Top Ten Warrior Cat Heartthrobs

The List of best and dreamiest male warriors, I hope your favorite has someone like him in human form!

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1 Crowfeather

Crowfeather (if you read Crowfeather's trial) feels like the number one misunderstood cat ever he deserved so much more he touches my heart so much (especially the prologue in Crowfeather's trial about leafpool and feathertail and then chap 1 about Ashfoot's death)

He's amazing. I used to hate him because he was so mean. Then I read Crowfeather's Trail and it was awesome to see things from his point of view. He's not bad at all, and he really does have feeling. Haters, please stop, Crowfeather isn't that horrible. I hope he can find a new mate that he really loves, Nightcloud and him never worked out but at least they cared about each other. - Pebblepaw

I'm sorry, but I don't get why so many people love Crowfeather. I respect why people love his "sweet side" with Leafpool and Feathertail, but I always felt like it was rushed and there was little development to why he actually liked them. Also, he treated Nightcloud so great, right? Led Breezepelt to a future of hatred and the Dark Forest, right? And he was a complete jerk to Leafpool and his kits when he found out about the whole secret at the Gathering. I know he apologized, but "I didn't regret anything" doesn't make up for neglecting your son and "mate", neglecting your kits and former mate, and getting two more mates after your old mate died. I mean, in real life, it would be okay, but cats only have lifespans of like, five to seven years, so it's awkward.

Man, Crowfeather is a HUNK! I totally ship him and Leafpool, thought I kind of envy her.

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2 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

YES! HE IS ON FIRST! To me, this cute, easily angered, sarcastic, grumpy, cat is my favorite warrior cat! I love him so much, even my OCs like him, and they are independent and bold! He is so ADORABLE when he's grumpy. Sometimes, I dream of being my number one OC, who is feisty, loyal, Nightsong, and I dream of her and Jay together. And let's face it, you couldn't RESIST his cute face! His gray tabby fur looks so handsome in the moonlight, his blind jay-blue eyes are so adorable and cute, and his personality makes me want to love him even MORE THAN NOW! On the Heart Throb scale, he would rank OVER 9000! I squeal whenever he speaks in the books, I feel sad whenever he's upset, I get curious when he does, I feel such dreaded longing and wistful thoughts whenever I see him happy with another cat, I get jealous at the amount of time spends with Half Moon ( not that I don't like this couple, it's just that I LOVE Jayfeather! ), I feel happy whenever he gets happy and I get angry because he ...more


Jayfeather is really cute...I guess. - Pebblepaw

Jayfeather, my one true fictional love forever.

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3 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw

Poor Ravenpaw, Shame on you Pebblepaw

I don't understand how Ravenpaw is 3. I mean, he is a cute cat, but then again all warrior cats (and cats in general) are cute. He was kinda a weakling and a coward. Sorry, my opinion. - Pebblepaw

There are so many reasons I love this cat, but basicly he's loyal, sweet, brave, quick-thinking, and smart. He always tries to see the good in every cat, including Crowfeather, who I really like too but not as much as Ravenpaw. I know he was scared of Tigerstar, but he was a murderor who threatened to kill him if he told anyone about him killing Redtail. I'd be terrifed too. He also helped Brambleclaw/star interpret the sign telling him to go to the sun-drown place, so if it wasn't for him, it would have taken him and the other cats traveling with him a lot longer to find Midnight, which means a lot more cats would've died. I'm also impressed by how he chose to follow the warrior code when he was a loner. No one forced him to do that, he decided to on his own. He was so good with Minty's kits (in Ravenpaw's Path). Plus, he is so ADORABLE! Way better looking than grumpy old Jayfeather! - Goldenflight

I was so sad when Ravenpaw left the Clans. He, Graystripe, and Redtail are the HOTTEST warrior cats EVER!

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4 Crookedstar

My gosh, Crookedstar is an amazing. He had enough strength to make it through everything that happened to him AND achieve his goals. He was caring and passionate. He cared for his mate, kits, and family deeply even after the things that he went through. He never stopped loving Rainflower and tried desperately to prove himself. His loyalty to his father is admirable too. He pulled himself through Mapleshade's betrayal. This cat is loyal, understanding, courageous, considerate, courteous, honest, humble, intelligent, insightful, selfless, sentimental, wise, skillful, VERY STOIC, sweet, and overall sexy. He should be the number one heartthrob. Crooked star's Promise is my favorite warrior book but many parts of it make me cry. I highly recommend reading it if you haven't because, all you people voting for Jay and Crow, you'll change your mind.

