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Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.


Ah, Mapleshade. She deserves to he number one. Was she not the first evil, the one that started a long chain of evil? Was she not the most evil? She made silverstream and many others die. She was the cause of the car running over Blue star's sister, which led to thistleclaw becoming evil. Thistleclaw made Tigerstar evil, and Mapleshade made yellowfang kit. She was the first evil, with no trace of goodness ever running beside her tawny paws.

READ THE ULTIMATE GUIDE! Not trace of goodness? How dare you? Her paws and heart were filled with love and compassion till she was sent to the dark forest FOR NO GOOD REASON! Reject. Four times. And watching everyone that did it get no punishment. Wow. You have ABSOLUTELY no empathy. - Catsarah123

I feel bad about Mapleshade, however she chose to turn HERSELF "insane". Going back to the book, "Mapleshade's Vengeance", after she had been rejected by her mate, she dwelled in that misery, and she hadn't decided to move on. Next, she starts to ask StarClan for help, and when StarClan "turned their back" on her, she overreacted and blamed both her own ANCESTORS AND her clan. So, she went on a killing spree and murdered three innocent cats that, once again, would have lived if she hadn't dwelled on misery. After accidentally killing her mate, Applefur, (who was defending his mate who DOESN'T dwell on pain) she freaked out and sobbed, saying it was his mate's fault (which it wasn't). She should have known he would defend the one he loves, so she should've known better. I still feel sorry for yer, after what had happened, I just don't like how she reacted.

Mapleshade is so amazing. I once saw this picture on Google of Mapleshade, and there was this quote, "All I ever did was love." And it's true. All Mapleshade ever did was fall in love with Appledusk. It was his rejection, and her grief and guilt that changed her, and made her twisted. And that was how an evil warrior was made. I just love how she changed so suddenly! I heard there's going to be a new novella out soon about Mapleshade. I'm REALLY looking forward to it, and seeing Mapleshade's life unravel before our lives!

It was so sad in crookedstars promise when he said why does everyone I love die and oakheart was like I'm still here ;(

I hate Mapleshade way more than I should hate a book character. She made Tigerstar evil, almost drowned Ivypool, tried to kill Firestar, and worst of all (for me) SHE KILLED CROOKEDSTAR'S ENTIRE FAMILY! I have a bit of a crush on Crookedstar so reading that part in the books was so hard.

Mapleshade is the definition of evil. She went a little over the top on revenge, but I love that about her. And to those of you comparing her to Ashfur, there is a difference between your crush just wanting to be friends and your kits dying, being exiled from your clan, and your mate all of a sudden hating you.

Read Mapleshade's Vengence, that book is AWESOME! Mapleshade used to be a super nice cat but ALL of her kits were killed and she was rejected by her mate that cheated on her, AND she was exiled from her clan. Yet she got revenge, but she went to the dark forest :(. Mapleshade is AWESOME!

Mapleshade should be at the top of the list. She started the chain of villains, and killed lots of cats. In crooked stars promise she put a curse or something that killed everyone he loved, and that includes silverstream :( then she killed Spottedleaf a second time which was really sad

Apple dusk started the chain. If they they did not have kits they wouldn't of died then MAPLESHADE wouldn't have said to have revenge then no killing and would go to star clan and not dark forest LOVE MAPLESHADE!

Maple shade is a total badass! Only, in an evil, killer sort if way. Not only did she kill a whole bunch if cats in her mortal life, she also killed them in her spirit life as well. Not to mention she's totally insane? She was brutal towards all of the Dark Forest trainees, she tried to drown Ivypool. She's crazy. Hopefully Erin Hunter writes the super edition about Mapleshadethat she promised. Can't wait!

Yes, we all know she is evil but shouldn't you feel a teensy bit sorry for her, I mean come ON she just wanted love and got rejected and turned evil for that remember, villans aren't born they're created

I feel so sorry for Mapleshade! I mean, her true love hated and disregarded her, her clan mates hated her, and her kits died! I feel like she could have easily been a very tragic hero, guiding cats from Starclan to assure their lives didn't suck as badly as hers did. Unfortunately, the sliver of darkness in her heart overtook her, and she spent her days making Crookedstar's life miserable and then tried to kill Sandstorm, and ended up killing Spootedleaf instead. In all regards, she is an amazing villain with a tragic backstory, despicable influence, and might I add she has both one of the coolest designs and names of any cat in the series? Seriously, she is awesome.

I love Mapleshade and I think she deserves to be 1st! (except she's not that bad I just really like her). Bluestar, Graystripe, and many other cats had kits with another Clan and everyone loves them, but Mapleshade was exiled! Not fair!

She tried to kill sandstorm, and killed Spottedleaf in the last hope, and that's why her spirit is not there when Firestar died

Lets not all forget that she started that whole line of evil, thistleclaw, tigerstar, hawkfrost, all of those baddies, in a way she killed a lot of cats I mean shes responsible for most of the bad cats in the series in my opinion

Mapleshade is my all-time favorite villain in this series. I hate what she did to Crookedstar and so many others, but this series really needs a strong female antagonist. She's just really powerful and clever.

The Erins confirmed that Crookedstar's family would have died anyway, she just made him make that promise so he'd feel guilty. Also, her kits died, her mate rejects her, we don't really know anything about her other than anything Ivypool's ventures into the Dark Forest and Crookedstar's Promise really give us anything to theorize with.

Mapleshade is the most evil she made crookedstar promise something horrible and killed every person he loved his mate, kits and parents she is truly evil she is is... I can't even find a word

The only reason why she is evil is because she went to the dark forest. She got in there because she killed three cats to free her three kits. All of whom had to do with her death. So yeah. It's actually star lands fault. Wow. That's a first. - Catsarah123

Mapleshade shouldn't have died. I'm pretty happy she killed spottedleaf, sending her out of the clans forever. She beat up Ivypool and sandstorm. I'm really happy she survived the battle

Mapleshade is my FAVORITE villain. I really think she should've got a second chance at life, like Cinderpelt/Cinderheart did. Plus I kinda feel like she started the chain of evil cats

Why the HELL isn't Maple #1?! If you've read Tigerstar's Fury, you'd know Mapleshade was the one who guided his paws to slit open the throats of so many. Maple shade killed Spottedleaf. She's the main antagonist of Crookedstar's Promise, and her prowess in evil was proven after she torn his mind apart. She has an amazing backstory as well!

She is the only villain to have a valid excuse to be a villain. She was driven insane and thought her dead kits wanted her to kill cats. She is the real leader of the dark forest too! Come to think of it. Bluestar and Mapleshade are pretty similar. Both had three kits and they accidentally killed one or more taking them to riverclan

Mapleshade is definitely a villain. While she had the right reasons to do what she did, that doesn't mean she didn't do them- She brought harm to others and made herself a villain.

Mapleshade is awesome, she didn't hurt crookedstar in anyway, she just knew that everyone close to him would die, she is my second favorite cat and it's not really her fault for being a villain because, thunderclan kicked her out for having a mate in another clan, while on the way to her mates clan her kits died, her mate abandoned her and had kits with another cat (screw you appledusk). I'm sorry mapleshade and how come she got kicked out of thunderclan and bluestar and graystripe didn't? bluestar had kits with oakheart! and graystripe had kits with silverstream! I mean that doesn't make sense anyway I love mapleshade

A rejected, misunderstood she cat who just wanted to love. It's not fair that Dovewing gets away with it and Mapleshade didn't.