Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist

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1 Iceclan

I like there prey the best

They must have thick fur to keep out cold

I like it. - TheCrystalWolf


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2 Rainclan

I love Wings of Fire! I agree that RainClan would live in a rain forest and they would act all lazy but they had like super long and sharp claws or something so it would be like the magical death spit(venom)in Wings of Fire! I love that idea!

Perhaps is easy-going and funny. A comical Clan that makes the best out of situations

I really like this name! I bet RainClan cats would live in a rainforest just like RainWings live in a rainforest in Wings Of Fire

Yep best clan name

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3 HollyClan

cool name

I like the sound of this clan. Also iceclan but HollyClan cool too


I actually made this clan before! But then Pitchblack of Timberclan took it over and all warriors agreed to a new name; DragonClan. my favorite clan names are my own alternative set of clans TimberClan the fierce they are quite irritable and live in a pine forest. There names all have too do with plants and they take in dogs, ranch clan who builds nests in old ranches not originally a part of my clans. Shore clan that lives on the shore of a huge lake, and TowerClan that lives up on high rock piles and in caves. They eat snakes. Ok that will be all see ya next time!
-Darksound of RanchClan

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4 Leafclan


I love it

Umm I posted 2 comments down so yeah

Lives in a giant tree in the middle of the forest. Leader and is Thistlestar, Light gray short-hair she-cat with green eyes, deputy is Clawtail, a white and black Siamese, is battle scarred, (everywhere), and has blue eyes. Med is Cloudfur, a white tabby Tom with green eyes.

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5 Fireclan

I used this one for one of my first warrior cat fanfics. They lived in an area with tall trees and little undergrowth. They are good at climbing. (Like Skyclan...)
-Blazeleaf of FireClan.

Can I please join? my warrior be Ashspirit

Loyal, kind and firece. Sounds like the best clan ever!

Founder- Firestar (recarnation)- handsome ginger tom.

I like it because it's like Firestar

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6 BreezeClan

OH no way I used this in my fanfics lol.
I still love the name because now it's not just "Wind"Clan, but it's MORE THAN WIND! Wait, no breezes are softer? Still an epic name I made and found here that someone had already created it and now I'm sad!

It reminds me of Windclan

I had this idea once, it was the look/like of WindClan.

I love this name! Sounds like the cats are swift but talk back quickly. They are fast hunters, who love to eat rabbits, thrushes, some berries, and squirrels for fun! They probably have a hard time inviting new cats to the clan, though, but if they even do they are a little too hard on you, and wide-eyed. They were started by Breeze, a rogue who liked to watch how leaves were blown by the wind, but tended to stay quiet. One day, Breeze had an excellent idea to make a clan of his own. He names it BreezeClan. Soon after, he picks out rogues and kittypets to join his clan. Some were unsure, others tempted. He became Breezestar. His deputy was Rainswept, a silvery-blue she-cat with dark blue eyes, and has vision that is a little blurry. The medicine cat was Grasspelt, an over-experienced healer who always ended up dirty with greens. Breezestar didn't have a clue how to lead, so at first he was demanding and over-bearing, and all his warriors would do with no pause. But then this leader ...more

7 StormClan

Does this clan really exist somewhere else besides my house? I'd be glad to join if it was real. It sounds like a really awesome clan!

I used this in one of my fan fictions. The other three were WaveClan, ThornClan, and SandClan.

This is my main clan

I had this idea many times to. I though of it as a Clan in an oak forest.

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8 ThornClan

So I like to make my own 4 clans and this one seems live a replacement of Shadowclan! (or the "bad" clan) I love it! HELPFUL!

Actually, I made this clan before! It was actually pretty big, considering I thought it would be like four or five people. I like you guys' ideas!

Is like BloodClan in the warrior cat series but totally different. ThornClan has to have better votes

Sounds good, I imagine this as mostly ShadowClan/ThunderClan-ish.