"And you don't have to change a thing, the world change it's heart. No scar to your beautiful..."
Sorry, I really wanted to wright that. - Pebblepaw

BACK OFF! I've already claimed STORMstar. (You'll understand if you read Crookedstar's Promise) I love him so much! I made up for his terrible mother. (No offense Rainflower, but you are a snake-heart and a piece of frog dung) Oh, and by the way, this is Willowbreeze. I love you, Stormy.

Haha, willow breeze, you're hilarious. - Dawnstar

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5 Fireheart/star

Firestar is a SAINT. If it weren't for him Warriors history would have unfolded differently. Actually the whole Omen of the Stars series is just five dry stories that have been dragged on by Erin Hunter just for money and it and anything after it is HORRIBLE. Why didn't Erin Hunter just say he became the God of All Cats and make every cat worship him instead of other Starclan cats? No one worships people in heaven(if it does even exist). Worship a god, or don't. Why worship a bunch of dead cats? POLYTHEISTIC MADNESS!
Firestar is my hero! I have him as my Gmail and Wikihow profile photo and computer and newtab wallpaper!

Firestar! I love him so much. He is a kittypet, become a warrior, the deputy than has a mate called sandstorm, than leader than has kits and then dies!, I don't read vision of shadows and I never will. I love him! I keep on reading the prophecies begin and have read each one like 10 times!, that's how much I love him! SOB!
Lets not end with a sad note! - FIRESTAR YOU ARE THE BEST!

Back off FIRESTAR is mine I love him so much he died and I cried and cried and cried he stuck through it all and he died for it all I love FIRESTAR and hope that once sandstorm joins him in starclan that he will be happy since spottedleaf

The feeling you get when your favourite character dies and you cannot read the series any more or you can't read the book with the same passion for it.
Warrior cats will never be the same without Firestar.

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6 Oakheart Oakheart

Oakheart is definitely hot! He was so loyal to bluestar and so caring to his kits and his brother. He never loved another cat except bluestar. Cats with more than one mate! Learn from him!

Hottie! - Pebblepaw

Oakheart is so loyal to bluestar and his brother crookedstar he never doubted his relationship and he was helping bluestar even when she was nearly killed by the river. He easily deserves 1

I was not fond with him until I found out he died in a rockfall then I was like what a bad way to die

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7 Stonefur Stonefur

YESS! He is so brave, loyal, and good looking! I cried when he died!

I want to kiss you Stonefur... LOL why did I say that? - SilverstarofIceclan

Blackstar should not have been leader after that. I would happily kill his five thousand time for what he did. Stonfur is so loyal, for sure his mom is Bluestar. - Pebblepaw

He is so handsome, brave, and sweet. Why did he have to die?! I will never forgive you Blackstar!

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8 Billystorm Billystorm

Heh heh. Lame name. - Pebblepaw

He is :-) for the whole book I want him and leafstar to hook up

Awesomeness because he has the power of controlling goats - Leaftail

I really like Billystorm, he is so sweet and a great father to his kits.

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9 Tigerheart Tigerheart

Why not in the list

I guess he's okay. Does whatever for his bratty mate, though - Pebblepaw

Hell no Tigerstar is a STUPID waste of space

Tigerheart is awesome! He's definitely my favorite character in the Omen Of The Stars series.

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10 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

Lionblaze is annoying. - Pebblepaw

I feel like everyone liked him at some point. They'd adore him for being brave and strong. But, he just can't die in fights, so they're stupid.

Lionblade is amazing, Cinderheart is a very lucky cat that she gets him as a mate, If I was a warrior from Thunderclan, I would have a crush on him. Kind of like Honeyfern liking Berrynose.

Hot is all I can say

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The Contenders

11 Lionheart

Lionheart is the bravest Warrior ever! He deid a warriors death. But I'm still upset:(

Longest was a very Nobel cat he was my favorite I cried nor than my sister when she split her foot open!

