Top Ten Warrior Cat Couples that Caused the Most Problems


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1 Leafpool x Crowfeather

I agree that this couple caused a lot of trouble, but they also saved the Clans. If they never had the Three (well, two of the Three,) the Clans would be wiped out in the battle with the Dark Forest.

It's awesome (#LeafxCrow4ever) but yeah, so many problems. Squirrelflight lied, Brambleclaw was really hurt when he found out, and Jay and Lion literally hated Leafpool after that. I do wonder though what would have happened if Leafpool and Crowfeather never returned...

The only good things that came out of this relationship were Jay and Holly. - idontreallycare

Best couple in the whole series because if they weren’t together then Lionblaze and Jayfeather wouldn’t be born! They are perfect for each other because Leafpool is calm and caring and Crowfeather is fierce and loyal!

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2 Yellowfang x Raggedstar


3 Bluestar x Oakheart
4 Graystripe x Silverstream

I Dunno,If They Wouldn't have gotten together than graystripe wouldn't have left I mean, I have nothing aganist the couple I mean I SHIP IT they were so cute together! But they caused things to happen.

5 Tigerstar x Sasha

I love all three- Hawkfrost, Sasha, and especially Tigerstar

Their kit is so horrible I want to die. - AnonymousChick

6 Squirrelflight x Brambleclaw

Hate this one. It's supposed to be Squirrelflight X Ashfur! Damnit Brambleclaw!

7 Nightcloud x Crowfeather

Y do I not like this?

8 Dovewing x Tigerheart

Dovewing doesn't deserve the any tom, however disgusting he is.

Dovewing is just... She's not kin of Firestar's kin... She is

She is related to Firestar her Grandpa it's Cloudtail how is Firestar's nephew. - cassiabez

Dovewing sucks. Just saying.

Dovewing doesn’t deserve a mate, even if his name is Tigerstar. She is too selfish to be a Mary Sue, and thinks she’s sooo cool, but she doesn’t have any perks or anything, no snappy attitude, just meh. She doesn’t deserve a mate.

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9 Rainflower x Shellheart
10 Graystripe x Millie

I like this better than with Silverstream. It was more like a teen love romance. Graystripe and Millie developed over time on their journey back to the clans. Instead of love at first sight, these both developed as friends, then later became mates.

Not in the series but in the fan Dom #briarsonghasspoken

Stop loving Silverstream! Her relationship with Greystripe was undeveloped! MilliexGrey is far better

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11 Leopardfoot x Pinestar

Some of these others caused problems... but without Tigerstar, many things wouldn't have happened. I suppose Yellowragged and Thistleclaw's parents also have the same issue, though. - Talljake

12 Jake x Nutmeg

Sorry, but how was this a couple that caused a lot of problems? Jake x Quince should be here!
Jake x Nutmeg: Firestar (Great leader, Sandstorm's love, and Leafpool and Squirrelflight's dad! Which means that his family tree includes LIONBLAZE and JAYFEATHER and HOLLYLEAF! ) and Princess (Princess had Cloudtail, and Cloudtail and Brightheart had Whitewing, and Whitewing and Birchfall had Dovewing and Ivypool! And Ivypool and Fernsong would be great mates)
Jake x Quince: Socks, Ruby, and Scourge.

13 Lionblaze x Heathertail

Thankfully they both found mates in their own clans and had their own kits.
Breezepelt x Heathertail
Kits: smokekit and brindlekit
Lionblaze x Cinderheart
Kits: hollytuft,fernsong, and sorrelstripe

14 Jayfeather x Halfmoon

They caused so much sadness for both of them

15 Windflight x Poppydawn

I previously voted for Leopard and Pine because Tigerstar, but now I'm realizing that without Thistleclaw, Tigerstar wouldn't have been too evil, and neither would Scourge. Thistleclaw is the root of most of the problems. Had his parents not gotten together, there would be FAR less. - Talljake

16 Berrynose x Poppyfrost
17 Clear Sky x Star Flower

I think they're cute but awful at the same time if u know what I mean 🙂

18 Killercat x Innocentcat
19 Ivypool x Hawkfrost

She abaned her sister...

20 Mapleshade x Appledusk

Briar song starts slow clap

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