Top Ten Warrior Cat Names That Don't Make Sense


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1 Blueberryeyes

that's all I'm saying words... - BloodFang

I think Blue eyes would be a better name.

What the hell kind of name is that?

2 Oneraven


This name isn't even in the books, Search it on Warriors Wiki, you'll get no results

Who the hell is that?

Oneraven makes lots of sense. I mean it's only one raven. Plus it's not even a real warriors name!

3 Ravensnarl

Ravens don't even snarl! So where does this come from? - Paris4Lyfe

Um, it came from you because none of these names are in the books

It is not such a bad name. Clearly this cat would be black. Perhaps the "snarl" would come from it's courage or skill in battle.

Cool beans but really weird because a leader hasn't named somebody with snarl before.

4 Illusionwalker

Sounds like another dimension - BloodFang

I'm thinkin' IllusionWalker Texas Ranger! Seriously, guys look up Walker Texas Ranger. Its an awesome show. But anyway, this name is odd. A walking illusion? :/

I really think that name would match Jayfeather if it were entitled to him though. But it's kind of creepy once you think of it. One second you're dreaming of flirting with Firestar, the other you find a cat staring at your weird Dream.

Have you read warrior cats?

5 Lovesoul

Sounds like Starkit's sister...

Sure it sounds loving and sweet, but once you get to read it over and over you tell yourself, "Now who made this? " - Paris4Lyfe

Who makes these up?

Uhm, who would name their kit "Lovekit"?
On second thought, ThunderClan would.
Sounds like a Mary Sue- PERFECT for ThunderClan and Firederp!

6 Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost is... the hawk is cold? The hawk is frosting over? The hawk has been sitting in snow? I don't know. I don't know what's going on there. - TheCrystalWolf

Huh hawkfrost the hawk is covered in frost maybe? but this gets an extra point because it is a real warriors name

If you read in between the lines you can kind of see what they were going for.

It can either be off of his pelt color and eye color.

He also kind of has a frosty personality

This name does make sense. "Hawk" can be the color of his pelt, and his size. His suffix, "frost" can represent his icy-blue eyes. I don't understand what's wrong with this name.

7 Koipond

Koi fish are Japanese and I believe Warrior Cats doesn't take place in Japan. - Paris4Lyfe

Wait.. they know what Koi fish are when they aren't in Japan.. ?

It's not the worst name ever, but definitely not the best.

How does this make sense?! - TheJinxedJay

8 Deerhooves

alll I can say.

I'm laughing my butt of right now. - Paris4Lyfe

I like it even if nobody else does.

I love this name and I would use it why are ya guys so mean a jerks all of these names are different and that's ok.

9 Lemonday

Change it to lemonade

No...this can't be happening, I don't need more lemons in my life...

Why is "day" a suffix?

I don't think they know what lemons are. Also,-day isn't a suffix that is used in Warriors.So, this name is utterly impossible.

10 Berrystumpytail

Don't forget Jaynoeyes - TheCrystalWolf

He didn’t cheat on Honeyfern...
Honeyfern died and he moved on.
I kinda like Berrynose as a character

Berrypaw was SO cute when he was hoping for a good warrior name! Who's with me?

He was, but that still doesn't make him not annoying. Seriously, that cat is a jerk. - RiverClanRocks

He didn't even get that warrior name as he was called Berrynose

The Contenders

11 Deadheart

Ow, just cut myself on the edge. Seriously though. This name is probably one of the most depressing, edgy names for a fictional cat I have heard of by far.

This names just makes this cat sound like it's dead. Your hart has to work to be alive.

If I was a warrior cat, I would kill Deadheart to make this name make sense.

This is a depressing name

12 Everwind

This is a great name! This is on the wrong list. It should be listed as best names.

This is nice actually

I like this one u haters

It's good. A girl in my class is named Ever actually - TheJinxedJay

13 Starstar

Heh. Lol

Wow... I thought you couldn't have a name with star at the beginning? Either that or the Queen didn't think her kit had the potential to be leader!

He or she is the Moon Moon of leaders

Best name ever stop insulting this name plus there is a onestar in the books and that makes less sense then starstar

14 Clearbody

This name actually would make sense if a cat was invisible. Great name for a fading StarClan warrior.
I think this cat would be for the oldest StarClan cat. He's so ancient that he is completely clear. Nobody remembers his name, so StarClan renamed him Clear body.
He can't correct them because his voice comes out in faint whispers on the breeze.