He was an amazing warrior

So brave and noble.

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12 Graystripe Graystripe

He wasn't that hot. He was funny, and picked good mates...well his first mate was okay, his second, NOPE! - Pebblepaw

Graystripe's just such a sweet cat. He has a good sense off humour and is clearly very compassionate about his loved ones. He proved this when he moved to RiverClan after Silverstream's death to be with his kits.

I think that Graystripe is the best cat in the warrior series because he is very sweet and loyal for the most part because he chose to be loyal to his kits rather than to his clan but I think that is good that he picked family first then loyalty. Friends come and go, Family is forever :) LOVE YOU GRAYSTRIPE!

BACK OFF WHOEVER LOVER GRAYSTRIPE HE'S MINE! I love Graystripe so much he is so sweet and loyal and the adventures he shared with Fireheart/star were so funny! Like when they gave RiverClan prey! Haha who else would do that except for those two? I LOVE YOU GRAYSTRIPE!

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13 Brambleclaw

Brambleclaw is SO SEXY. I really want to be his mate. BACK OFF SQUIRRELFLIGHT! THIS GUY IS MINE! He went through lots of things in his life. He had to fight his half brother, he had to decide if he should follow in his dad's steps or not, he had to dump Squirrelflight, he had to become a leader and stand against the flood, he's been through a lot and is still strong, and sexy. I love him!

Brambleclaw was a great cat and had to deal with so much more than the others because he looked like Tigerstar. He had to deal with even more than Firestar did! Yet he overcame it. He's a great cat.

I feel really bad for brambleclaw he was betrayed by his mate and he had to overcome so many obstacles to become leader he totally deserved it.

Have to admit he really does get me every time and how he forgave Squirrelflight for lying to him.

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14 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

I feel really bad for him. He had a really hard life. His design is well, in a cat's point of view, really good-looking. His personality kind of fascinates me: he's strong, clever, but he has this icy coldness about him and his story turns this little innocent kit into a bloodthirsty killer. His heart just freezes and his whole existence becomes about a quest for revenge; it's really sad. I think there's more to him than most people see. And I always find the evil or misunderstood characters to be the most interesting and attractive.

We all know, despite our feelings for him, he'd be damn sexy as a human. I'm just saying

Mmm so strong, sexy, and stable..

Sexy. Bad KITTYPET firestar - Leaftail

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15 Snowkit Snowkit

Okay what? - Pebblepaw

I wish Snowkit didn't die. It's not his fault that he was deaf.

Yay! Snow Snow kitty! He is a cute kittie! WHY HE DIE JUST WHY

Snowkit is deaf but inside he can hear. Be my son Snowkit. if it's the right Snowkit right?

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16 Ashfur Ashfur

What is with all this Ashfur hate?
I love him and he's an amazing character. I mean, maaybbbe he shouldn't of threaten Squirrelflight but he didn't kill anyone. Unlike Hollyleaf. People going, "Oh, Ashfur overreacted and made a big deal about stuff..." are right, but really nobody says Hollyleaf overreacted? SHE KILLED HIM! - Pebblepaw

First of all birchfall is dovewing and ivypools father. Ashfur deserved to die

Ashfur DID deserve to be murdured. He would have broken up ThunderClan if he told the whole Gathering about the Three's roots. But Hollyleaf did it herself some time later, after she discovered her true roots.

I think Ashfur took Squirrelflight's breakup to seriously. I mean, he did already have a mate, he was father to Ivypool and Dovewing, mate to Whitewing. He didn't let Squirrelflight get into trouble, stick her paws in the mud. But Brambleclaw did. Brambleclaw is a much better mate for Squirrelflight. But, this is just my opinion. Don't judge me, I HATE Ashfur. Hey, you should too.

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17 Tiny

Same cat - Pebblepaw

I would try to make him see the error of his ways then he will be mine

Tiny is scourge really?!

Okay people lets be serious.. HE WOULD BE SO ATTRACTIVE IF HE WHERE A PERSON! Scourge call me

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18 Brackenfur

Love him. He's so nice. - Pebblepaw

Why oh why is he way down HERE?

