Top Ten Warrior Cat Couples That Don't Exist

Check out some of the best fan made Warrior cat names that don't exist.

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1 Rose Pool and Bramblefrost

Unrealistic descriptions of the kits. Plus, ender is not a warrior prefix

I just voted for this cause yeah, the kits have pretty unrealistic names

No. It's too mary/Gary Sue names. I would not ship it sorry :/

Rose pool is in the tribe of falling snow and her and bramble frost have 3 kits. two she-cats and one tom. their names are briarpetal(light blue Persian she-cat with light green eyes), enderflower(jet black she-cat with a white patch around her left eye, with gorgeous deep violet eyes. and firethorn( a bright orange tabby tom with deep amber eyes). rosepool is a light red calico she-cat with light yellow eyes. bramble frost is a dark brown tom with light blue eyes they grew up together. their mothers were best freinds when they were kits. - rosepool16

2 Skyflower and Emberblaze

I like it, don't know why, it just sounds nice

So,I think this is a good couple LOL - Feathermist

Nice - Oliveleaf

Sky flower is from the tribe of falling snow but emberblaze is from the tribe of the sun drown place(the ocean). they met when skyflower and some tribe mates were on a journey to find a lost clan mate and on the way they met the tribe of the sun drown place on the way. after staying for two days, skyflower and emberblaze fell instantly in love. on their way back, they stopped to stay with the tribe of the sun drown place for a night, in the morning, emberblaze announced his undying love for skyflower and asked their leader petal star if he could join the tribe of falling snow to be with skyflower. petal star agreed and emberblaze went back with skyflower and the tribe of falling snow. skyflower is a light gray she-cat with clear blue eyes. emberblaze is a light orange tom with black stripes along his back and tail, with deep amber eyes. - rosepool16

3 Heathersplash and Goldenfur
4 Rainbowlight and Pinenettle

Help! The Mary Sue apocalypse!

Mary Sue! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Nah, Pinenettle I like better than Rainbowlight. So Pinelight. Or Rainbownettle. Kits are... Topazgleam, crystal striped she-cat with rainbow eyes, stripes, tail, spots, and fangs, and Whitefur, a white tom.

It actually sounds kind of nice...
Rainbowlight's Clan, ThunderClan, has had enough of Mary Sues from fanfictions coming and becoming leader. When Rainbowkit, a tortoiseshell she-cat with oddly colored flecks and eyes nobody REALLY knows the color of, is born, they just go, "No. Away with that," and low-key ignore her. Rainbowlight has always thought she would be a part of some big prophecy; why is nobody treating her like the leader she needs to be?
But Pinenettle doesn't care. Pinenettle doesn't care that Rainbowlight, though self-absorbed and demanding, is disliked by many. He loves her for her, and is constantly trying to convince the Clan she's something amazing. He's her sidekick, in a way.
Rainbowlight, however, has always had a crush on the cat listed below, Sparkleheart, another Mary Sue from another Clan. She thinks they're destined to be together...but when Sparkleheart dies saving the Clans for the millionth time, courtesy of Fallowstep, Rainbowlight is crushed, ...more

5 Sparkleheart and Rainbowlight

I sung a very high pitched song filled with my crying and anguish from this very ship

Again! The Mary Sue apocalypse!

Sparkleheart? RAINBOWlight? Ugh, way too cheesy. What the heck?

Another Mary Sue! Ah! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

6 Squirrelpaw and Shrewpaw
7 Ashfur and Squirrelflight

They can't be a couple. They are related! How you ask? Ashfur's mother is Brindleface who is also the mother of Sandstorm. And we all know that Sandstorm is the mother of fiesty Squirrelflight. And that is why they can't be mates.

8 Tigerwing and Owlflame

This both sounds great and the picture is amazing; though it reminds me a lot about Bluestar and Oakheart and Bluestar's kits.

I love this pic! Although I have to agree it REALLY reminds me of Oakheart and Bluestar

This sounds amazing

Love the picture,but why are the tail and ears rainbow colored

9 Tigerstar and Bluestar

No just no

10 Firestar and Spottedleaf

Sorry, Spottedleaf haters...

