Top Ten Warrior Cat Couples that Caused the Most Problems

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Yellowfang x Raggedstar

I loved them at first, but then grew furious with Raggedpelt (I remember it was noted that his ‘star’ title was taken away from him in Starclan) I mean, he tried to pretend to love Foxheart just to make Yellowfang jealous! And then, with their kits? They had Brokenstar one of the biggest villains in the whole series. I hope Raggedpelt apologized in Starclan.

I love Yellowfang, but hate Raggedstar and she did give birth to Brokenbarf... who caused a lotta trouble.

But without Brokenstar, Rusty (aka Firestar) probably would never join tc

Broken star is awaful

Nightcloud x Crowfeather

Crowfeather never loved her like he loved Leafpool, and yes, he loved Feathertail, but that seemed more like a middle school crush, and I don’t think it would have worked out. With Leafpool however, they truly loved/love each other, and had kits that they both love. This isn’t the case with Nightcloud at all, their relationship was just toxic. I hope Crowfeather and Leafpool can be mates in starclan!

This is a * bleep * couple I love crowfeather x feathertail!

They love each other but they hate their son

Nightcloud is a bad charecter!

Leafpool x Crowfeather

I don’t really have a real opinion for this ship. First, I hated it. Second, it was my favorite ship in the whole entire world. Now, I just think that both Mothpool and Sorrelpool are much better. Crowfeather never really loved Leafpool. He loved Feathertail much more. He felt bad for Leafpool but more in a friend way.

Well, not only leafpool mated crowfeather, who was from a different clan, she was also a med! Her kits were mad, and leafpool made poor crowfeather suffer as a cobebreaker!

It's awesome (#LeafxCrow4ever) but yeah, so many problems. Squirrelflight lied, Brambleclaw was really hurt when he found out, and Jay and Lion literally hated Leafpool after that. I do wonder though what would have happened if Leafpool and Crowfeather never returned...

I agree that this couple caused a lot of trouble, but they also saved the Clans. If they never had the Three (well, two of the Three,) the Clans would be wiped out in the battle with the Dark Forest.

Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw

They are the best couple! They both have practically save each others life on numerous occasions. This is probably the best couple ever!

This couple caused
Ashfur’s death
The three knowing the truth about their parents
Hollyleaf’s “death” in the tunnels
Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight 500th break up.
And Leafpool becoming a warrior

Their a dysfunctional couple that should just break up.

They fight like in every single book! And also, I hate their 4 kits.

Did guys read Squirrelflight's Hope? Bramblestar was so rude to her.-Rainsplash

Thistleclaw x Spottedleaf

This was so disgusting, I honestly couldn’t believe it was actually in Spottedleafs heart. I mean who thought this was a good idea?

This ship is disgusting, have you ever read Spottedleaf's heart?

Eh. Let the Mary sue have the pedophile. They deserve each other

Is this even an existing ship?

Graystripe x Millie

Millie is a idiot. Sorry. She neglected her own daughter and caused her to go train in the DarkForest. I hope Graystripe dumps her.

I like this better than with Silverstream. It was more like a teen love romance. Graystripe and Millie developed over time on their journey back to the clans. Instead of love at first sight, these both developed as friends, then later became mates.

Stop loving Silverstream! Her relationship with Greystripe was undeveloped! MilliexGrey is far better

Not in the series but in the fan Dom #briarsonghasspoken

Mapleshade x Appledusk

This should be #1! If this couple didn’t exist, things would be different for example Mapleshade becoming leader. If you disagree go die in a hole.

Needs to be higher! She trained Tigerstar in the dark forest, therefore starting the great battle, all because of that idiot cheater and lier Appledusk!

Why! Why is this 11th! It should be higher up!
This couple caused:
The death of a lot of cats
Mapleshade not becoming leader
The evil chain

I know that’s only a few reasons, but it had a HUGE impact!

This lead 2 countless cats dying (go Mapleshade)!

Bluestar x Oakheart

I seriously hate this ship. For half of Bluestar's Prohecy, Blue just cusses Oak. If they didn't meet each other, Mosskit won't have died, Blue could be the leader she wanted, and Snow would be alive.

I love them together, even though I felt so bad for Trushpelt, but they caused some issues for sure.

If GraystripexSilverstream is bad, then BluefurxOakheart is worse!

Graystripe x Silverstream

Ok please don’t judge me but...I HATE THIS SHIP! Graystripe threw away his best friend just to see her and it seemed as though Silverstream manipulated him. Some people may say Graystripe x Millie is worse but no! Millie did care for Blossomfall she was just worried and paranoid about Briarlight’s safety and health.

I Dunno,If They Wouldn't have gotten together than graystripe wouldn't have left I mean, I have nothing aganist the couple I mean I SHIP IT they were so cute together! But they caused things to happen.

Lots of issues with this one, and I don’t like it that much to be honest.