I swear, if I was a cat, he would be my mate. He and Sorreltail are one of the best couples ever. He's patient and intelligent, definitely the most SENSIBLE cat in the whole series ever, and he's just so caring. I LOVE BRACKENFUR!

Brackenfur is so handsome, I was kinda jealous when I found out Sorreltail was his mate, but they're actually SUCH a cute couple!

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19 Littlecloud

Yeah he is really cute, for a shadow clan cat

I ship him with Brambleclaw

I think he's really cute and sweet…too bad he's a medicine cat :(

20 Berrynose

I don't like him. He is always saying he's better than everybody else. He gets more than he deserves.

I hate him. Just saying'

I'll mate him to kill him

He is possesive, yes, but still really cute

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21 Raggedstar

Yes, for some reason I really like him, cats like this aren't usually the kind that I like but just listen to the prefix, Ragged, and he's super stubborn which I love, but Firestar is still my number 1. - CreamstripeOfButterClan

I love Raggedstar. He is so handsome! Plus Yellowfang loved him, and she is a smart cat who would not take just anyone as her mate.

He was very short-tempered but it was sad when they brake away (yellowfang and raggedstar).Broken stat even killed him, Raggedstar is loyal to his clan and been leader for a very short amount of time.Foxheart! I hate you!

Raggedstar was so mean to Yellowfang. He even made Foxheart his deputy to make Yellowfang jealous. He wouldn't accept anything Yellowfang decided on or wanted. HE MURDERED HIS FATHER FOR NO REASON. He's a shallow, selfish, stuck-up, snobby, abrasive, crass, hypocritical cat

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22 Stormfur

Stormfur is just the sweetest cat ever! He is so loyal like it's crazy. In the new prophecy he had a crush on Squirrelflight but new he couldn't be with her because of the warrior code(not like his sister with crowfeather...) He is like to sweet for his own good! I mean like he gave up his life in the clan to be a loyal cat in the tribe all because of his love for Brook. True love! I think he is so sweet, loyal and brave and any cat in the clans/tribe would be lucky to be his mate.~Nightshade brave warrior of Thunderclan

Son of silverstream! (silverstream is the best cat in the series ) and graystripe he MUST be hot

BACK OFF ANYONE WHO LOVES STORMFUR, HE'S MINE! He was so brave after his mother died, his father got captured by twolegs (curse them! ) his sister died, AND his mentor was killed.

I love how Stormfur chose to stay with Brooke for one reason: true love.
Although I would really love to meet him!

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23 Barley/Ravenpaw

I L-O-V-E Ravenpaw! He is the BEST cat EVER. I'm sad that he left the clans but also happy. If he stayed he would've been murdered. But when he left he would hardly eveer see His BEST friend Firestar and Graystripe

I love Ravenpaw! He is so brave, even though he left the clans!

Barley is awesome! Mine mine mine - Leaftail

24 Whitestorm

I would choose Whitestorm to be my mate anyday! Followed by Brackenfur. Have fun with the originals, guys! He was Firestar's first deputy, and to me, Bone is worse than Scourge. If I were a warrior, I would have killed Bone within a second, my raging anger stronger than Scourge's big Tigerstar wipeout!

This cat is sooo cute with his snowy white fur arms yellow eyes. How tufts are so cute to! NOTICE ME WORE WHITESTORM SENPAI

Mm whitestorm can storm me whenever he wants

I really REALLY like Whitestorm and he is MINE! I think he is brave loyal and strong which makes someone so perfect

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25 Nightstar

I really think if Nightstar got nine lives ShadowClan would be a lot better than it is now.

He's a sweet, noble, handsome tom it's not fair that he got ashma (or whatever made him cough his whole life) that made him retire early. At least he got to be leader, he really deserved it. If he had been alive longer, ShadowClan would've been way better and there would be Cinderstar instead of that piece of fox-dung Blackstar as leader after him. WHY DIDN'T STARCLAN GIVE HIM NINE LIVES?! Stupid Brokenstar, stupid sickness that killed my Nightstar.

26 Foxleap

I know he's a minor charcter but I always found him hot. SO BACK OFF EVERYONE (Everyone = Rosepetal and Blossomfall) HE'S MINE! - Pebblepaw

Go Foxleap! Just Google him and go on warriors wiki! He is so cute!

