Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

I hope Erin Hunter finds this list. If you are Erin Hunter please put some of these names in the books.

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1 Firestorm

I had to vote for this name because I come across it so often. Firestar was mistakenly called this once, and it just sounds like someone adores Firestar and came up with this for a Fanfic. Not hating or anything. It's like, "Oooh, I should use the prefix fire because Firestar is like the most popular cat EVER, and the suffix storm to make it super edgy! " It's just my opinion. I'm sure there are other people who like this name, but I'm not one of them. But whoever created this, congrats for making #1!

Surprisingly, I kind of like Fireheart better. Please don't be mad at me, it's just what I think.

Firestorm! Come on? Anyone agree? :) It's a pretty wicked name.

I have a OC named this I like it - Leafshade

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2 Mistyfern

I think this would be great name.

I see a light silver furred she cat with white patches that look like leaves - Darkshadedroses

*Jots Down In Notebook*

I like this a lot. She would be a gray tabby with pale green eyes. I imagine her sitting in the forest, mist wreathing around her... So prettty

Lovely reminds me of a better warrior name for Mistyfoot(star) - Leafshade

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3 Brightstream

Brightstream is clear sky's mate.

No, that was Bright Stream.

In the books already


4 Dawnlight

Awesome I love this

One of the best names on this list

Yes so pretty! - Leafshade

My OC. Ginger-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes.

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5 Lilygrass

And you guys are the rudest people on this list!

That's the worst name in this list!

Ehhh not my type just saying

I love it! - Leafshade

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6 Whiteflame

I agree with the comment below me. For some reason the suffix -flame makes me believe Whiteflame is an elder but I love the way it sounds all together. Probably because she reminds me of Silverflame's kindness towards Yellowpaw. ThunderClan or ShadowClan. She would be understanding, talkative, nice, and more generous towards apprentices than most elders. I imagine a stunning, long-furred white she-cat with ginger markings splotched on her face. She would also have blazing amber eyes. Whitepaw was very talented as an apprentice. With Wolfpaw, Littlepaw, and Willowpaw also being apprentices, Whitepaw usually had a lot of attention to herself. One day while wandering around the Twolegplace with Littlepaw and Willowpaw, fire suddenly arose caught onto nest. Trapped inside, Willowpaw began to panic and lashed furiously at the kittypet inside, thinking it had done this. Whitepaw quickly scrambled out the window with Littlepaw, Willowpaw, and the kittypet close behind. Once back into ...more

Not many good names on this list but the suffix flame seems to captivate me

Isn't white fire the hottest kind of fire? Or is it black.

A pretty white she-cat that is kind, understanding, and generous. She has a mate, Tigerflame, an orange tom with black stripes on his back,and they had, Willowshade (white and black she-cat) Goldencloud (flame colored she-cat with white stripes) Firestorm (flame colored tom)
~Swiftdawn of Doveclan

This is me before I had an account, and "back, and" is the correct grammar, old me. - Swiftdawn

7 Shineheart

Silver she-cat with white flash near her heart. Great name!

Glossy black she cat with green eyes and a silver stripe running down her back

I'd give this name to a cat who is VERY Loyal.

One of the BEST NAMES EVER! Black shecat with a white ring of fluff around her neck that connects to her back. I’m using this for my fanfic!

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8 Tigerflame

An orange tom with black stripes on his back and yellow eyes. Loyal, fierce and powerful. Sometimes overprotective.

Sorry I don't know how to comment yet so I'm just gonna do this like the - I picture a light golden-orange furred tom with dark ginger-red stripes and very dark reddish-gold eyes - Darkshadedroses

9 Stormtail

This is already in the books. Bluestar's father, yeah.

It IS on the books Snowfur's and Bluestar's father. - cassiabez

This guy's already in the books

BLUESTARS DADDY still hood name there - Leafshade

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10 Wolfflame

What. Wolves aren't even related to cats. Plus dogs and cats are enemies so I guess it's a good nickname for a villain.

Honestly I sort of like this name-

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? Cometstar
? Appleheart

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11 Willowshade

Beautiful, it reminds me of all my favourite characters' name in one word!

Love it! - Leafshade

I think this is a great warrior cat name. -Fernshade Of Breezeclan

12 Diamondpool Diamondpool

I think Diamond Pool is great! and I know what some other people are going to say cats don't know what diamonds are but that doesn't matter really, but I see this cat as a sliver she-cat but her fur looks blue. Her eyes are blue too she has a white muzzle and white paws and on the tip of her tail is white too.

Cute why jade nobody voted

13 Floodstream

It makes sense. A flooded stream.

Floodrain might be better.

OK so this kits mom was in a flood when she was going into labor and she decided to name him flood stream?
Mother: My kit is coming!
Flood comes.
Mother: gives birth
Mother: Oh I'll name you Flood stream!

