Top Ten Warrior Cat Clans that Don't Exist

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81 Firclan V 1 Comment
82 Flareclan V 2 Comments
83 Emberclan

Your name is weird TheWarriorCatsGenious not this name by the way I made it up, so keep your mouth shut and be nicer!

Yea TheWarriorCatsGenious if your such a genius how about you tell me all of the warrior cats in thunderclan dead and alive! it does not sound cool it sounds weird.

V 1 Comment
84 Amberclan

Sounds lovely. I think the cats would be shy, cute, and very close to StarClan.

V 2 Comments
85 BlossomClan
86 MidnightClan

Clan of the stealthy and free.

87 WaterClan

Similar to RiverClan. They love to swim and eat fish. They are different from RiverClan because they are a little too kind. They give away a lot of their territory. Now they have a Training Hollow, a little place for hunting, and their tiny camp. Though, they have a stream running through their Camp, FULL of fish. The stream's water is very refreshing, too. Though they may have always been way too kind, now they will protect all they have with all they have!

88 BlazeClan
89 StrikeClan
90 AirClan
91 TimeClan

Clan of the quickest cats.

92 HazelClan

HazelClan cats are mostly quite peaceful and relaxed, unless in a time of danger. Their territory mostly consists of birch trees, flowers and herbs, and the cats are renowned for their speed and quick-thinking.

A Clan located in a forest with many birch trees, and a fair number of flowers and herbs. The Clan is mostly quite peaceful, and they are generally renowned for their speed and quick-thinking.

93 PantherClan

Lives in a forest with huge, tall trees. They're fast and clever. The cats in this clan are big and muscular. Loves to fight. Favorite prey : mouse, bird. Will never let any animal pass their teritory. Will never accept kittypets and loners who want to join them.

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94 Fogclan
95 Cederduck V 1 Comment
96 SprayClan
97 RiseClan

Hi the leader is dotstar the deputy is Glacierstreak and the mecicine cat is Clawstrike you can join I posted this

98 Fernclan V 1 Comment
99 Hmmclan

Wow...just wow
i bet this person was struggling to think of something so they said hmmclan - tigerstar908

Well it all started with a cat named Scratchinghead, and he made a clan, so one day a cat named Tassel sees Scratchinghead and asks, "What's the name of the clan? " Scratchinghead says, "Hmm..."
"HmmClan? " Tassel asks. "Do we have to say hmm all the time? " Then he grunted sarcastically. "Oh what a beeutiful name."
All cats say hmm!
Hmm now what?
Hmm I said it!
Hmm am I a part of HmmClan then?
Did I say it...hmm again?
Great I did say it. Hmm
OK bye hmm

100 SeaClan

Live by the sea and feed on shore birds like gulls and plovers - tigerstar908

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