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9 Moonclan

Nocturnal lake-dwellers. They're skilled at swimming quickly and silently, so they can creep up on sleeping fish. They live on one of the islands in their lake, which has fairly low walls made of sticks, mud, and clay to keep kits and apprentices in but invaders out. Most of them have fairly dark pelts to blend in with the dark water, and apprentices and kits practice holding their breath. They were founded by a black cat named Shine, their main prey is fish, and they practice what to do in case of floods. - SnowyOwl

I really like it! I think they would live in a moor with streams and lily pads. They would be great at hunting and swimming! I think Mistyfall my oc a silver blue she cat with black points and markings and the most beautiful violet eyes would join and maybe even be leader
-Mistyfall- Wait whaaa

Sound very spiritual. Kind and compassionate. Truthful

Super cool! this should exist! - Aquaruby_35

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10 OakClan

OAKCLAN!...HOW IS MY CLAN ON HERE! :D -DappledCave of OakClan

They live on a high, wind soaked hill of grasses that are always flooded in breezes. They are called OakClan because they made their first territory on where an ancient oak tree was struck by lightning and split it into 4 torn branches, resembling the 4 clans. They are skilled in running and jumping in trees and on rocks with strong forelegs. Most have big, broad shoulders to attack. Their original leader was a pale russet tabby tom with green eyes and a long, winding tail named Tall Oak.

Current Leader: Robinstar - black she-cat with a ginger chest
Deputy: Birchclaw - cream tabby tom
Medicine Cat: Fernpool - cream-and-brown she-cat [ apprentice, Duskpaw ]

Softfeather - white-and-tabby she-cat
Squirreltail - scruffy russet she-cat [ apprentice, Larkpaw ]
Stagfoot - dark brown tom with hazel eyes
Stormbird - lean blue-gray tom with yellow eyes
Gorsetail - blue-gray tabby
Darkclaw - white tom with one black claw
Silverstorm - silvery ...more

The Newcomers

? BuzzardClan
? HollowClan

The Contenders

11 Frostclan

Leader: Freezestar
Deputy: Batwing :)
Med Cat: Forestfrost

It's a cute name for I clan 😆

Leader: Swirlstar
Deputy: Batwing
Med cat: golden wave
Med cat app: willowpaw - Leaftail

12 DoveClan

I would probably join this clan. If I were in the clan I would be named HazelClaw

Sounds like the cats of this Clan are shy, calm, gentle, and reserved. - TheCrystalWolf

I agree with my earlier comment, but my kits are Breezekit (black she-kit with cream paws) Hazelkit (cream and white she-kit) Splashkit (brown and cream tabby tom) Snowykit (white she-kit) - Swiftdawn

Perfect for cats that are trustworthy, faithful, kind, caring, brave, I want this to be my clan!

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13 Dawnclan

I have this clan...
Leader- AmberStar
Deputy- Leafbreeze
Medicine cat- Clearsong - Sparrowflight


Lol! This is one of my clans for a different original book series I am wrighting lol how funny!

Leader Swift star tall dark brown tom with a black stripe he has dark blue eyes and is always looking out for his clan
Deputy misspelt a completely white tabby she cat and the trainer of storm paw

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14 Sandclan

Sounds like a stubborn Clan. Sly.

Ah sandclan the leader sandstar tom with sandy colored pelt that clan would live in well the sandy part,

Lives in a desert. Leader is blazestar.

Sounds like a clan who can strike their enemies. The leader is Tinystar, a tiny tom that is underestimated, he has green eyes and a black coat. The deputy is Goldenripple a yellow she with blue eyes. The medicine cat is riversong, a she with a white pelt and blue eyes. She is great with herbs and knows her stuff

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15 GorgeClan

Very original. They live in a deep gorge far in the desert, and are mostly shades of brown. They believe that, when they die, they go to SpiritClan, and they have a very complex religion. Founded by a Dark Forest cat who tricked kittypets into forming an army, but they eventually defeated that cat and got on the right track...I wanna write about GorgeClan now.