MillStripe: *caused Blossomfall to join the Dark Forest*
GrayStream: *broke the code, caused Graystripe to neglect his apprentice, started a fight between Fireheart and Graystripe, killed Silverstream, and bought kits who would be the victims of Tigerstar*

Dovewing x Tigerheart

Have you ever noticed that Cloudtail is Firestar’s kin and Whitewing is Cloudtail’s? Whitewing should be one of three, not Dovewing!

Well, they can both be max level Mary/Gary Sues/stu’s Together. I despise them both, much like Bramblestar and Squirrelflight.

dovewing is actually firestars kin but the prophecy says kin of your kin: basically it needed to be a cat that was born from squirrelflight or leafpool, not kin of your kin of your kin! aka cloudtail bc he's firestars nephew thru princess, and her grandfather is firestar. jeez I wish the third was just hollyleaf bc she fits the prophecy and shes just better then dovewing. that is all.

Dopewhine x The illuminati is perfect, because Dopewhine sucks and is a fat ugly hater mouse with no edges or hairline. She needs to get her facts straight and check herself before she wrecks herself. ALSO, Dopewhine's death is confirmed. The whole Clan will kill her because she's so stupid and ugly and dumb and a Mary sue. How do people even---

This isn't Top ten worst warrior cats!

The Contenders
Spottedleaf x Fireheart

It seemed like such a filler, Sandstorm and Firestar has a really nice story, and it happened over time, unlike this ship...? Not quite sure what to call it, but it was basically like they took one look at each other and fell hopelessly in love. Not for long though!

This isn't even a valid ship ya idiots, and I personally find this ship very disgusting. :/ Spottedidiot was 41 moons when Firepaw even joined Thunderclan. Dosn't that make her a pedo? And also, the dream visiting is so weired... I'm glad Spotteddope died a 2nd time.

Tigerstar x Sasha

I feel bad for Sasha, but this also created Hawkfrost so, yes, lots of issues here.

I love all three- Hawkfrost, Sasha, and especially Tigerstar

They created my least favorite character!

Their kit is so horrible I want to die.

Rainflower x Shellheart

Why couldn't Shellheart choose another mate? Crookedstar would off been called Stormstar, and wouldn't have a nasty mother.

True, but Crookedstar and Oakheart would never have been born without them.

Shell heart luckily abandoned Rain flower

Rainflower is a bad mom!

Poppyfrost x Berrynose
Leopardfoot x Pinestar

Some of these others caused problems... but without Tigerstar, many things wouldn't have happened. I suppose Yellowragged and Thistleclaw's parents also have the same issue, though.

Imagine: a 60 year old man marries a 9 year old girl

He was leader when she was a kit!
Plus,they created Tigerstar!

THEY BROUGHT TIGERSTAR TO THE FORREST! Whitestorm, Swiftpaw, Brindleface, and Redtail would still be alive! BLUESTAR TOO!

Lionblaze x Heathertail

They are related...
Wrenflight had Ashfoot and Onestar
Ashfoot had Crowfeather, who had Lionblaze, and Onestar had Heathertail.
(Which means Breezepelt and Heathertail are related too...)

Man, that was a bad relationship. At least it’s over.

Heathertail is $&@&! &&’$&@“);::;(? @!

Thankfully they both found mates in their own clans and had their own kits.
Breezepelt x Heathertail
Kits: smokekit and brindlekit
Lionblaze x Cinderheart
Kits: hollytuft,fernsong, and sorrelstripe

Daisy x Spiderleg
Ashfur x Squirrelflight

Gosh without this ever happening...
Ashfur wouldn’t be dead
The POT cats wouldn’t know who their real parents are
Hollyleaf wouldn’t have left into the tunnels
Leafpool would still be a med cat
Bramblestar and Squirrelflight could avoid another break up.

Yea I was gonna write this u beat me

Jayfeather x Halfmoon

They caused so much sadness for both of them

One of my guilty pleasures

Clear Sky x Star Flower

Star Flower is a mouse heart!

I think they're cute but awful at the same time if u know what I mean 🙂

Windflight x Poppydawn

Uhrg... There kits are so annoying. Sweetpaw died before becoming an Warrior, and Thistleclaw is just... gross. And Rosetail... she's just Rosetail.

I previously voted for Leopard and Pine because Tigerstar, but now I'm realizing that without Thistleclaw, Tigerstar wouldn't have been too evil, and neither would Scourge. Thistleclaw is the root of most of the problems. Had his parents not gotten together, there would be FAR less.

I seriously hate their kits.

The were a good couple, and their kits were so loyal to each other! Shut up because y’all don’t know what you’re talking bout

Ivypool x Hawkfrost

She abaned her sister...

this couple probably would have caused some problems...
Also the comments *dies*

Just like you abandoned your spelling 🙃

Killercat x Innocentcat


Scourge x Bluestar

Who put this here I hate this

Bluestar was the only cat scourge considered his friend because she saved his life as a kit from Tigerstar (tigerpaw then)

Errr...that's what we don't WANT!

Berrynose x Poppyfrost

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE I HATE IT! HoneyFern should be with him :(

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