the forest's tallest tree Long Trunck. Then, a interesting shaped boulder marks the boundary between them and FireClan.
ThornClan Camp:
A crater in the ground, lined with tall thorn bushes, is their proud camp. A cave near the top marks the warriors den, a den under a large boulder marks the elders den, another cave near the bottom of the crater marks the apprentice den, a interesting cave at the bottom that slopes down to the floor marks the med-cats den, and that's all to one side. The leaders den is a cave in the middle on the other side of the cave. They meet around a flat ledge at the top of the crater. A dip in the ground ...more

ThornClan is a Clan living in a rocky gorge filled with lots of tall oak and ash trees, and a river nearby. They specialize in climbing and have powerful limbs, and they are very good fighters. Their main prey is rats, large rodents and birds living in crags (hawks, eagles, etc). The Clan itself is loyal, strong and cunning. Their enemies are SandClan and OakClan. They have no specific pelt color, and tend to have cats of all pelts. Despite being a skilled Clan, this Clan is ruthless to intruders and cats stealing prey. They hope to take as much territory as they can and will not stop at injuring enemies to do so.

ThornClan Alliances
Hopestar- brown she-cat with beautiful gold eyes and paler underbelly
Spiderwing- white tom with black patches and dark brown eyes
Medicine Cat:
Brightfeather- pale yellowish tabby she-cat with blind white eyes, Apprentice: Sagepaw- white tom with gray swirls and gray eyes
Quailnose- very pale cream ...more

9 Moonclan

Sound very spiritual. Kind and compassionate. Truthful

This name sounds beautiful. I love it!

I like the moon so, Moonclan

Oh, my lord, I made this too!

It is a clan that is an Island. ( Like riverClan) They did not believe in StarClan they had believed in a Moon-God. Until SandClan's medicine cat Told them about it and they slowly began to believe. And the Island has a cave on it, Where they live, They make their nests in the cave, It's always cold in the cave, but they get used to it, ANd there is a hole on the top of the cave When the moon comes out it shines through it and lights up the whole cave, And at first they couldn't sleep, so they finally got used to it, and they mostly hunt Fish, birds ( Rarely), and Crabs. when you walk into the camp you see the Leaders den in front of you, it is a rock that was once a stream, Beside it is the Apprentices den which is a Rock den, like, the-the sides are rock, on the other side of the Leader's den is the warriors' den, which is a smooth rock that is kinda like a bowl. ( Big enough for warriors to be in) And beside the Warriors den is the Nursery, it ...more

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10 OakClan

They live on a high, wind soaked hill of grasses that are always flooded in breezes. They are called OakClan because they made their first territory on where an ancient oak tree was struck by lightning and split it into 4 torn branches, resembling the 4 clans. They are skilled in running and jumping in trees and on rocks with strong forelegs. Most have big, broad shoulders to attack. Their original leader was a pale russet tabby tom with green eyes and a long, winding tail named Tall Oak.

Current Leader: Robinstar - black she-cat with a ginger chest
Deputy: Birchclaw - cream tabby tom
Medicine Cat: Fernpool - cream-and-brown she-cat [ apprentice, Duskpaw ]

Softfeather - white-and-tabby she-cat
Squirreltail - scruffy russet she-cat [ apprentice, Larkpaw ]
Stagfoot - dark brown tom with hazel eyes
Stormbird - lean blue-gray tom with yellow eyes
Gorsetail - blue-gray tabby
Darkclaw - white tom with one black claw
Silverstorm - silvery ...more

The Newcomers

? BrambleClan

Cool. Probably a Clan in the forest. Likes to be isolated from others. ~Bluefang of MistClan

The Contenders

11 Frostclan

It's a cute name for I clan 😆

Leader: Swirlstar
Deputy: Batwing
Med cat: golden wave
Med cat app: willowpaw - Leaftail

12 DoveClan

Perfect for cats that are trustworthy, faithful, kind, caring, brave, I want this to be my clan!

13 Sandclan

Sounds like a stubborn Clan. Sly.