I thought it said GeorgeClan... - TheCrystalWolf



I love the idea, I would make the clan a bit like Bloodclan but living on a Gorge

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16 SpiritClan

Sounds like Starclan! I LOAF IT!


Lol! This is my name for Crystalfire of SpiritClan! Look at top ten warrior cat names that don't exist. I made story I think I guys might like! 😺😸

17 Blizzardclan

I really enjoy this Clan name. It reminds me a lot of a snowy wonderland!

It was my first clan!

Sounds pretty cool

I like this one. It's really nice!

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18 Waffleclan

Firestar won't approve! - RoseWeasley

LoL I would love to join this clan, I bet they never have a shortage of food. - Camaro6

I think cats don’t know what waffles are.

This clan will truly rule over all the rest lol

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19 NightClan

I'm making a Clan like this. Leader, Planetstar, Deputy, Blackpelt. My favorite cat is a warrior and tom, Fernbreeze

I like this one as well! - Falconflight

Sneaky and Wild

NightClan lives in a thick, wet swamp surrounded by cypress trees. The water is dark with moss and algae covering it. Vines, branches, and hanging moss fill the leaves with several marsh areas strewn around the well-hidden camp.

Animals & Prey:
Adult raccoons are usually favored although fish, insects, or small birds are accepted to be edible. Other animals include the occasional deer, lizard, eagle, or larger fish.

Battle Techniques:
Because of the cat's snappish, vicious nature, other Clans usually have NightClan as their target. The warriors first surround the enemy by hiding in the long, bush ferns and use camouflage to then spring out. They attack with great strength and have a keen sense to where their own Clan mates are. Once the raiding Clan is injured, NightClan will waste no time in driving them far into their own territory. Sometimes though, if desperate, the Clan will drive their enemies into another Clan's camp as a ...more

May I join your clan? My name is Clouddapple. I'm a gray she-cat with white paws and spots, emerald green eyes. Thanks, and get back to me as soon as you can, please. But seriously, no pressure. Thank you again!

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20 Echoclan

I just took a quiz and got a cat named Echosong! This name sounds really awesome!

This is the best name in MY opinion

This is a very unique clan name that I love. I can just imagine the tall lushes green grass flowing on the moorland with plentiful prey. - Sunstep

Like RiverClan--beautiful and graceful. Cats will have graceful, sleek coats.

21 JayClan

I would join this Clan! - Falconflight

YAY! A clan named after Jayfeather! - BlazeHeart

Why is is last

22 Silverclan

I LOVE this name!

No, clans cannot be named after colors!

I love this name!
~~ Jay

23 Ivyclan

love it - BlazeHeart

I am going to name 11 of my clans this and I am also going to use duskclan

Hi, my clan was named this! The character I made up, Rushfeather, is in this clan


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24 Rockclan

Tough and down-to-earth. They are idealists. Independence is very important to them.

This is awesome for one big reason : the first leader's name was ROCKSTAR! StarClan must've turn Justin Bieber into a warrior cat or something...

Ooh, ooh can I join Rock clan, I promise to be a loyal warrior.

Amazing clan. Lives by a mountain. Leader is stonestar. Lives by iceclan.

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25 Lightningclan

I love this Clan name! I always imagined that LightningClan would be made up of all the other Clans... - Falconflight

I like it. I had this idea for a clan once. I imagined them as courageous cats with superior agility. They would be proud of their clan and true to their hearts.

Fast and agile. Quick reflexes and quick to act.

Cool! Can I join your clan? I am Owlpaw, and if you don't have a medicine cat, I will be a medicine cat!

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26 Matingclan

The dating site for Warrior Cats - RoseWeasley

Um... no - Falconflight

Oh yeah

Eww! Who made this?!

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27 Sky Kingdom

This is a really cool and unusual clan! I like it! - SnowyOwl

Reminds me of some of my Clans... Skyclan has wings. - SnowyOwl

This is dumbo hate it

Uh this is weird no offense

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28 MothClan

If anyone knows creepypasta's, of myths... you should know the Moth Man. So, I'm guessing Moth Man lives in this clan. He is disguised as MothStar probably.


