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61 Furclan
62 MagicClan

A Warrior cat doesn't know of magic, burning I like it. :3

Bananaclaw is there leader and Cocabutt is depquty, starfang is the med cat and meadowstar is bananaclaws apprentice

63 Lavaclan

A large moorland/forest. The dens are made of stone and have small streams running throughout. 3,000 moons ago, the streams ran with lava instead of water. The leader/founder is Lavastar, a reddish ginger shecat, blueish green eyes. The deputy is AuroraSong, a pale ginger shecat with white&brown patches, green eyes. Med cat is SplashStream, A silver tabby she-cat, bright blue eyes.

64 Goldclan

A clan with lots of forestland. It has old abandoned gold caves. They are underground. Leader is goldstar a long-furred golden Tom, green eyes. Deputy is greenstripe, a gray tabby, green eyes. She is a she-cat. Med cat is HawthornClaw, a golden tabby she cat, Amber eyes.

65 SoulClan

They are evil. They live by goldclan, lavaclan, and Bloodskyclan. Leader is thrushstar, a tortishell she cat, Amber eyes. Deputy is StoneScrape, a broad-shouldered tomcat, Amber eyes. His fur is dark gray (with lighter flecks). Med is Pebblenose, a black she cat with a grayish-black nose, green eyes.

An evil clan. Leader is Thrushstar, Tortiseshell she-cat, Amber eyes. Deputy is StoneScrape, broad shouldered gray tomcat, blue eyes. Med is Pebblenose, dark gray, almost black she-cat with darker flecks, black nose, Hazel eyes, fluffy tail

66 PegaClan

Can I be in the clan? I always liked the fantasy cats with wings... Anyway, my warrior name is Wiltedrose, I am a black tabby she-cat with white stripes, paws, and tail tip, I am a warrior with golden eyes and my mother is darkshade, and my father is shadowfrost.

Unlike other Clans PegaClan cats have the ability of flight using their wings. The name is derived from the word 'Pegasus' which is, as you may know, a winged horse from mythology. Their leader is Sagestar and their deputy is Chillyclaw. - RiverClanRocks

67 Sorrelclan

Leader is Poppystar, a pale tortie she with Green eyes. Deputy is Ripplefur, gray tabby Tom with light flecks, Blue eyes. Medicine cat is Heatherleaf, a golden tabby she with white underbelly and tail tip, Amber eyes. They live in the forest, but a very special place where their are plenty of herbs, more than the other three clans. Their camp is surrounded by gorse and bramble (like Sc) And the leader den made out of Rock (of course) And the Warriors is a leaf den, the medicine cat den is buit into the side of the highrock. The apprentices, Nursery, and Elders den are all leaf.

68 Sky Kingdom

This was one of the kingdoms I made a while ago. They all have feathered wings, and they live above the clouds. Most of the cats are white, but some are gray, brown, black, even blue. The king is Thunderstorm, but most call him King Storm, a gray tabby Tom. The Queen is Thistlerain, most call her Queen Rain of course, very light and pale gray she. And.. There are two princesses. The eldest is Whitedew, or princess Dew, light gray tabby she, like her mother. The other princess is Silverfrost, or just Princess Frost, gray she. And last but not least... The med. The med is Littlechervil. Small white tabby Tom.

69 Pokeclan

Every cat there has something special about them wink wink

The leader is pikastar! SO CUTE 🐹

70 Firclan V 1 Comment
71 Flareclan V 2 Comments
72 Emberclan

Your name is weird TheWarriorCatsGenious not this name by the way I made it up, so keep your mouth shut and be nicer!

Yea TheWarriorCatsGenious if your such a genius how about you tell me all of the warrior cats in thunderclan dead and alive! it does not sound cool it sounds weird.

V 1 Comment
73 Amberclan

Sounds lovely. I think the cats would be shy, cute, and very close to StarClan.

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74 BlossomClan
75 MidnightClan

Clan of the stealthy and free.

76 WaterClan

Similar to RiverClan. They love to swim and eat fish. They are different from RiverClan because they are a little too kind. They give away a lot of their territory. Now they have a Training Hollow, a little place for hunting, and their tiny camp. Though, they have a stream running through their Camp, FULL of fish. The stream's water is very refreshing, too. Though they may have always been way too kind, now they will protect all they have with all they have!

77 BlazeClan
78 StrikeClan
79 AirClan
80 TimeClan

Clan of the quickest cats.

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