Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

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21 Clovermist
22 Pearlclaw

Does cats even know what pearl's are? - Silverlily

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23 Forestsong

I think this name would be for a small tom with dark brown fur. It's a nice name for a good cat.

Could I use it in my fan fiction book please? I love it a lot.

It's nit allowed to name a kit after something there is only one of in the territory. E.g Lake, Forest, etc.

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24 Shadowstorm

Sounds like a cat who can either be loud and aggressive or silent and stealthy.

She sounds tough and pretty. Don't wanna mess with her!

Shadow- isn't allowed, 5/10

Dark gray she-cat with gray eyes. She looks tough, but is actually really nice. Blessed by starclan, so she can't get hurt. Kind of like my OC Stormberry lol

25 Feathermist V 2 Comments
26 Goldenpaw

Yes Lionheart's brother but in Bluestar's Prophecy

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27 Brightwish
28 Bluefang

I love this name, but when I thought of this it would be a Tom oh well this is a better name then mine.

Reminds me of Bluestar and Yellowfang, two of my favorite characters.

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29 Scorchswift

I think if you switch it to Swiftscorch, it would make more sense, but it wouldn't be as cool. I like this name!

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30 Sunstream V 1 Comment
31 Forestheart
32 Thornheart

Simple - but I like it! Sounds a little like a villain to me, a possible evil relation to Tigerheart. - River-Reed

33 Skyflight
34 Cleverfox

To the comment below me, -fox is canon. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

Clever- is not canon, and neither is -fox

Not meh favorite... but I think it's more of an ancient name because they usually describe something like Eagle- Feather or Quick Water

I like the name cleverkit

35 Eagleblaze
36 Cheetafoot V 2 Comments
37 Amberleaf

This cat already exists.(In Yellowfang's Secret) - IcetailofWishClan

Weird I was putting down this name on my stickies cause I instantly thought about it, and now I come across it! - Silverlily

This is a totally awesome and gracefull name. Also my made up code name

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38 Goldenheart

Lionheart and Goldenflower's ship name... Let me break it to ya, they are littermates

39 Raveneye
40 Nightfoot
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