29 SunClan

*Sniffs the ground for prey*

I have this as one of my clans names as well! Awesome that other people like it as well!
- Beepaw of SunClan

Warm-hearted and swift in battle. Spiritual

I'll join! My name is Mosspaw, a cream colored she-cat with dark brown tabby patches and blue eyes. I love to hunt, have a very food sense of humor, and all of my closest friends are toms.

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30 Fartclan

The best clan - Thrushdusk

Bootiful! Such wonderfulness! - Snowdapple

I'm literally crying laughing over this Clan name right now! - Falconflight

This is uh, original

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31 Breadwinnersclan


32 graytabbytomwithwhitepawsandunderbellyClan

I like this one

BEaUtiFuL - SnowyOwl

What? this made me laugh so hard! sooo bootiful! - Snowdapple

Quite a mouthful lol! - Falconflight

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33 Forestclan

They live in a circle of willow trees and usually have black and white fur, tabby fur or reddish brown fur. They live on mice and birds.

Sounds like a strong clan that lives isolated from other clans. Except they're not crowfood eaters and aren't evil like bloodclan... They're thriving among the forest where they will stay put for the generations to come.

Pretty good, but I feel like it could be a bit more creative... like TreeClan or LeafClan or something - tigerstar908

34 DarkClan

It's already used in the books

Heathertail and Lionblaze

The clan that live in the tunnels under the lake territory's, started by Heatherpaw and Lionpaw.

35 Mudclan

I don't believe this is a very good name for a Clan.

Lives in a muddy forest. Leader is splashstar. Lives near moonclan and rainclan.

Can I join? I will be a med cat or a warrior.
By the way I'm leaftail

Love the prefix mud! I have a clan called MarshClan. my name is Owlpaw/fur

36 Evilclan

Then it turns out all the cats are good guys. - TheCrystalWolf

Um, what? How can anyone take this seriously? The name is way too cheesy.

Not the best name.

Lives in the forest. Leader is bloodstar. Beware! They love killing cats.

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37 Splashclan

I love this! Relatives of RiverClan...obviously...

Easy-going cats. Easily adapt.

Can I join? My name is Swanfeather and I'm a long-furred gray tabby calico she-cat with one blue eye abd one yellow eye.

Lives by a large pond. Deepstar is the leader.

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38 Duskclan

The clan I made that was also called DuskClan lives by the sun-drown place, and since the sun sets there it would be dusk - CuriousKitten555

I really like this name, my friend wont let me use this in a little thing because she claims that she made it up!

Lives in the wet land, and the wet forest they love voles, birds and fish. They are loyal and clever but over protective. Can swim, and climb. They would skip gatherings if they could. -nightstorm of duskclan

Cool! I made a Clan called DuskClan as well - CuriousKitten555

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39 WildClan

This my clan...but ok, it's a good clan

Very unique Clan. Wild. Open-minded. Fighters. Compassion. Hostility.

WildClan: Lives in a very large territory, graveyard/pine forest/river/farm/cave. Lead by Timber/Shiverstar, a shape shifter (can change in hyena, otter, seal, wolf and eagle) and change her eye colours depending on her mood. - Sugarcutie262

40 MeadowClan

I picture that instead of burying their dead, they have a designated place where they lay their bodies on flowers.
Yes, it's a bit whimsical for Warriors, but I like it anyways. - TheCrystalWolf

Meadowclan is a clan that is in the corner of a valley, the tall grass is perfect for hunting and there's always plenty of fresh kill, the hey also have a small waterfall and a lake called meadowland.

MeadowClan is actually one of my clans, the found Meadowstar was an ambitous cat from ThunderClan, he wanted nothing more than to be leader and went on a search for the long lost FlowerClan, when he found them, he deicded the live in the marshy area on the island whivh FlowerClan lived. Many of his friends followed him on hid journey so he had maby warriors. Although he was cruel and strong, he did not live long.

41 Cheetahclan

Yes, yes, yes!