A white she cat with blue grey stripes running down her flanks and dark brown.
Flooded stream started her life as being a rogue named Flood. She was the only surviving daughter of Scar and Rain. She was a small scruffy kit but to Scar, she was everything. They took care of her and kept her safe from the storms and animals.
A fox had come at the middle of the night and killed Rain. Scar was heartbroken. He got so worked up that he knew he wouldn't be able to care for Flood. He sent her away on a small branch and into the river. She was swept away day and night and finally washed ashore on StoneClan borders. A fairly new warrior, Pinedust, found her and took her back to camp. She was drenched, very sick, and extremely thin. When Pinedust brought her into camp, all the cats from outside came rushing in to see what he'd brought. Pinedust gave Flood to the medicine cat, Boulderfur. He gave her a lot of rest, food, and herbs. The leader gave her the name Floodkit, after the river. ...more

14 Bluefang

I love this name, but when I thought of this it would be a Tom oh well this is a better name then mine.

Reminds me of Bluestar and Yellowfang, two of my favorite characters.

I guess this cat needs to go to the dentist

This is literally Bluetooth. @Hawkflight

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15 Frostfire

She is a white cat with orange blotches that look like flames.

This sounds like an awesome name!

It sort of clashes

Reminds me of my fan fiction character named Forestfire I like it - Leafshade

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16 Ravenstorm

Pretty makes no sense but I love it - Leafshade

Oms yes!

17 Clovermist

This one is really cute! I think that this is a dappled light blue/grey Queen with light green eyes, that pierce you like a wave of icy water crashing down on you. Although, she has a kind heart and is usually shy around others whom aren't her litter mates/parents or her mate. But in battle she is fierce and over-protective. But also sometimes heavily reliant on others. In my warrior cat book I'm working on, she is part of Windclan, and has currently 3 kits, Hollyfrost, Owlkit, and Forestkit. And also, don't be a hater if someone is making a fan-fic with their own characters. - Toxic_Nova

18 Goldencloud

This has no votes so I thought I'd give it one so, yeah. Also, this is one of the trillion names I came up with and YOU used! Are you spying on me or something?

19 Brightwish

BEAUTIFUL! Maybe a yellow-ginger she-cat with amber eyes.
Brightwish comes from BreezeClan, home of the quiet and mysterious. She is kindhearted and loves to chat, but at the same time she can be a little overjudging about her own looks. Brightwish has a missing whisker from a fox attack, and a torn ear. Brightwish can also get scared of anything new, though she doesn't show it.
The she-cat who is now an elder is crestfallen that no one became her mate. But the leader Wavestar thanks her for her bravery over time. She soon dies peacefully in her sleep. 🐺Wolfsoul🐺

20 Cloudleap

A white she cat with black dapples with fluffy light grey paws and light blue eyes

I'd give it to a graceful cat.

A black she cat with a clouded pelt and striking green eyes.
She is a fiercely loyal cat with an experienced hind leg jumps, but is loving and sweet around kits and elders.
Her mate is NightDusk, a large, scruffy, and muscular black tom with a white stripe on his face. He is a skillful fighter who has a swift run, but awkward and shy around Cloudleap sometimes. Together, they had 2 kits; Fawnkit and Stagkit. Stagkit was a small dark brown ruffled tom with white paws and amber flecked eyes. Fawnkit was a sleek, lighter brown she cat with white spots on her back.
Once the kits were born NightDusk began hunting a lot more and became more cheerful every day. Fawnkit had a cough when she first opened her eyes. She was still a happy kit when playing with Stagkit. Stagkit loved chasing elder's tail back and forth which always brought amusement between them.
Stagkit became a healthy, bold, and strong young tom and mated with a rogue named Needle. Needle was a grey she ...more

21 Shadowstorm

Sounds like a cat who can either be loud and aggressive or silent and stealthy.

She sounds tough and pretty. Don't wanna mess with her!

Shadow- isn't allowed, 5/10

Awesome - Leafshade

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22 Owleye

Brown top with black claws, yellow eyes. First kit to open his eyes in his litter and amazing eyesight.

Dark brown tom with amber eyes blind in one.

Maybe A black tom?

Owlstar's warrior name was Owl Eyes.

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23 Icestorm

A cold-hearted cat who has grey spots on a white pelt. His/Her claws are small but sharp.

Icecloud wanted to be named Icestorm! So cute! And foxleap foxcatcher lol - Leafshade

I have an OC called this. She’s missing her nose. But I doubt you stole it.

I remember from the books Icecloud wanted to be Icestorm as a kit! :D
And Foxleap wanted to be Foxcatcher(bad name lol)

24 Sundrop Sundrop

Cute! - Leafshade

I imagine a white cat with an orange bobtail.
Mother: Tigerflame, orange tabby
Father: Dawnstar, white cat with reddish patches
Sundrop: Female
Sister: Turtlewish, Reddish tabby
Brother: Clawedfur, white cat

25 Carmel Clover
26 Forestsong

I think this name would be for a small tom with dark brown fur. It's a nice name for a good cat.

Could I use it in my fan fiction book please? I love it a lot.

I give it an overall rating of 7/10

-_- Duh you can use it. Who's gonna stop you?

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27 Tigertail

An orange, sneaky cat who has stripes like a tiger.

28 Thunderblaze

You cannot use the term thunder, river, wind, or shadow in warrior cat names.