Love this dude, he is sos crazy, sweet and funny.

27 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

HAHAAHAHAAH Hollyleaf's mine

She is so hot and fierce. I would love to be her mate. SO BACK OFF!

Whoa whoa whoa. She is MINE! I’ll fight ya for her - Bloodslash Leader of DeathClan

Not so fast shes mine


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28 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

He's actually kind of cute :b - Camaro6

Why are the bad cats the SEXIEST? I hate him, but yet I'm drawn to him...

So true.

❤❤I really don't know why but I'm drawn to him - WarriorLover

29 Ashfoot

Who's Ashfoot?

30 Swiftpaw Swiftpaw

My sweet swiftpaw - proceeds to cry -

I really think swiftpaw deserves to be on this list for many reasons.
1. He never wanted to die. He wanted to find out who was taking the prey, and kill them with his LOVE brightpaw.
2. In the Erin hunter wiki it states that swiftpaw took brightpaw with him to the dogs so they could die together. He knew that he would die, so the fact that he wanted to die breaks my little swift heart.
3. If you paid close attention in the books, you would see plain out that swiftpaw always hated cloudtail.

You r so right! He should have lived! Poor swiftpaw. STUPID TIGERSTAR! STUPID DOGS!

AHEM Brightpaw was his sister -_-

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31 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Come on, he should be higher than this! Like even Snowkit and Swiftpaw are higher than him! A dark tabby with icy blue eyes and a snowy white underbelly who's very manipulative and badass? That's a heartthrob right there.

I admit, I have a HUGE crush on him, a small one on Stonefur, and a baby one on Snowkit. I mean, he is so cute! Even though he's evil, I love him. If I was in warrior cats, about his age and alive while he was, I'd mate him, seriously! If he doesn't love me back though...
ANYWAYS- I love him. BUT- I'm slightly happy he's low so that means there won't be too many fangirls (kinda like me) falling for him so that means I can say I love him w/out anyone "threatening" me, like some sans fangirls if I want to ship an OC w/ him.

It's was odd reading about him. It felt there was so much more to him then we'll ever see.

63!? Hawkfrost is epic! Some very minor cats are higher and should be higher! -. -

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32 Brightheart Brightheart

So what is she only has 1 eye and 1 ear. She is still the toughest one there because she is at a disadvantage but doesn't complain and makes it work

She’s so PRETTY

33 Cloudtail

Um... He's cute I guess but he's always gotten on my nerves. I don't like how he argued with Firestar over every little thing and didn't try to learn the warrior code at all. It took being kidnapped by the people who fed him for Cloudtail to think, "Oh, maybe they did make up the warrior code for a reason! " NO, Cloudtail, the warrior code was created just to torture you. Okay, it was good when he helped Brightheart and all but he really wasn't a very good mate. I hate how in Twilight he basically ignored his mate and daughter and spent all his time with Daisy. I don't blame Daisy for that. It gets on my nerves when people act like Daisy bullied Brightheart and tried to break apart CloudXBright. Can I remind you that she apologized to Daisy and helped her understand that Cloudtail still loved her? If it wasn't for that, I'm sure they would've broken up because Cloudtail was too dense to understand that if he spent all his time with another she-cat Brightheart might get jealous! This ...more

-Hisses- I swear to god if you touch one hair on his precious pelt you will be running on one leg. Do you hear me!

GO CLOUDTAIL! He's mine! When he was an apprentice he caught a huge bird and he is so good at fighting! He is rlly loyal and he deserves to be in StarClan even if he doesn't believe. He bravely fought dead cats which is really scary for him, and he loved Brightheart through and through. GO CLOUDTAIL! - Bingbong

I have a good song for cloudtail
Do you like waffles yea we like waffles do you like pancakes yea we like pancakes
So on so on

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34 Clear Sky Clear Sky

Mates: Bright Stream (Formerly), Storm (Formerly), Star Flower
Sons: Thunder, Tiny Branch
Daughters: Flower Foot, Dew Petal
Mother: Quiet Rain
Brothers: Grey Wing, Jagged Peak
Sister: Fluttering Bird
Clan: Sky Clan - CreamstripeOfButterClan