Ah sandclan the leader sandstar tom with sandy colored pelt that clan would live in well the sandy part,

Lives in a desert. Leader is blazestar.

Home: in a desert
founder: Sand
Pelts: usually gold, brown or white
food: Coyotes, Lizards, Owls
Cooperation or hunting alone: Cooperation
Leader now: Cactistar: dark gold she-cat with a white muzzle
Deputy now: Whitesand: pure white tom with sandy colored paws
Med cat now: Perchedowl: grumpy old female with a brown tabby pelt
past leader: Lizardstar: light brown tabby male with a white belly
past deputy: Cactibreeze (soon Cactistar)

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14 Dawnclan

Leader Swift star tall dark brown tom with a black stripe he has dark blue eyes and is always looking out for his clan
Deputy misspelt a completely white tabby she cat and the trainer of storm paw

This is in my fanfic u stealers

Yes, it's in my fanfic too, but it doesn't mean they stole it from you. There aren't many choices for clan names, and this is a very nice one, with a lot of attitude. So therefore, please do not accuse someone of stealing when they simply like the clan name and would like to use it.
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

Faithful and Bright
DawnClan lives on a small, rocky ridge on the edge of a spruce forest which is slightly shaded. Strewn stones surround the camp with grasses spread with pine needles, burrs, and wild flowers. Very small pool of water on near the middle ridge of mountain.

Animals & Prey:
Small birds, mostly sparrows. Accepts mice, voles, injured raccoons, larks, or even bird's eggs. Other animals include an occasional deer or wolf.

Battle Techniques
Great at stalking and have strong, sturdy legs for jumping shortly, but briskly off ridges and small cliffs. Cats work in 3. They wait silently in the trees, then quickly stun trespassers onto one of the scattered rocks.

Clan Traits:
Very careful and more protective about kits, occurring in several raids. Though when on attack, the Clan obediently spreads to their own specially assigned places and become one to safely drive off an intruding Clan. Strong, sturdy hind and front legs for jumping ...more

15 SpiritClan

Sounds like Starclan! I LOAF IT!


16 Rockclan

Tough and down-to-earth. They are idealists. Independence is very important to them.

This is awesome for one big reason : the first leader's name was ROCKSTAR! StarClan must've turn Justin Bieber into a warrior cat or something...

Ooh, ooh can I join Rock clan, I promise to be a loyal warrior.

Lol Rockstar yeah must've been JB's recanation or Justin Timberlakes's

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17 Ivyclan

I am going to name 11 of my clans this and I am also going to use duskclan

Hi, my clan was named this! The character I made up, Rushfeather, is in this clan

love it - BlazeHeart

Very calm and respectful.
leader: Soaringstar
deputy: Crystalstream Lavenderfrost
warriors: Cloudchest, Bluenight, Silverbird, Whiteheart, Jaypool, Sandcloud and Tigerstar
Apprentices: Rosepaw, Lightpaw, Nightpaw
Queens: Lakepool, Songbird and Lilypetal
Elders: Duststorm, Flameear and Grazing meadow

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18 Lightningclan

I like it. I had this idea for a clan once. I imagined them as courageous cats with superior agility. They would be proud of their clan and true to their hearts.

Fast and agile. Quick reflexes and quick to act.

Cool! Can I join your clan? I am Owlpaw, and if you don't have a medicine cat, I will be a medicine cat!

I have a Clan named this, along with RainClan, StrategyClan, and PredatorClan. Obviously I can't stop you from using any one of these, but don't put them all together! - KayleeKicklighter

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19 Echoclan

I just took a quiz and got a cat named Echosong! This name sounds really awesome!

This is the best name in MY opinion

This is a very unique clan name that I love. I can just imagine the tall lushes green grass flowing on the moorland with plentiful prey. - Sunstep

Like RiverClan--beautiful and graceful. Cats will have graceful, sleek coats.

20 GorgeClan

Live in a deep ravine/gorge. Hunt creatures that live in sandy places. They drink from a stream running through their camp.

Awesome name, maybe favorite prey is snakes?

Wow, really cool!

Great name! Do you think...DewClan is nice? - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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