Top Ten Warrior Cat Songs

These are the ultimate top ten Warrior Cat songs! I should know, I'm an expert. :)

The Top Ten Warrior Cat Songs

1 Stand My Ground - Within Temptation

The words to this song are perfect and they just seem to fit. I absolutely love this song. Yet again, I must say that it's perfect for the warriors series.

I think this song fits the warrior cats. They will always stand their ground (EVEN AGAINST SHADOWCLAN! ) And for that, I will always love them! :3 - Silverstream101

I personalty think that this song really fits warriors but some parts in this song fit other things not warriors but this song fits really well

This song sounds to me like when Firestar says he'll stand his ground against scourge. Also, the "gentler" part is like when Firestar looses a life.

2 Stand in the Rain - Superchick

This song is sooooooo made for Bluestar! Like, when she thinks about Stonefur and Mistyfoot she has one her mad spells. (And she basically cries, even though cats can't cry!) - Cloverwhisker

This is totally Leopardstar's song! Especially after she had united with Tigerstar to make Tigerclan... Long live the Queen of the forest... - Leopardstar

Great for Bluestar's life, because she was told that she had to "blaze alone" at the head of her Clan.


3 Skyfall - Adele

This song is TOTALLY for Bluestar. I don't care how many people say Stand in the Rain is for her, it is close but not perfect. If you go to YouTube and search Bluestar Skyfall, click on the first one by GingaNinjaOwO and I promise you will not be disappointed! It is awesome, but is also sad. Only a verse and a half was cut out, and every time I hear the song, I think of Bluestar!

I totally agree! It is definitely bluestar! And I love bluestar's skyfall even though it is way sad.

This song is the BEST song for Bluestar. Thistleclaw should suffer for his part in making her give up her kits! - Thunderstorm460

This song represents Bluestar so much that they made a map about it. - JamesBourne

4 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

I agree with Cloverwhisker. It is perfect for Tigerstar before Hawkfrost came. I'm going to do this, and I am just going to have to isolate Tigerstar, because of course there was Mapleshade(i love her) and Brokenstar

This song is for Tigerstar before Hawkfrost came to join him, because he walks the Dark Forest alone. - Cloverwhisker

spottedeaf and firestar .

5 Misery Business - Paramore

This is just like when Squirrelfight picks Brambleclaw over Ashfur. Best SquirrelxBramble song ever! - Cloverwhisker

Hi peeps I wish you put a sample

I could make a MAP with this

Yay! SquirrelXBramble is the first thing that comes to my mind

6 Bones Shatter - Hedley

Cloverwhisker say WHAT? How on Earth can Scrouge, the blood-thirsty Tigerstar killer, be Firestar, the beyond loving caring sweet ThunderClan leader's half-brother!? - Silverstream101

A perfecto Firestar Vs. Scourge song! It's when they're in the battle together. Did anyonde know that Scourge is Firestar's half-brother? - Cloverwhisker

Sounds like Scourge earned a new theme song :D

WARRIORS for the win! :D

LOVE AlliKatNyas video to this song, and I watch it every day. - ZenyattaForever

7 Headstrong - Trapt

Warriors are so Headstrong! It fits a lot of their personalities, like Cloudtail's, or Dustpelt's. - Cloverwhisker

8 It Took Me by Surprise - Maria Mena

This song is perfect for Squirrelflight when she was fighting with brambleclaw and hanging out with ashfur. -Thunderstorm460

Yes it really matches! Watch GingaNinjaOwos 'Squirrelflight Surprise on YouTube and you'll know what I mean.

This somg is so like Squirrelflight, Bramblestar and Ashfur!

It is so good. - Vcat

9 Perfect - Simple Plan

Every time I hear this song, I think of Spiderleg and what he said about his kits to Leafpool in Long Shadows. - Cloverwhisker

This really reminds me of breeze pelt and crow feather because breeze pelt just wanted his fathers approval and to be perfect

10 You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

I think this song sort of describes sandstorm to firestar because at first when she falls in love with him but he likes spottedleaf (who does NOT belong with firestar) who is in starclan and she's like "what you're looking fore has been here the whole time" and because in the end it turns out they've both loved each other like the music video

Hey! I'm Sandstorm you are so rude Spottedleaf is not better"!


