Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

I hope Erin Hunter finds this list. If you are Erin Hunter please put some of these names in the books.

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1 Firestorm

I had to vote for this name because I come across it so often. Firestar was mistakenly called this once, and it just sounds like someone adores Firestar and came up with this for a Fanfic. Not hating or anything. It's like, "Oooh, I should use the prefix fire because Firestar is like the most popular cat EVER, and the suffix storm to make it super edgy! " It's just my opinion. I'm sure there are other people who like this name, but I'm not one of them. But whoever created this, congrats for making #1!

Surprisingly, I kind of like Fireheart better. Please don't be mad at me, it's just what I think.

Firestorm! Come on? Anyone agree? :) It's a pretty wicked name.

No thanks. Fireheart is 20% cooler than this.

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2 Brightstream

Brightstream is clear sky's mate.

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3 Lilygrass

And you guys are the rudest people on this list!

That's the worst name in this list!

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4 Mistyfern

I think this would be great name.

5 Shineheart

Silver she-cat with white flash near her heart. Great name!

Glossy black she cat with green eyes and a silver stripe running down her back

I'd give this name to a cat who is VERY Loyal.

A white she cat with pale grey blotches and baby blue eyes.
Father: Scar, a grey mottled tom with a scar over his left eye
Mother: Lucy, a white she cat with bright blue cat
Sister: Angel, a small white kit with yellow eyes
Adoptive Uncle: BirchStep, a brown speckled tom with black spots and stripes
Rain poured down heavily from the dark night sky. Scar, a rouge was soaked to the skin, carrying Dawn ( rouge name ) to a safe spot. Lucy had gave up being a rouge for the life of a kittypet. So that left Scar to take care of Dawn. He was exhausted. He thought,
" I can do this... I will... " Halfhearted Scar set the kit into the river. And he ran away right after. Rain showered down, Dawn cried and fell unconscious, ending up on the bank of DesertClan. Sandpaw, a she cat apprentice found her and took her to camp. She told DesertClan's leader DustStar. She said that the kit would become a warrior giving it the name, Pebblekit. When Pebblekit became an apprentice she always ...more

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6 Whiteflame

Not many good names on this list but the suffix flame seems to captivate me

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7 Dawnlight

It's a bad idea to take a real thing and make it a warrior name... E.g Honeydew or Thunderstorm

My OC. Ginger-and-white she-cat with yellow eyes.

I really like this name it makes me think of a orange-yellow she-cat with white paws... ^^ Well Done!

8 Stormtail

This is already in the books. Bluestar's father, yeah.

It IS on the books Snowfur's and Bluestar's father. - cassiabez


Isn't this already a cat in 'Bluestar Prophecy,' is't he Bluestar's father?

~Dawnbreeze - Formerly Dawnfeather

9 Tigerflame
10 Ravenstorm V 1 Comment

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11 Wolfflame

What. Wolves aren't even related to cats. Plus dogs and cats are enemies so I guess it's a good nickname for a villain.

12 Floodstream

It makes sense. A flooded stream.

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13 Goldencloud
14 Willowshade
15 Cloudleap

A white she cat with black dapples with fluffy light grey paws and light blue eyes

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16 Owleye

Brown top with black claws, yellow eyes. First kit to open his eyes in his litter and amazing eyesight.

Dark brown tom with amber eyes blind in one.

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17 Tigertail

An orange, sneaky cat who has stripes like a tiger.

18 Frostfire

She is a white cat with orange blotches that look like flames.

This sounds like an awesome name!

It sort of clashes

A buffy other cat with eyes with some color but guess what it was fictional so I took my dog outside to chase it away but the cat didn't run so I got a stampede of horses and tortillas to run over my least favorite character Firestar then every cat cheered my dog threw Firestar into the grand canyon so nobody could bury him then Squirrelflight was a beeyoch so we bodied her and roasted her so hard that she got cooked on the stove and eaten for dinner with a family of eight and we burned leafpool for being a hater and we said forget ThunderClan we hate it they drove Mapleshade out then played favoritism with Leafpool like if you kick out Mapleshade for mating with another cat then Leafpool goes into the garbage or Firestar and Bramblestar need help with leadership.

Phew. My fingers hurt from typing the truth!

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19 Thunderblaze

You cannot use the term thunder, river, wind, or shadow in warrior cat names.

To the comment below me, you can use it in a FanFic where the Clans are different, i.e. ForestClan, MoorClan, WaterClan, PineClan - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

20 Icestorm

A cold-hearted cat who has grey spots on a white pelt. His/Her claws are small but sharp.

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