Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

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41 Iceshadow
42 Honeysweet
43 Hailstorm V 1 Comment
44 Starblaze
45 Snowstep
46 Kestrelfur
47 Silvermist Silvermist V 1 Comment
48 Meadowwind
49 Hollyfur

I like it. Well I like any name with -fur in a suffix. I see a prickly, ruffled, kindly scarred, black she cat with a torn ear. She has some bright ginger spots of fur and green eyes like a holly leaves.

50 Tanglepaw

Warrior name Tangleclaw. Long hair Tom with green eyes and has sharp claws who is wise. He becomes deputy of Thunderclan.

V 2 Comments
51 Ambershine

Slender cream tabby with amber eyes, mother to Fawnleap and Snowfeather - Oliveleaf

52 Mapledawn

Calico she-cat with green eyes. Half RiverClan, Half WindClan, along with her sister, Mistymoon.

53 Burnfire
54 Sweetfern

Never much liked the prefix Sweet- what if the cat became someone like Tigerstar? Fear the great and might Sweetstar!

V 1 Comment
55 Hopesong
56 Echoleaf

It's a pretty name.

57 Hopecloud

I imagine her as a pure white cat

58 Ambersplash

Sounds like a sleek dark ginger tabby she-cat with a white muzzle and paws and deep amber eyes

59 Ravenfeather
60 Aspenfur
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