Warrior Cat Names That Should Be In the Books

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61 Ravenfeather
62 Aspenfur
63 Echostar

This name is the name of the cat who started my clan -- Sparkfire, warrior of EchoClan

64 Tailstar

Every name from here up is a leader name exept the first three. People want to know cool and creative names. They can make it a leader's name if they want to, I'm sure they know how. Please make warrior names, not leader names.

65 Gingersplash

Ginger splash is a a dark ginger she cat with one white ear and white spots on her muzzle. She has pretty golden eyes. She has a father named FlameStorm and a mother named DustWind. Gingersplash also has two sisters named Lilykit and Mosskit. When the kits were born FlameStorm decided they should go to FlameClan. SnowSong was surprised as she wanted the kits to DesertClan.
FlameStorm said " They'd be better off in my clan. So you can join FlameClan. " he said losing patience. " The kits will go into DesertClan " FlameStorm walked out. Gingersplash had not known at the time what had happened. The next morning at dawn. SnowSong saw that Mosskit and Lilykit were gone and she knew what had happened. She took Gingersplash to DesertClan and told the leader the her mate and other kits were killed by an intruding fox. Gingersplash never found out who her father was. She became a warrior for DesertClan saving 3 kits from a rabid dog. Later she died in a battle with NightClan.

66 Rainfur V 1 Comment
67 Mudfur

Already a real cat. - IcetailofWishClan

Already riverclan warrior that hten became a medicine cat

68 Skyfern

I imagine a graceful pretty medicine cat

69 Icedrop
70 Cherrycloud

My OC. Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. Lives in one of my five Clans, FlameClan. New warrior. In love with Shellclaw. Kind of a Crowfeather and Nightcloud situation. She loves him, but he's in love with Echopaw, a StormClan apprentice. Like Graystripe and Silverstream, Echopaw is Mothstar's daughter. Intense awesomeness.
- Skyheart

71 Redtail

The only tortoiseshell tom

...this is one of the first names mentioned in the entire series... - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

72 Greenstar

This is pretty good, but what would the warrior name be? There is already Greeneyes and Greenflower, like the 2 best green- prefixes. You can't do things like pelt, fur, foot, claw, nose, ear, fang, eye, breeze, face, whisker, stripe, tooth, song, heart, storm, etc. Greenstem? Greenpetal? Greenbranch, Greenfeather...? I guess that could work... but they don't live in a rainforest so I guess they don't know what birds of paradise are. Greenfur or Greenpelt would be like alien cats unless they put moss on their backs I don't know. And I'm sure they wouldn't name a Greenpaw, Greenleaf; because that's summer.

73 Alphaheart

Alpha is a social status in wolves, and it MEANS highest at rank

Golden-furred she-cat with prange tip of tail and paws. Has green eyes. Meaning:She has the heart of a leader.

74 Badgerflame

Black she-cat with white paws and white blaze down muzzle

V 1 Comment
75 Daisyshade
76 Flamesplash
77 Honeypetal
78 Hazelcloud
79 Boltstrike
80 Sunfeather
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