A Silver Tabby she-cat with light green eyes
How keeps licking her fur clearning it everyday
Every minute
Every Gathering
Every Clan meeting
Every Training
Every Battle
Every Patrol. - cassiabez

15 Jayno-eyes

What's Jayno mean?

What's a Jayno?

I think Jayno could be a Warrior Cat name Maybe.

Is is actually jay No-eyes

16 Squirrelflight

I really like this name! It's beautiful. The squirrel part comes for her bushy tail, and maybe the flight part is for her ability to jump far? Can she jump far? I don't know but I think the name is good.

For all the people saying this is a stupid name, do you even read the books? One of the cats names is this! And second there are such things as flying squirrels. Look it up!

Best. Name. Ever. It perfectly fits her personality, and I will slap you if you say otherwise

I totally agree with you guys. This name really fits her personality and that's a cats name.

17 Onefeet

lol yes

One is non-plural, feet is plural.

Did this person skip grammar school to make a living off of making warrior cat names that make no sense...?

There is no agreement between these two nouns.

18 Billystorm Billystorm is a character in the Warriors series. He is from SkyClan, and is mates with Leafstar. He has three kits: Stormheart, Firefern, and Harrybrook. He died when badgers attacked on the mission to find the other Clans.

Billy...STORM? - BloodFang

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Billystorm's name is hecking adorable. - TheCrystalWolf

WHY IS THERE A PICTURE OF BRIGHTHEART ON BILLYSTORM'S POST! I mean come on get it right... Anyways, why would leafstar torture her mate by giving him a stupid name MOVE OVER CALVIN MILAN THE NEW GOAT WHISPERER IS COMIN' TO TOWN!

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING LEAFSTAR?! Is she CRAZY?! I guess she hasn't learned about PROPER names. Really Firestar you forgot to teach her about that?

19 Wintersummer

They don't even have those words in their vocabulary! They call winter leaf bars and summer green leaf - Bonnie_Fazbear

This makes no sense. Winter and summer are totally different seasons. Does this cat have a hateful personality and a loving personality?

If it were warrior cats the name would be Leaf-bareGreenleaf.Makes so much sense(NOT! )!

She's passive aggressive?

20 Darkbright

Is it dark? Is it light? No one knows what the heck is up with this name.

I feel like I am dying with this name

Darkness and brightness are two different things.

What the heck?

21 Semicircle

Amazing, this isn't even a name. It's A word!

Wow. Semi is a prefix and circle is a suffix?


22 Poppyfrost

I love the prefix "Poppy" as I have a cat named Poppy, but PoppyFROST? Is this like, frost that comes on poppies? Or frost in the color of poppies? This name doesn't make any sense. - pandagirl

In my opinion this is a great name. It's like a poppy covered in frost

Actually, this is one of the most beautiful warrior names made!

A poppy covered with frost.

23 Lostkit

I was writing a warriors story and named a kit this. I changed it later on - Badgerflame

Imagine if this was Brightheart when she was born... - Forestfire

Does this kit get lost a lot?

This should be first!

24 Onewhisker

Why does it matter if he even had one whisker. I honestly love his name.

I love this cat

IKR Did onewhisker have one whisker? I mean seriously

This is a real character. And, by the way, Onewhisker, or Onestar, I should say, is a great cat. He protects his clan, and stayed by Tallstars side until Tallstars died. Best cat ever.

25 Robinsong

This one is really nice, not dumb.


I like it

26 Three-eye

I have Foxy on speed dial.

*looks down sadly*



27 Fartfang

Haha! I'm DYING!

so funny

28 ShimmeryHappinesskit

I laughed for two minutes straight.

This name doesn't exist.

Longess... name...ever! *pants*

29 Electricbook

Wow. Just... Wow. This is the most ridiculous name I've ever heard. I mean, warrior cats Don't even know what a book or electricity is!

I don't think warrior cats know what electric or books are. - Minecraftcrazy530

Electricbook? Really? First of all, how does a cat know what electricity is, let alone a book? Also books aren't electric (unless you're reading on an e reader or something)

Do warrior cats even know what books are?

30 Ravenbutt

Da heck is this

What kind of name is that?!?

This one is mean.

When will someone put an original name on this list... - cassiabez

31 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, more.

