Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist

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81 HazelClan

HazelClan cats are mostly quite peaceful and relaxed, unless in a time of danger. Their territory mostly consists of birch trees, flowers and herbs, and the cats are renowned for their speed and quick-thinking.

A Clan located in a forest with many birch trees, and a fair number of flowers and herbs. The Clan is mostly quite peaceful, and they are generally renowned for their speed and quick-thinking.

82 PantherClan

Lives in a forest with huge, tall trees. They're fast and clever. The cats in this clan are big and muscular. Loves to fight. Favorite prey : mouse, bird. Will never let any animal pass their teritory. Will never accept kittypets and loners who want to join them.

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83 Fogclan
84 Cederduck V 1 Comment
85 ReedClan

Hi! My clan was already named this, I have 2 clans, the other also on this list. So ReedClan loves to swim, but also love to climb. They live on a riverbank, and sometimes go underground. So yeah! - Firefly of TearClan

86 SprayClan
87 RiseClan

Hi the leader is dotstar the deputy is Glacierstreak and the mecicine cat is Clawstrike you can join I posted this

88 Flowerclan V 1 Comment
89 Fernclan V 1 Comment
90 Lightclan V 1 Comment
91 Stoneclan V 1 Comment
92 Superclan
93 Hmmclan V 1 Comment
94 SeaClan

Live by the sea and feed on shore birds like gulls and plovers - tigerstar908

95 WaterfallClan
96 LakeClan
97 CreekClan
98 VenomClan V 1 Comment
99 BoulderClan

Live in the mountains and eat hawks and stuff - tigerstar908

100 PebbleClan
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