The Contenders

11 Almoundfur and Fernfrost

Ooh pretty maybe I'll use this! I don't know yet though I'll have to check with huskypaw first! :)

12 Raindapple and Oliveleaf

Lol I'm being shipped... - Oliveleaf

Lol poor Oliveleaf - Aquastar_of_DewClan

13 Spottedleaf and Thistleclaw
14 Ivypool and Bumblestripe

Sorry to all you Dovewing and Bumblestripe lovers but I think this would be a way better couple. I mean Bumblestripe went out of his way to be nice to Dovewing but did she care...OF CORSE NOT! So I think that Ivypool would be way nicer to him and they would have really cute strong and brave kits.(If Bumblestripe and Dovewing had kits they would be as rude, and selfish as their mother! )

The only reason people ship this is either because they are big DoveTiger fans (like me), or because they hate Dovewing. There is no reason this would ever happen. Bumblestripe still very obviously likes Dovewing, not Ivypool. - RisingMoon

Exactly. The kits would be horrible and whining and stupid.

Ivypool! Rocks

15 Firestar and Cinderpelt
16 Firestar and Hattie
17 Dove Feather and Moonshadow

Moonshadow is my friends name!

Who's Silverstar? Plus Moonshadow exists! In Dawn of the Clans! So it's not already taken by whoever the heck she is!

Oh, no, no, no. Moonshadow is already taken by Silverstar. Silver X Moon for life!

18 Bluestar and Crookedstar

How am I the first person to vote this? Crookedblue is amazing and pure and holy no matter what any Blueoak or Crookedwillow shippers say.
Respect is you ship those, though. I do too. But CROOKEDBLUE IS BETTER.
(Opinionated me is opinionated)

19 Spottedfern and Ottercreek

All the votes here are whining about how this is a fake ship... I think the point of this list was fake ships. These are some great names. - Talljake

These aren't even real cats. I thought it would be shippings of real cats like Russet X Black, but noo it's fake cats who don't exist.

These aren't even real characters in the series. Get real, please. - Wolftail

Bruh, none of these are real characters in the series...

20 Hawkfeather and Thistleshade

Makes me think of Hawkfrost and Thistleclaw LOL - QueenOfRacing

Sounds like two toms but this is my favorite on the list

Hawkfeather loved Thistleshade, a reincarnation of Mapleshade. When Thistleshade figured out who she was in her past life she continued to take revenge on ThunderClan. Hawkfeather and his siblings were part of a prophecy that in order to fulfill it, one of them had to stop Thistleshade- the hard way. During a battle ThunderClan had against Thistleshade and a band of vicious rogues, Sunheart killed Thistleclaw, leaving Hawkfeather heartbroken. So he killed his own brother to avenge his mate's death.

Sounds great. It could compete with Sorrelfrost and Hailblaze

21 Jayfrost and Brackenmist

Love it! Sounds like a great story behind it. Great!

I like the names. They sound cool! - Falconflight

22 Buckhorns and Shyvixen

Seriously! This sounds HORRIBLE! Um sorry but both cats don't need to be named after DEER!

Buckhorns? When was horns a suffix for a cat name?

A vixen is a female fox, mouse brain.

Buckhorns is a huge dark brown tabby Tom with white on his belly,muzzle and his legs and Amber eyes
Shyvixen is a golden ginger shecat with black paws and black sparkles with green eyes
Both died in a fire together holding tails

23 Larksong and Pineheart

Both names are taken, they are real. Larksong is in Bluestar's prophecy, and Pineheart was pine stars name before he became leader. It's true

I think they’re actually shipping Pinestar from said book and Larksong, in which case, I don’t ship it.

You are right their both in Bluestars prophecy and pine stars name was pine heart also pinestar is with leopardfoot. -Spottedfern of DreamClan

24 Rising Moon and Burning Flame

Rising Moon: White she-cat with small light grey speckles and soft light blue eyes.
Burning Flame: Ginger tom with golden tabby stripes and hazel eyes.
Falling Ice: White she-cat with light grey tabby tripes and soft light blue eyes.
Rising Dusk: Light-ginger tom with light grey speckles and hazel eyes.
Dotting Sky: Golden she-cat with white speckles and soft light blue eyes.

(by the way I know they're real but it sound nice)

I loved this as soon as I saw it. I see Rising Moon as a whiteish blue she cat with some pale gray spots over her eye. Burning Flame would be a dark orange tom with reddish orange stripes down his back.