Lol I can't stop laughing right now...I think tiger star is...I feel like for some reason he is misunderstood I mean in his head he probably felt like he would make them all stronger and there would be less fighting and more team work but all he did was really hurt more cats - WolfClawWarriorCats

Wow, a tiger made out of stars

Or a star made out of tigers

Now you're making fun of tigerstar. Wow.

32 Fishleg

Was this person naming their cat after a character in How to Train Your Dragon?

Me and my friend made a clan filled with weird cats. This is one of the results

When you decide to trust river clan for a new leg.

Actually it would be MY FRIEND AND I

33 Fireheart

That name sucks dog poop, I mean, fire heart? a heart made of fire... (okay...) a fire made out of hearts? ( what the pickle? ) Honestly, why is hawkfrost 6th?! that's the best name ever, I might just hate the cat BUT STILL IT SUCKS DOG POOP!

Fireheart got his name because he reminded Bluestar of Oakheart, which is why he got that suffix.

It makes no sense, like why would you're heart be on fire? You'd be dead. Mm

Fireheart is an awesome character! Right after Sandstorm and Leafpool.

34 Pawpaw

Best name ever

I HEART THIS NAME! Not. I heart it so much I want to rip my eyeballs out

Worst name ever. Makes no sense.

Your moms names u paw u pawpaw

35 Bigeye

Bigeye should get a big eye and see how weird his name is

Honestly what, If you are going to make an oc make try to find a proper name

It sound's like your a big eyed anime

It's meant to be names that don't make sense and this fits it purrfectly purr purr

36 Foxheart

Why the heck would they name a cat Foxheart? I mean, it's used as an offense and all. What were the Erin's thinking?

Well that name suits her really well
Foxheart it's one of the most annoying cats I've seen. - cassiabez

Umm...That's an insult name. Just like Frostheart, Lemonheart and Mouseheart.

I almost named my oc this,until I loked at how stupid my oc looked

37 Buttclaw

i love it

38 Twertail

Twerkit? Are u kidding me! - Patchflight

39 Littlecloud

Little cloud is a real character. He's one of the best medicine cats, actually.

Well there are some clouds that can be small - cassiabez

Insult him and I'll send foxy to chase you down


40 Starcloud

Sounds like a black cat with white splashes and blue eyes.

Wait, that means that if they were to ever become a leader they would be Starstar. :T Okay...

Did you head the entire list?

A cloud made out of stars - firestarrocksbluestar

41 Dumbbutt

I have Foxy and Mangle's number- I'm calling them now... Foxy's pet cat is Scourge, and Mangle's is Tigerstar.

A mother who knows her kit is retarded is is very honest.

Poor Dumbbutt, his parents are horrible.

This one is funny, rude, but funny.

42 Weirdmouth

Why would a leader be so cruel to name someone weirdmouth and shouldn't it be snout?

So funny must stop reading these is bursting out of my chair LOL

Why am I laughing like a five year old?

43 Angelwing

Don't you dare insult this name. Or I WILL get Foxy and Mangle.

Warrior cats don't know what an angel is, you guys


... Non comment

44 Nettlesplash

I think it should be named pinesplash instead wouldn't it be spelled needle

45 Lavafur

Cats don't know what lava is unless they live by a volcano or something

I actually like this name

Is the cat orange?


46 Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle. However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest.

Is the lion on fire? Is the fire in the shape of a lion? Is the lion made out of fire? - RoseWeasley

Um the person who asked how they know what a lion is, THEY KNOW because ITS IN THE WARRIOR CAT LEGENDS oops caps

Of course they know what a lion is. They said so during Firestars first gathering as an apprentice. And the awesome Lionheart wouldn't be called Lionheart. And cats evolved from lions hundreds of years ago. So, the Warrior cats would know what a lion is.

Lionblaze is already a cat in the books

47 Dungmouth

Did this cat eat dung and now smells like dung?



so wrong


48 Onekit

I feel bad for Longtail and Smallear.



And to think this is Onestar's kit name. "Hmm... There is one kit. Let's name him Onekit! " And to think that Longtail's bame was Longkit. And Longpaw!

49 Alienpelt

Again Creepy

Is this cat green or something, they have absolutely no idea what an alien even is.
I'm seeing a bright green cat with one cyborg eye.

50 Fourfeet
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