Spottedleaf: she wears short skirkts.
Sandstorm: I wear t-shirts
Spottedleaf: she's cheer captain
Sandstorm: and I'm on the bleachers!


'she has high hopes, I have either, she's top med, and I'm on the queeners, thinking bout, the day when you look up and find is what your looking for its been here the whole time! '

LOL (I still like Spottedleaf, but Sand is better.)

By, Hopestar

This song fits all couples in the warrior books

The Contenders

11 Faded - Alan Walker

I think this really describes Hollyleaf. She ended up feeling faded after everything that happened to her. -Stormshard of SummitClan

I think this relates to Spottedleaf after she dies a second time.

This totally relates to how Bluestar feels after Oakheart dies. They were a cute couple... #BluestarForever

-Redfeather, Deputy of Thunderclan

I think this song goes perfectly with Spottedleaf because she literally does fade away forever. And away from Firestar. 😭😭😭

12 Stride by Stride - Blixemi


I loved it!

By the way I LOVE Blixemi and her songs😸😻! I think this is a song for CinderpeltBluestar! 😽😻😹🐈

13 Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects

Leafpool has a Dirty Little Secret, Crowfeather! Well, until everyone finds out... - Cloverwhisker

Fuzzyshadow of Leopardclan

I agree with Cloverwhisker! Leafpool has a dirty little secret

14 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Makes me think of Firestar, Firestar was brave and strong enough to go through Tigerstar and Scourge. But I agree on Tigerstar still

Reminds me of tigerstar because this song to me sounds like its about braveness and tigerstar is so brave. plus his name has tiger in it and the song title has tiger

15 On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons

I love IMAGINE DRAGONS and Warriors! I'd say this would be Holly's or Lion

16 Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons

It fits cinderpelt, I don't think silver stream, just because of her death doesn't mean it fits her, I think it fits cinderpelt

Poor, poor Silverstream! RiverClan forever! (Graystripe is the worst)

I think it kinda fits cinderpelt.

Poor Silverstream!

17 Walk Without the Stars (Ivypool)


I love this. It is how she feels. Her sister gets attention and she doesn’t.

18 A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Every time I hear this one I think of Jayfeather and Half Moon and I start cry. Poor Jayfeather! RIP Half Moon!

This one is for Jayfeather and Half Moon!


19 Believer - Imagine Dragons

Yes! This is my absolute favourite song! (My friend blaring PAIN in everyone’s ears is actually how I got into this song)
I think this fits maybe... Ivypool?
Not so sure...

I so think this either Tigerstar,Brightheart,or Firestar



20 Thunder - Imagine Dragons

I think maybe lightning tail and thunder or clear sky and gray wing

I think of Firestar any time that I hear this song.

21 On My Own - Hedley

Yellowfang leaves ShadowClan for ThunderClan because of Brokenstar, so she deserves a song! She's my favorite medicine cat ever! - Cloverwhisker

22 Circle of Life - Elton John

I think this song just fits all of the books, whenever prey is killed or cats die

jayfeather and halfmoon

23 Gone Gone Gone - Phillip Phillips

I think this song is good for Bluestar and Oakheart or Crowfeather and Feathertail.

Good song for Oakheart and Bluestar
- Lightningstar

24 We Belong - Pat Benatar

Holy crap when I first heard this song I imagined like a clan gathering or something with a whole clan singing and dancing- a warrior cats musical! This song is perfect. And here I was thinking I was the only one thinking this!

For all of the cats. It just makes sense. Listen to the song, it mensions thunder and lightning, love and belonging together. It reminds me of all the clans.


25 Go the Distance - Lucas Grabeel

I know you might think this song will be stupid because it's by the guy on high school musical, but if you TRULY love Warriors, you will listen to the song of their hearts.


26 I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin

I feel like it is more of a song for Scourge.

