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Even though I hate ashfur in the ultimate guide it says this under ashfur:in different circumstances if the one who he had loved had loved him back he might have led a noble well respected life but his rivalry with brambleclaw and his love for squirrel flight soured so cruelly it only put him on a path that led to tragedy. So there is always good in his heart no matter how evil he seems. But again I don't like ashfur but I'm just saying think about that

Think of Thrushpelt, his heart was broken but he didn't handle it like ash fur did. Ashfur tried to kill Firestar, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze. Thrushpelt tried to help blue star, so stop saying he was misunderstood, he could've helped squirrel flight instead of trying to kill her just like thrushpelt did.

Would all of you leave Squirrellflight outta this! Not her fault that she fell in love with someone else. There's always more fish in the sea. In this case (cats in the forest). But still AShfur can still love her but he needs to get over it. It's his problem. Not your guys.

Ashfur is so rude! He never actually loved squirrelflight! ( You better not be the person making her the bad guy! ) She and him were never more then friends! She stated that. Don't remember exactly what she said but she still wanted to be friends! But NO! I must kill all of her family and make her pay for not loving me! OOOH The horror of her just wanting to be friends! I will tell Leafpool's secret for her to get me only! That's not love. That's obsession! Did someone give him a love potion? ( that's what Harry Potter love potions would probably do) - Catsarah123

Okay I don't think ashfur is evil, just a bit crazy after squirrelflight broke his heart. I don't blame either of them, but seriously ashfur, you didn't need to try and murder cats just because you are upset. It was squirrelflights choice, and she still wanted to be friends with you. I love squirrelflight and I liked ashfur before he went insane but still, he should have remained friends with her and not tried to kill firestar, jayfeather, hollyleaf AND lionblaze. But it isn't nice to get your heart broken.

Honestly, I'm half and half with him. Yes, his lover DID leave him, but he reacted by trying to kill Firestar (who I honestly don't like), Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze. He tried to kick out his own CLANMATE, and was planning to ruin Squirrelflight's life. I don't know why people see him as the "good guy" in this. Also, when Hollyleaf killed him, WHY do they make her look evil? SHE WAS HORRIFIED. SHE KILLED HER OWN CLANMATE, SURE. But seriously, they always make Squirrelflight look like the villain when they're just trying to make the REAL ONE look innocent! Compared to Hollyleaf, WHO ONCE AGAIN KILLED ONE CAT, AND didn't TRY TO KILL 5, he's the true monster.

I have just a few things to say to those who say Ashfur isn't a villiain. ONE! He helped Hawkfrost try to kill Firestar. TWO! He almost killed Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. And why did he do this? Because Squirrelflight dumped him for the better choice of Brambleclaw. I feel a bit sorry for him, but if you try to murder your ex-girlfriend's family, you never loved her. If Ashfur had really loved Squirrelflight, he would've been happy that she was happy. So there.

I really liked Ashfur and he was so kind and sweet to Squirrelflight but he wasn't the right cat for her and she never loved him in the first place. He was one of the only cats who was pleased when they returned from the great journey and he was a great warrior and a good brother to Ferncloud. However he still tried to kill 4 cats and when Squirrelflught offered to still be friends he just threw it away.

He went a bit insane because he was 'bleeding out over the rocks every day'. Also, everyone forgets.. Squirrelflight had his kits, and later led him on, then practically spit in his face and rejected him because the kits were stillborn. I would be pretty mad too. - Lilycat14192

Ashfur was only half evil. He was really nice as an apprentice, but Squirrelflight kinda ruined his life in a way. I mean Hollyleaf is my favorite character so it's kinda weird. But Ashfur was rejected by Squirrelflight so I just have to feel sorry for him. - Oliveleaf

Ashfur... I have no idea how he got into starclan when he tried to murder three cats! Apparently his only fault was that "he loved too much".
Hmm so 'loved too much' means trying to kill your love's kits, eh?

Ashfur is misunderstood, not evil. How would YOU feel if the love of your life fell in love with a KIT OF TIGERSTAR? (I'm not saying I hate Bramblestar because he's Tigerstar's kit, just saying things from Ash's point of view.) - Warriorcats

I love Ashfur if you look past the "crazy stage" then he was sweet and caring Squirrelflight can go die in a hole with her precious brambleclaw

He's not evil! If your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend chose another boy or girl over you, wouldn't you be insanely mad at both of them? He was loyal to his Clan until the end. He doesn't deserve to be #8 on this list. - StickfeatherShip

I loved ashfur and he should have been with squirrelflight not brambleclaw (not that I have anything agenst him).! 1 so sad

I thought that Ashfur was pretty evil considering that he sort of tore Squirrelflight away from Brambleclaw when Brambleclaw truly loved Squirrelflight. VERY UNFAIR!

He wanted to destroy his own clan for love! Also him and Hawkfrost made Firestar loose a life, lastly he was going to burn innocent cats in fire. Then gets into kitty heaven?

Ashfur is not evil! He didn't killed anybody for a bad intention or reason! He wanted to kill someone but that doesn't mean he's evil as the others! And Hollyleaf is more evil than him, killing him for a secret later revealed to Leafpool after she wants to kill her too.

Ashfur was so cool and sweet, how would you feel if your biggest crush, the most important thing in your life, the cat who makes your life worth living, ditched you for the worst villain in the forest's (Tigerclaw) son! Ugh I love Ashfur yet Hollyleaf kills him, then goes and tells the secret he was going to tell anyway! I hate you Hollyleaf!

Ash fur just ended to take a chill pill, or some thyme herbs because he was mad over some thing that happened, two years ago so what is this guys problem, he also tried to kill his own leader plus three other cats

Ashfur was okay at first, but then he becomes a serial killer just because squirrelflight didn't choose him over brambleclaw? INSANE. It was kind of sad, though. I actually kind of liked him at first.

He flipped out when Squirrelflight rejected him, and completely overreacted. They were never a couple like he thought to begin with. Then we went and tried to kill Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Squirrelflight in the fire. Not to mention tried to get Firestar killed with Hawkfrost, a cat from a different clan.

Why did this cat go to starclan? He isn't evil but great starclan he deserves to go to the dark forest!

Ashfur deserves his spot. He attempted to kill four cats--and almost got away with all of them. Yes, Hawkfrost helped him with Firestar, but he still helped, right? Also, if Squirrelflight hadn't yelled out "They're nit my kits! ", well, let's just say ThunderClan wouldn't have been the same.

I'm a huge ashfur huge. I can see where people get the idea that ashfur is evil but to be honest he's just I don't really agree with this one but I see your point

Really Ashfur? If you truly loved Squirrelflight, you wouldn't try to ruin her life. He should at LEAST be the top 10th evil cat.