Lives in a meadow or valley with not very many trees but tons of space to run, the Warriors and apprentices are fast and agile and can ponce on their prey from high in the sky like cheetahs. The leaders den is a good sized rock in the middle of the camp and the Warriors is off to the front left near the entrance, the Warriors den is a circle of tall grass and a short tree hanging over the circle. The apprentices den is almost the same as the Warriors, except instead of tall grass, the apprentices have tall bushes. The nursery is made out of rock, as well as the elders den too. The leader is Spottedstar, a golden tabby Tom with a torn ear and Amber eyes. The deputy is Sprintingfoot, a gray-silver tabby Tom with unusual gray eyes. Their medicine cat is Thornfur, a very pale tabby she-cat with black sploches, and green eyes...

U know what I think ima tellin ya to much, it's staring ta get so long!

One of the forgotten clans. Kinda like Skyclan and SC RC WC and TC. Though instead Lionclan lives next to them and CheetahClan’s prey disappeared.
This clan is fast, and strong-spirited. When they have to fight, they will attack in a diamond formation.
The cats are usually white, gold or ginger with black spots.

Well I don't think cats can run like 70mph so maybe they ride on cheetahs or would be weird if a cat could run as fast as a cheetah by the way unless they have superpowers which we all know is stupid. Wow I'm such an idiot.

42 RavenClan

I read the Hiddenwings story on some other list and it was really good!

Nice name! I am Gorgetail and my deepest desire is to join your Clan. I am a beautiful, strong, and loyal she-cat that everyone loves.

Yeah right

Okay, hold on. You seriously think Hiddenwings is less Mary-Sue than Gorgetail's? Bruh, if you can turn into a eagle, you can't be talking. -_-

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43 CloudClan

I think it's pretty good also it reminds me of them being soft,powerful,and calm and reminds me of SKYCLAN! !

I had this idea too! I love this Clan and I think it deserves to be first.

Can I be in Cloudclan? I made a clan that was called Cloudclan once too. My name is Sweetfang and I'm a black she-cat with dark gray paws, tail tip, and ears. I have green eyes and I'm a queen.

WOW! my friend wanted a clan called this when we were warrior RPing

44 Oceanclan

This is a great clan name I like it a lot

They have seen one and it's a name of a clan I'm pretty sure one cat will probably know what a ocean is like the way they know what fire water thunder shadow sky and wind is
I think it sounds awesome - speed

Uhh. cats don't know what a ocean is dumbo

45 WhisperClan

I love this name I can picture it in some caves which echo

Great clan name!

46 ClanClan

excellent - Snowdapple

My new allegiance list for ClanClan
Leader: Starstar
Deputy: Deputydeputy
Warriors: Warriorwarrior
Apprentice: Pawpaw
Queens: Queenqueen
Kit: Kitkit
Elder: Elderelder - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

47 Steamclan

A mixed Clan of hot-heads and calm, collected cats. "Let off steam".

Lives near a river. Leader is poppystar.


48 WillowClan

If you don't want us to use this, Why did you post it? It's pointless. So if you think we are going to there and let a good Clan name go by.. You'd be wrong. - CreekBurr

Go WillowClan!

Willowstar is leader!

To the person who said Willowstar is leader go away fox dung I’m with sky heart and I think Minnowstar is a better name than willowstar for a leader of willow clan so go rot crow food


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49 SwiftClan

Same. I used to be Moonstar of SwiftClan

The quickest clan ever made. They're camp is in a water soaked valley with surrounding forests and streams.

Aw SwiftClan used to be my OC cat Moonstar’s Clan

50 WaterClan

This is my OC clan

Similar to RiverClan. They love to swim and eat fish. They are different from RiverClan because they are a little too kind. They give away a lot of their territory. Now they have a Training Hollow, a little place for hunting, and their tiny camp. Though, they have a stream running through their Camp, FULL of fish. The stream's water is very refreshing, too. Though they may have always been way too kind, now they will protect all they have with all they have!

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