I really like Clear Sky for some reason. At first I hated him, but after I read his point of view in the First Battle, I realized he wasn't evil, he just was trying to hard to protect his group of cats and sometimes made the wrong desisions. And the poor cat's been through a lot-his first mate was killed by an eagle while expecting his kits, then, a while later, his second mate was killed by a collapsing building along with three of his newborn kits! I also think he's really cute. I love his eyes

I really think he's handsome. I know he did something wrong at the first three books, but he apologised. I love developing characters. Besides, light gray fur with ice blue's the perfect match! He really loves his mates, however his mates died...that's just sad. - Sumwantin

35 Darkstripe Darkstripe

Darkstripe is...

Wait what?! I don't remember this. When does this happen? I'm only in 'The New Prophecy'.

HE'S on here? The original Hated One? WHY?!?! No one likes him! His ONE Fangirl killed herself out of shame that she liked HIM!

I love Darkstripe so much!
It's too bad he's gay, I would totally pick him as my mate if he wasn't.

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36 Briarlight
37 BlueStar BlueStar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

Bluestar?! Number sixty?! How dare you?! She deserves to be a LOT higher!

She awesome and clever!

38 Cloudpelt

Cloudpelt was so sweet and caring deputy and then he dies. I HATE BROKENTAIL - lyss157

39 Jumpwhisker

Yes Jumpwhisker is so cute!

Jumpwhisker is my bae

I feel like that Jumpwhisker from the new WCF put this

Who? - IcetailofWishClan

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40 Thornclaw

Why not? He's awesome.

Thornclaw... Is just SO. FRIGGING. HAWT! Why does he not have a mate?!?! He's so hot.

I love Thornclaw. Bossom x Thorn would be a great couple, in my opinion.

I can't believe that Thornclaw hasn't got a mate, he is such a great cat!

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41 Silverstream Silverstream

Silverstream BY FAR is my FAVORITE of them all! Stormfur is my bae by the way Silverstream I took him a while ago

I love her

Greystripe X Silverstream is my favourite couple

She is SO SEXY. I can easily see why Graysttipe chose her. I would love to be her mate.

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42 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf

I'm telling on mapleshade ok so she will get a time out and fade away fast a quick and because we tortured her too much :3

Why Mapleshade? Why? Die, you deserve it

Mapleshade is a complete dummy

I think Sandstorm is way AWESOMER than spotted leaf! GOOO FIREXSAND!

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43 Badgerpaw

He is pretty cute.

Wahh I love you badgerpaw


Go Badgerfang! The hottest kit out there! So sweet and naïve. He's so CUTE!

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44 Squirrelflight Squirrelflight

Sexy and fierce! Best friend! If I were a tom I'd be her mate. Pfft screw Brambleclaw. You are to good for him!

If one of us were a he, I have no doubt I'd love her. But she's a she and I'm a she and I'm not a lesbian, so I'll settle for besties

I LOVE Squirrelflight. She is so sexy, hawt, brave, smart, (sometimes) and loyal. She is SEXY.

Meh. Such an idiot. - Leaftail

45 Blackstar

HE'S MINE. I don't know why because he says and does horrible things, but... I CAN'T HELP MYSELF! - Sugarcutie262

Have you heard about a saying about BAD guys are sometimes THE SEXIEST?

I like him. If he was a little younger...heh

Hehhehehehe.. I admit it.

Hottest cat ever
he's mine
tigerclaws cute too
but nothing beats him

46 Thrushpelt

Thurshpelt is so sweet he is mine Rosetail.

He is mine I love him!

47 Rainwhisker

THis cat is so awesome Rainwhisker 4 ever


I agree with you. ❤️

48 Birchfall

I think Birchfall is cute, I really like his name

49 Onestar Onestar

He is kinda cute.

50 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I love leafpool! Whoever made this list should have put her first.


OKAY WHO MADE IT SO LEAFPOOL IS NUMBER 31!?!?!? SHE DESERVES A HIGHER NUMBER LIKE 1! Leafppol is just like me we both have a broken heart. Don't worry girl! I'm with you!

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