Top Ten Warrior Cat Heartthrobs

The List of best and dreamiest male warriors, I hope your favorite has someone like him in human form!

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41 Badgerpaw

He is pretty cute.

Wahh I love you badgerpaw


Go Badgerfang! The hottest kit out there! So sweet and naïve. He's so CUTE!

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42 Squirrelflight

Sexy and fierce! Best friend! If I were a tom I'd be her mate. Pfft screw Brambleclaw. You are to good for him!

If one of us were a he, I have no doubt I'd love her. But she's a she and I'm a she and I'm not a lesbian, so I'll settle for besties

I LOVE Squirrelflight. She is so sexy, hawt, brave, smart, (sometimes) and loyal. She is SEXY.

Meh. Such an idiot. - Leaftail

43 Runningwind

Why did you kill him Tigerstar?!

He's so cute ^^
He's mine - Leaftail

44 Blackstar

HE'S MINE. I don't know why because he says and does horrible things, but... I CAN'T HELP MYSELF! - Sugarcutie262

Have you heard about a saying about BAD guys are sometimes THE SEXIEST?

I like him. If he was a little younger...heh

Hehhehehehe.. I admit it.

45 Thrushpelt

He is mine I love him!

46 Longtail

Longtail was one of my fave elders, It's so sad he had to go

He's kinda cute...I ship him with Firestar so hard...

I personally love Longtail. In the end, he found out where he belonged: in ThunderClan. Then he went blind and had to retire from his duties but he was so so friendly and loyal to Mousefur after they moved to the lake territories. It's a shame he had to join StarClan so soon. I thought he was a really sweet cat.

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47 Fallen Leaves

I could totally have him as my mate... He is so nice, cute, I love him

WAAY MORE THAN HOLLEYLEAF! I mean, who would leave
After a cat just saved your tail? I wouldn't! Even if he wasn't
A real cat! He didn't DERSERVE to die!
~lover if Fallenleaves, DappledLeaf...DappledxFallen!

48 Cloudpelt
49 Smudge

Sweet and brave, I mean When He was having Dreams about skyclan He came to firestar and he was so brave to go in the forest and even ask that he needed to go in thunderclan.. And Also I think Kittypets are so cute and mischeouve with all there little conversations About catnip😹 Anyway I think Smudge is one of my favorite

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50 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

Why would you like tigerstar he's so evil and kills so many cats so cruelly and doesn't care he's the worst ans so unatractive
I love Jayfeather

From cheetahheart of ThunderClan

He's so awesome! Love him!

Tigerstar is frankly a sexy piece of ass.
Who really care about he did?
The only thing that really matters is his looks, and he, as I said before, is a sexy piece of ass.

He's certainly an interesting badass character.

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51 Hawkheart Hawkheart
52 Breezepelt Breezepelt

Are you CRAZY?!?! Breezepelt is HORRIBLE! He betrayed his clan and fought for the Dark Forest and he almost killed Lionblaze, Jayfeather, AND Hollyleaf!

You don't even know what he looks like, just saying.

He's still cute though

Breezepelt is amazing don't judge him (though I was upset when he attacked jay doe) 😺

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53 Silverstream

Greystripe X Silverstream is my favourite couple

She is SO SEXY. I can easily see why Graysttipe chose her. I would love to be her mate.


Silver is SO beautiful! I can easily tell why you put her on here. She isn't just beautiful, but she is also nice and gentle. Her kits are like lengands. Stormfur mated with the amazing Brookwheresmallfishswim, but Feathertail saved the tribe of rushing water! She is so amazing. 😄

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54 Smoky
55 Toadstep
56 Stormstar


Hey, you SO copied my idea of calling him Stormstar! Don't even TRY to act like you didn't. Seriously! Also, I'M ALREADY HIS MATE! AHEM I AM WILLOWBREEZE! I bet you haven't even READ Stormstar's Promise! (Crooked*cringes*star's Promise) I LOVE YOU, STORMSTAR! YOU ARE THE BEST! May our love live on in Stormfur and his offspring.

Wow, "Willowbreeze", I bet I know where that thumbs down on the BACK OFF person came from. Crookedstar will be Crookedstar. Go yell at StarClan instead of troling around as Willowbreeze and mooning over a fictional character. You're not Willowbreeze, you're just a mistaken identity bitch.

57 Ferncloud

Poor Fercloud. Her two kits didn't deserve to die.

58 Rowanclaw

When I first heard about him, I didn't like him too much because he seemed to be obsessed with fighting and revenge (and his name sounds like a girl's). But then I read that part he's in in Outcast, and I realized he's kind of like Crowfeather, another one of my warrior cat crushes, in the way that he seems tough and defensive to the clans but sweet to the cats he loves. Then I saw a picture of him on Warriors Wiki and thought, wow he's really handsome! I think that's when I sorta fell for him. As much as I could considering he's a cat in a book, anyway.

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59 Redtail

, he is adorable, and his fox- like tail, so cute!

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60 Sol

I love sol! Back off he's mine!

You can ' have him

I love Jayfeather too...but sometimes, the evil ones are the sexiest

No! Mine!

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