Top Ten Warrior Cat Prefixes (Birds)


The Top Ten

1 Raven

Personally this is my favorite. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

2 Sparrow
3 Jay
4 Swan
5 Robin
6 Falcon

Ooh, there are so many possibilities! Falconwing, Falconflight, Falconfeather, Falconfire, Falconstorm, Falconfrost...

7 Hawk
8 Eagle
9 Blackbird

I have an OC her name's Blackkit, named after a Blackbird. She grows to be Blackfeather of ThunderClan, raised by Jayfeather. The kit of Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves. Rival:: Dove(fat)wing. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

10 Dove

Reminds me of Dovewing the queen of lame warrior cats

Kill me...i hate this prefix suddenly - Aquastar_of_DewClan

The Contenders

11 Lark

I love this name on a warrior. I have an OC cat called Larkkit (pretty light gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes), who grows up to be Larkpaw, and finally Larkflower and she is WindClan and hates how everyone calls her names because she doesn't know who her parents are and a kind queen called Brindlemoon (golden brown she-cat with blue eyes) took her in with her other birth kit, Mistkit (brown she-kit with dark blue eyes), but Larkfeather stayed strong and became a respected, courageous, loyal warrior to her Clan and then mated with a cat called Rippletail (almost black tom with stormy gray eyes) and she gave birth to one little kit, Robinkit, who was a silver she-kit with stormy gray eyes like her father, she grew up to be Robinflight and Larkfeather died in the elders den warm and full-fed. She died of old age. - Swiftdawn

12 Swallow
13 Thrush


14 Starling

I have an OC names Starlingflight (my version of Stargleam). She’s a blue-gray she-cat with fur that shimmers almost purple in the moonlight, and orange-yellow eyes.

15 Crow
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