This reminds me a lot of how Mapleshade is like once she starts tricking Crookedstar

It best describes my warrior cat, Silverkit

I think it's more of a song for Scourge.
- Lightningstar

27 Where No One Goes - John Powell

Maybe Tallstar, maybe Firestar (because he did stuff no kittypet had done before)

For Tallstar - Emberflight_of_StormClan

For Tallstar. He wanted to explore where no Clan cat cad gone before, and did it with his best friend. It suits him perfectly! I recently learned how to animate and will be making a Tallstar's Revenge movie. When the credits roll, this song will play along with art, like in How to Train Your Dragon 2

-Floppy Kitten

28 Chiquitita - ABBA

I love this song, and I think it would be a great song for Crookedstar, Mapleshade, Goosefeather and Bluestar, like Moonflower singing it to her.


I think of Bluepaw and Snowpaw after their mother died. I can imagine one of the queens comforting them and this song is perfect for it!

29 Firefly - Ateens

This is when Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight fall out wit heach other for countless times! I totally lost count of how many arguments the yhad before they finally stopped. - Cloverwhisker

30 If I Die Young - The Band Perry

Honeyfern and Snowfur...

It is good. - Vcat's so touching and fits her so well...


31 Try Everything - Zootopia

This song is perfect for Firestar. He tried everything and never gave up. -Thunderstorm460

Yes, the cats try to get aids, why do people like this song? - TeamRocket747

Oh yeah. this would be PERFECT for a book where cats go on quests to kill eachother. who's idea was this -annomonys

32 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy

This is Scourge

Yes. I love this song and it suites so many of the characters, though I also like both the imagine dragons songs on this list and Missery Buisness. -AmethystFoxQueen

33 Something Wild - Pete's Dragon

For firestar

34 Blame - Air Traffic Controller

Cinderpelt's Life, - AmetystFoxQueen

Good. - Vcat

35 Little Fang - Avery Tare's Slasher Flicks

For our grumpy medicine cat tom, Jayfeather!

It reminds me of Littleclouds ass

36 Mayday - TheFatRat

This totally relates to Mapleshade

I like it.

37 Tightrope - Michelle Williams

This is for Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. Think about it. She went with him on the Great Journey, and he almost left her for Jessy.

Dovewing x Tigerstar the 2nd

38 This Will Be the Day - Casey Lee Williams

€They see you as small and helpless, they see you as just a child. Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild.” - The other cats viewing Firepaw as “just a kittypet” when he is actually one of the most important cats in the series
“Prepare for your greatest moments, prepare for the finest hour. The dream that you’be always dreamed is suddenly about to flower” -Firepaw training to full fill the prophecy
“Welcome to a world of bloody evolution” - The fights that made the Clans what they are today
“A story will be told” - The story of Firestar becoming one of the most well-known stories across the Clans.
“Victory is in a simple soul” - How a kittypet became one of the best leaders the Clans have seen.
“Beware that the light is fading, beware as the dark returns” - Tigerstar’s rise to power
“This world’s unforgiving, even brilliant lights will cease to burn” - How harsh the wild is and how even cats like Redtail ...more - RoseWeasley

39 It's Not Like I Like You - Static-P

Jayfeather x Briarlight bur genderbent - RoseWeasley

40 Beauty From Pain - Superchick

If you think about it, it almost just describes Brightheart.

41 Heroes - Alesso
42 Cut the Cord - Shinedown

Tigerstar and Scourge, and my favorite song! Explains the evil concept, and dark forest cat could be this song!

43 The Valley - Oh Hellos
44 If You Want Blood (You've Got It) - AC/DC

This song just seems to fit for the battle against blood clan

45 Superheroes - The Script

This is PERFECT for graywing because He's Been through so much,yet still stays strong

46 Thanks for the Memories - Fall Out Boy

For Tigerstar and Scourge. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

47 Little Fang - Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks

For our grumpy pal, Jayfeather!

48 Buy the Stars - Marina and the Diamonds

Hollyleaf and ivypool

This is good. - Vcat

49 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

This song is for when Brambleclaw/Star gets in a fight with Squirrelflight

50 You're Gonna Lose that Girl - The Beatles

This makes me think of Ashfur and Bramblestar arguing over Squirrelflight

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