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61 Mossyrock

This one isn't horrible, but if you named it Mossrock I'd like it more.P.S. What kind of name is Mossykit or Mossypaw... just saying.

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62 Pinecone

Pinecone? That is already an object. - Minecraftcrazy530

A...sorry can't go in to the name pile

Would it be better if it was Pinefur?

Please tell that this a Rougue/Loner/Kittypet - cassiabez

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63 Hailo

There supposed to be the last of the name like fur or pelt shade pool wing tail heart etc...

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64 Snowbird

Snowbird is real, you know. Her mate and kits would be VERY insulted right now.

Lol one of my band pieces is called snowbird

This one is pretty because it sounds like a pure white bird, which is good fortune for leaf-bare. And is pretty. And did I mention pretty?
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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65 Lovecloak

I feel like this belongs in river clan,because there is a pokemon shaped like a heart that's a fish

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66 Briarlight

This was good. It has a nice reason. Besides it doesn't have to be a REAL THING. Really, no idea why they picked "Briar-" but I know "-Light" was picked because she was brave after her spine was broken and didn't give up.

This name is great how dare you?! BY the Jayfeather and Briarlight are mean to be!

67 Bosstar

I think his mom wanted to boost his self esteem because she felt sorry for him

I think bluestar is just completely wrong because there is 3 S's in a row!

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68 Lionsmane

This is such a boss, epic, awesome name!

This is a Cool Name!

Lionsmane is a bad name for 2 reasons:
1) the cat would be called lionskit as a kit and lionspaw as an apprentice
2)what kind of mom names their kit lionskit?

69 Waxblaster

Moi: How could wax be fired? This is ridiculus! Onestar: WHAT THE HECK IS WAX!? TELL ME RIGHT NOW! Moi: um

Foxy and Mangle: Hi! We're in your room now, and we've had no breakfast at 7:55 AM.

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70 Weirdmouth

So funny must stop reading these is bursting out of my chair LOL

Why am I laughing like a five year old?

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71 Fireheart

Fireheart got his name because he reminded Bluestar of Oakheart, which is why he got that suffix.

It makes no sense, like why would you're heart be on fire? You'd be dead. Mm

Fireheart is an awesome character! Right after Sandstorm and Leafpool.

Oh my gosh this is my faveroite character his name is clearly the best

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72 Plumwillow

A plum tree and a willow tree. Get the difference. This one actually exists.

73 Mossydirtplace

I'm so sorry for this horrible name... I'm a terrible person...

Is dirt place the last name or the first? Would it be MOSSYKIT OR MOSSYDIRT?

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74 Wispwater V 2 Comments
75 Creekfeather V 1 Comment
76 Fernsong V 3 Comments
77 Lavafur

Cats don't know what lava is unless they live by a volcano or something

I actually like this name

Is the cat orange?

I don't think cats know what Lava is
None of them have seen a Vulcano
And if they saw Lava
They would name it by their selves
Just like they named Ocean Sundrown Place - cassiabez

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78 Blindtail

The tail has eyes?

Eyes on your tail?...

Would he/she be called Blindeye?

Tails can't see
That makes sense - cassiabez

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79 Bloodheart

This just sound's like your heart is bleeding

I would like blood thistle much better

80 Dozenose

Does this cat snore when it sleeps?

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