Rising Moon is a cat now in the Tribe of Endless Hunting! DO YOU EVEN READ THE BOOKS THE SAME THING FOR SILVERSTAR X MOONSHADOW

25 Oakheart and Willowbreeze
26 Emberstorm and Cloudbreeze

Emberstorm: Flame-colored tom with ice blue eyes and white chest
Cloudbreeze: gray tabby she-cat with wide green eyes
Their kits: Dew kit, white she-kit, Ice kit, blue-gray she-cat, Flame kit, flame colored tom kit

27 Foxdapple and Clearsong

It's pretty good! All the others are stupid :P

It's noice! Better than Alderpelt and Sparkflame

Yay! I like this! I picture Foxdapple as a brown she-cat, Yellow eyes. In ThunderClan. And I picture Clearsong, as a WindClan Cat. White with blue eyes. There kits are Snowear, Emberstorm, and Owlflame.

28 Alderpelt and Sparkflame

Um, they are SIBLINGS?

Sounds realistic enough. It really reminds me of Alderheart and Sparkpelt, who are real siblings. I think Sparkflame would be a soft-furred, golden-brown she-cat with ginger tabby stripes, and Alderpelt... maybe like a mix of Birchfall and Rowanclaw. Kits could be Thornheart, Lilytail, and Amberdawn. #Alderflame

WOAH! I've got the EXACT same names in my fanfic book!

~Dawnfeather - Now changing to Dawnbreeze

29 Dawnriver and Lightingtail

Dawnriver sounds awesome.And Lightingtail! Just how good a couple can be! - QueenOfRacing

Lightningtail's already a name

Nice. Just make sure you don’t copyright this in a book. There is already a Lightning Tail, friend of Thunder

30 Silverstar and Moonshadow

Moonshadow is a real cat u stupid idiot he is not your mate

Silverstar is a fluffy silver tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes. Her mother is Emberstorm (a night-black she-cat with glowing amber eyes) and her father is Cloudbreeze (a fluffy white tom with blue eyes). Moonshadow is a very dark gray, almost black tom with deep blue eyes. I don't know his parents I haven't made them up yet. They are all from ThunderClan. Together they have Willowfall (gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes), Stormbird (dark gray she-cat with green eyes), and Nightfall (black tom with blue eyes). Right after Silverstar loses her last life due to falling through the ice on the lake, Willowfall has Pineshade's kits. They are both she-cats, one is silver tabby with a white underbelly, paws, muzzle, tail tip, and she has ice-blue eyes. The other is a light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. In honor of her mother who she was still grieving for, Willowfall named the silver-and-white she-kit Silverkit. She named the brown tabby she-cat Twigkit. Little did Willowfall know, ...more

31 Foxshade and Fallenfire
32 Snowear and Nightmist
33 Starstar and Sharpbutt

What sort of leader would have a warrior receive a name like Sharpbutt? - RisingMoon

Are you kidding me? The immaturity here. - Talljake

Thank you.Now I'm traumatized forever. - cassiabez

34 Daisy and Cloudtail

Go away daisy go annoy Smokey

35 Witherfrost and Laurelshine
36 Firestar and Bluestar
37 Echocloud and Rowanflame
38 Mistycloud and Firefeather

This couple sounds amazing!

Oh hey my names Mistycloud

A couple from my fanfic.

39 Sorrrelfrost and Hailblaze

Awesome. Sounds like a forbidden couple. Maybe Hailblaze is a medicine cat?

40 Redleap and Acornstar

Readleap would be a Flaming ginger tom with very long hind legs and white speckles on his tail.
Acornstar would be a small dark brown she-cat with black and pale brown spots. Their kits would be Doekit, Frostkit, Oddkit and Quailkit.
Doekit is a small brown she-cat with white spots
Frostkit is a white tom with pale ginger ears
Oddkit is a white tom with flaming ginger stripes, paws and tail
Quailkit is a dark brown she-cat with white and ginger spots

41 Foxfang and Smalltalon
42 Mistymoon and Crowstar
43 Mapledawn and Wingedheart
44 Gingersplash and Troutstream

I know that one of these cats it actually real, but this sounds like a really good couple. I picture Gingersplash as a white cat with ginger spots all over and pretty green eyes. And Troutstream is a all gray cat with blue eyes. And this would be a forbidden love since Troutstream is from Riverclan and Gingersplash is from Thunderclan. BEST.COUPLE.EVER!

45 Airflame and Sugarfang
46 Dawnstar and Nightstrike
47 Breezystar and Heatherwhisp

Breezystar? These names sound like a five year old made them.

48 Sunfeather and Stormstrike
49 Honeyflower and Alderclaw
50 Oakstrike and Duskheart
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