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1 Blueberryeyes

I think Blue eyes would be a better name.

I have no words...

What the hell kind of name is that?

A plain blue cat with eyes that look like blueberries
Mother: RaspberryEars
Father: CoconutFace
Sisters: KiwiClaws, StrawberryStripe
Brother: LimeyPaw

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2 Oneraven

This name isn't even in the books, Search it on Warriors Wiki, you'll get no results

Who the hell is that?

Oneraven makes lots of sense. I mean it's only one raven. Plus it's not even a real warriors name!

This makes the most sense in THIS list

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3 Ravensnarl

Ravens don't even snarl! So where does this come from? - Paris4Lyfe

Um, it came from you because none of these names are in the books

It is not such a bad name. Clearly this cat would be black. Perhaps the "snarl" would come from it's courage or skill in battle.

This is a beautiful name! Sounds wonderful for @$$hole cats like ThunderClan and Firestar!

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4 Illusionwalker

I really think that name would match Jayfeather if it were entitled to him though. But it's kind of creepy once you think of it. One second you're dreaming of flirting with Firestar, the other you find a cat staring at your weird Dream.

Have you read warrior cats?

Yikes that is terrible

Illusionkit! Come here my little Illusionkit! Poor kit.

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5 Lovesoul

Sure it sounds loving and sweet, but once you get to read it over and over you tell yourself, "Now who made this? " - Paris4Lyfe

Who makes these up?

Uhm, who would name their kit "Lovekit"?
On second thought, ThunderClan would.
Sounds like a Mary Sue- PERFECT for ThunderClan and Firederp!

6 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost is a cool name, and he may be my favorite villain. But I just don't get his name! Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost. Nope I just don't get it.

Hawkfrost is an AWESOME name what's wrong with it? I really dislike Hawkfrost because he murdered my favorite character Hollyleaf but, still I'll defend him a little. Maybe, it's a tiny bit weird but what they call him if his name wasn't Hawkfrost? Hawkwing? That just doesn't sound bad boy and cool like.

We're not hating on Hawkfrost, we just don't think the name makes sense. I'm sure that some of the people that vote like hawkfrost.

Honestly, Hawkfrost isn't that bad. It's actually a really cool name!

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7 Koipond

Koi fish are Japanese and I believe Warrior Cats doesn't take place in Japan. - Paris4Lyfe

Wait.. they know what Koi fish are when they aren't in Japan.. ?

It's not the worst name ever, but definitely not the best.

I could understand if they were in Japan,but no they are not in Hapan! - TheJinxedJay

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8 Deerhooves

I'm laughing my butt of right now. - Paris4Lyfe

I like it even if nobody else does.

I love this name and I would use it why are ya guys so mean a jerks all of these names are different and that's ok.

That's like boogersnot

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9 Lemonday

No...this can't be happening, I don't need more lemons in my life...

Why is "day" a suffix?

I don't think they know what lemons are. Also,-day isn't a suffix that is used in Warriors.So, this name is utterly impossible.

Please don't tell that's a Clan cat.But how in the Dark forest Erin had the idea of naming a cat "Lemonday"? - cassiabez

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10 Berrystumpytail

Berrypaw was SO cute when he was hoping for a good warrior name! Who's with me?

He was, but that still doesn't make him not annoying. Seriously, that cat is a jerk. - RiverClanRocks

He didn't even get that warrior name as he was called Berrynose

He's such a jerk and he cheated on Honeyfern. He deserves this name. Stupid brat.

Berrystumpytail... just take a moment to breath that all in. This shows the creative mind of an anxious apprentice called Berrypaw.=)

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11 Deadheart

Ow, just cut myself on the edge. Seriously though. This name is probably one of the most depressing, edgy names for a fictional cat I have heard of by far.

This names just makes this cat sound like it's dead. Your hart has to work to be alive.

If I was a warrior cat, I would kill Deadheart to make this name make sense.

Okay honestly
I don't how did the worse
This Cat's mother for naming her kit 'Deadkit'
Or the Leader (Medicine Cat) For naming him/her 'Deadheart' - cassiabez

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12 Everwind

This is a great name! This is on the wrong list. It should be listed as best names.

This is nice actually

I like this one u haters

! Wow this is a GREAT name!

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13 Clearbody

This name actually would make sense if a cat was invisible. Great name for a fading StarClan warrior.
I think this cat would be for the oldest StarClan cat. He's so ancient that he is completely clear. Nobody remembers his name, so StarClan renamed him Clear body.
He can't correct them because his voice comes out in faint whispers on the breeze.

A Silver Tabby she-cat with light green eyes
How keeps licking her fur clearning it everyday
Every minute
Every Gathering
Every Clan meeting
Every Training
Every Battle
Every Patrol. - cassiabez

14 Starstar

Wow... I thought you couldn't have a name with star at the beginning? Either that or the Queen didn't think her kit had the potential to be leader!

He or she is the Moon Moon of leaders

Best name ever stop insulting this name plus there is a onestar in the books and that makes less sense then starstar


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15 Jayno-eyes

I think Jayno could be a Warrior Cat name Maybe.

Is is actually jay No-eyes

Jayno? What's jayno mean?


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16 Squirrelflight

For all the people saying this is a stupid name, do you even read the books? One of the cats names is this! And second there are such things as flying squirrels. Look it up!

I really like this name! It's beautiful. The squirrel part comes for her bushy tail, and maybe the flight part is for her ability to jump far? Can she jump far? I don't know but I think the name is good.

Best. Name. Ever. It perfectly fits her personality, and I will slap you if you say otherwise

Well there are Squirrels that soars (Even in the Ice Age there's a flying Squirrel) - cassiabez

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17 Wintersummer

This makes no sense. Winter and summer are totally different seasons. Does this cat have a hateful personality and a loving personality?

She's passive aggressive?

It's cold! It's hot! AHHH!

Cats don't know what Winter and Summer is
They call winter Leaf-bare (I forgot how they call summer) - cassiabez

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18 Darkbright

Is it dark? Is it light? No one knows what the heck is up with this name.

I feel like I am dying with this name

Darkness and brightness are two different things.

What the heck?

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19 Poppyfrost

I love the prefix "Poppy" as I have a cat named Poppy, but PoppyFROST? Is this like, frost that comes on poppies? Or frost in the color of poppies? This name doesn't make any sense. - pandagirl

In my opinion this is a great name. It's like a poppy covered in frost

Actually, this is one of the most beautiful warrior names made!

Pretty! Makes me think of a small purple poppy surrounded by glistening frost... I see a long haired light brown tabby she-cat with some darker brown stripes on her face and mmm.. super dark green eyes or dark yellow eyes? Either would be cool. And maybe she has a silvery white tinge to give her fur a clouded look ( kinda like echomist except not the same color a she her ) She sounds like a queen, well everything with " poppy " sounds like a queen. Her mate could be... Stormstar. Or anything else. Her kits could be Birchkit, Flowerkit, and Rainkit. Birchheart, Flowerdust, and... Rainpelt.

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20 Lostkit

I was writing a warriors story and named a kit this. I changed it later on - Badgerflame

Imagine if this was Brightheart when she was born... - Forestfire

Does this kit get lost a lot?

Mother: Deadheart
Father: Jayno-eyes
Sister(s): Wintersummer
Brother(s): Darkbright
Mate: None
Daughter(s): None
Son(s): None

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