Honestly it's a good name for a strong cat or deputy, but its seems like a stereotypical clan name and no cat but Firestar has a actually special name to be a main character. Dovewing, Jayfeather, and Brambleclaw are some normal cat names but important. - Chocolatez

Yes! - Leafshade

To the comment below me, you can use it in a FanFic where the Clans are different, i.e. ForestClan, MoorClan, WaterClan, PineClan - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

29 August Pelt
30 Pearlclaw

Does cats even know what pearl's are? - Silverlily

She must have shiny claws!

3/10... For one, cats don't know what pearls are, and that's what broke the name.


31 Dovefeather
32 Feathermist

It sounds like Feathertail - Silverlily

Riverclan cat

33 Sunstream

Sounds like a fluffy white she-cat with golden streaks of fur. Bright green eyes. She would be resting on a warm rock in the forest, the cool breeze of dawn ruffling her fur. Dewdrops are strewn across the grass, the patches of sunlight making them glisten. So pretty... Sunstream would be in ThunderClan, being timid, cautious, and anxious but nice once she gets used to other cats. She has no mate or kits but secretly desires them. Both her parents were warriors but she had no siblings, so Sunstream was usually lonely in the nursery. She takes in one adoptive son named Wolfkit. ~Mistyrain

Beautiful name, I totally admire it here is how I imagine it...
A golden tabby she with darker stripes and a white underbelly, paws and tail tip. She would have deep forest green eyes kinda like firestar's and would have a white spot around her left eye. She sounds like a cat who has a loving mate and some kits. She would have a mate called OwlStrike(I don't know why I just made that up) and 3 kits. Then her mate becomes leader after the deputy and leader die in a dog attack and he is secretly training with dark forest cats. In order for an apprentice to become a warrior he fights the young apprentice and injures his leg in the battle. One of her kits is traumatised by the fight and runs away to riverclan. Sunstream then goes off to look for the kit with her medicine cat. She finds the kit and returns to the camp during a fire. Her mate and all her kits but one die. The kit that survived is the kit that ran away. This kit then becomes extremely depressed and eventually goes leaves ...more

34 Forestheart

This is a great name. It is for a Tom. His fur is pure black, with white markings that look like leaves and stuff. His family were kittypets. When they found out that Fluffy (his name) liked the forest, they abandoned him. When he was asleep, they put him at Fourtrees. The cats were leaving, and a giant Tom stepped in some mud. Fluffy was so small that he was trapped on the toms back leg. After a while they arrived at a place and the Tom cleaned himself. Fluffy tumbled over to a she cat who had milk. He drank eagerly. The leader looked at him. When Forest Kit became a app. he was the best hunter. When he became Forest Heart he battled foxes, badgers, and even a bear. He died when lightning struck him.The Dinosaurs Rule
By Abigail Cobb

35 Goldenpaw

Yes Lionheart's brother but in Bluestar's Prophecy


BRUH... I PRETTY SURE THIS IS A CAT IN the BOOKS! YA'LL know Goldenflower?


36 Skyflight

Lovely - Leafshade

37 Rainpettal Rainpettal

Love it! - Leafshade

38 Blue Ash
39 Scorchswift

I think if you switch it to Swiftscorch, it would make more sense, but it wouldn't be as cool. I like this name!

Mind if I use this? Thanks. Love the name👍🏻👍🏻

40 Thornheart

Simple - but I like it! Sounds a little like a villain to me, a possible evil relation to Tigerheart. - River-Reed

41 Eagleblaze
42 Mistfur

Mistfur is my OC and I have a fanfiction that ships her with Brackenawesomefur

43 Bright Whisker
44 Cheetafoot

You spelled cheetah wrong

Cheetah isn't spelled that way... - Swiftdawn

Woah love the name < >

For one, the prefix is spelled incorrectly. And they don't know what cheetahs are. Which is interesting considering they know what lions are. Next thing you'll tell me? " Just because it's not a prefix doesn't mean you can't use it! " Yeah, I've heard it. ~Mistyrain

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45 Cleverfox

To the comment below me, -fox is canon. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

Clever- is not canon, and neither is -fox

Not meh favorite... but I think it's more of an ancient name because they usually describe something like Eagle- Feather or Quick Water

I like the name cleverkit

46 Leafdapple Leafdapple


This exsist! Becomes leafstar leader of skyclan - Leafshade

47 Rapid Fire
48 Amberleaf

This cat already exists.(In Yellowfang's Secret) - IcetailofWishClan

Weird I was putting down this name on my stickies cause I instantly thought about it, and now I come across it! - Silverlily

This is a totally awesome and gracefull name. Also my made up code name

This is my made-up name for Amberkit! So weird! Great minds think alike, I guess.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan - Sparkwhisper

49 Moonstar

This was Bluestar's original name

What? Moon Star? That's awesome! That's my name along with Leafshade and Moonbreeze! - Leafshade

50 Badgerflame

Black she-cat with white paws and white blaze down muzzle

Who copied my quiz?! Thank you for doing that 😸 - Badgerflame

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