Top Ten Warrior Cat Names That Don't Make Sense


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81 Bloodheart

This just sound's like your heart is bleeding

I would like blood thistle much better

82 Dozenose

Does this cat snore when it sleeps?

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83 Lazyloose V 1 Comment
84 Mumblefoot

Mumble mumble are you kidding me

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85 Loudbelly

They must be hungry all the time no wonder they made him go to the elders den so fast

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86 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

Um the person who asked how they know what a lion is, THEY KNOW because ITS IN THE WARRIOR CAT LEGENDS oops caps

Of course they know what a lion is. They said so during Firestars first gathering as an apprentice. And the awesome Lionheart wouldn't be called Lionheart. And cats evolved from lions hundreds of years ago. So, the Warrior cats would know what a lion is.

Lionblaze is already a cat in the books

How do they even know what a lion is?!?!?

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87 Lakepuddle V 3 Comments
88 Coldsun

... This name makes no sense but I like it

89 Whiskernose
90 Smallheart
91 Opaquewhisker
92 Sunshine
93 Echomist

I actually kinda like this name...this would make a great back up character 😸😻

94 Darkfire
95 Buttclaw
96 Harveymoon V 1 Comment
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