Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

I hope Erin Hunter finds this list. If you are Erin Hunter please put some of these names in the books.

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1 Firestorm

I had to vote for this name because I come across it so often. Firestar was mistakenly called this once, and it just sounds like someone adores Firestar and came up with this for a Fanfic. Not hating or anything. It's like, "Oooh, I should use the prefix fire because Firestar is like the most popular cat EVER, and the suffix storm to make it super edgy! " It's just my opinion. I'm sure there are other people who like this name, but I'm not one of them. But whoever created this, congrats for making #1!

Surprisingly, I kind of like Fireheart better. Please don't be mad at me, it's just what I think.

Firestorm! Come on? Anyone agree? :) It's a pretty wicked name.

No thanks. Fireheart is 20% cooler than this.

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2 Brightstream

Brightstream is clear sky's mate.

No, that was Bright Stream.

In the books already


3 Mistyfern

I think this would be great name.

*Jots Down In Notebook*

I like this a lot. She would be a gray tabby with pale green eyes. I imagine her sitting in the forest, mist wreathing around her... So prettty

Pale gray she-cat with white-tipped fur. She has bright green eyes and is probably kind and sometimes hyper and energetic. ~Mistyrain

4 Lilygrass

And you guys are the rudest people on this list!

That's the worst name in this list!

Ehhh not my type just saying


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5 Stormtail

This is already in the books. Bluestar's father, yeah.

It IS on the books Snowfur's and Bluestar's father. - cassiabez

This guy's already in the books


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6 Whiteflame

I agree with the comment below me. For some reason the suffix -flame makes me believe Whiteflame is an elder but I love the way it sounds all together. Probably because she reminds me of Silverflame's kindness towards Yellowpaw. ThunderClan or ShadowClan. She would be understanding, talkative, nice, and more generous towards apprentices than most elders. I imagine a stunning, long-furred white she-cat with ginger markings splotched on her face. She would also have blazing amber eyes. Whitepaw was very talented as an apprentice. With Wolfpaw, Littlepaw, and Willowpaw also being apprentices, Whitepaw usually had a lot of attention to herself. One day while wandering around the Twolegplace with Littlepaw and Willowpaw, fire suddenly arose caught onto nest. Trapped inside, Willowpaw began to panic and lashed furiously at the kittypet inside, thinking it had done this. Whitepaw quickly scrambled out the window with Littlepaw, Willowpaw, and the kittypet close behind. Once back into ...more

Not many good names on this list but the suffix flame seems to captivate me

Isn't white fire the hottest kind of fire? Or is it black.

A pretty white she-cat that is kind, understanding, and generous. She has a mate, Tigerflame, an orange tom with black stripes on his back,and they had, Willowshade (white and black she-cat) Goldencloud (flame colored she-cat with white stripes) Firestorm (flame colored tom)
~Swiftdawn of Doveclan

7 Tigerflame

An orange tom with black stripes on his back and yellow eyes. Loyal, fierce and powerful. Sometimes overprotective.

8 Dawnlight

Awesome I love this

It's a bad idea to take a real thing and make it a warrior name... E.g Honeydew or Thunderstorm

My OC. Ginger-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes.

I really like this name it makes me think of a orange-yellow she-cat with white paws... ^^ Well Done!

9 Wolfflame

What. Wolves aren't even related to cats. Plus dogs and cats are enemies so I guess it's a good nickname for a villain.

10 Ravenstorm

Oms yes!

The Contenders

11 Willowshade

I think this is a great warrior cat name. -Fernshade Of Breezeclan

12 Goldencloud
13 Clovermist
14 Bluefang

I love this name, but when I thought of this it would be a Tom oh well this is a better name then mine.

Reminds me of Bluestar and Yellowfang, two of my favorite characters.

I guess this cat needs to go to the dentist

Um, this makes no sense. I know names like Alderheart and Mossfire don't make sense but other real names make sense. Like I don't know, Cloudtail. Most people think of white clouds. Cloudtail's tail is white, LIKE a cloud. Bluefur has blue-gray fur. Snow is white. Snowfur's pelt is white like snow. Jays have feathers. Holly plants have leaves. Um... Squirrelflight. Some squirrels can fly. Graystripe has a gray stripe. Yellowfang has yellow teeth. Whitestorm basically is a blizzard. Goosefeather. Geese have feathers. Blackfoot. Blackfoot had black feet. Crowfeather. Crows have feathers. Badgerfang. Badgers have fangs. Lizardstripe. Some lizards have stripes. Mousewhisker. Mice have whiskers. Whitewing. Some birds have white wings. Crookedjaw had a crooked jaw. Molewhisker. Moles have whiskers. Rosepetal. Roses have petals.

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15 Icestorm

A cold-hearted cat who has grey spots on a white pelt. His/Her claws are small but sharp.

I have an OC called this. She’s missing her nose. But I doubt you stole it.

16 Owleye

Brown top with black claws, yellow eyes. First kit to open his eyes in his litter and amazing eyesight.

Dark brown tom with amber eyes blind in one.

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17 Tigertail

An orange, sneaky cat who has stripes like a tiger.

18 Frostfire

She is a white cat with orange blotches that look like flames.

This sounds like an awesome name!

It sort of clashes

Doesn't really make sense but it's great anyway! Maybe a fluffy white she-cat with fiery ginger blotches? She'd be talkative, snappy, and a great fighter. ~Mistyrain

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19 Brightwish
20 Thunderblaze

You cannot use the term thunder, river, wind, or shadow in warrior cat names.

To the comment below me, you can use it in a FanFic where the Clans are different, i.e. ForestClan, MoorClan, WaterClan, PineClan - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

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