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21 Shredtail

He was in the Dark Forest which is bad enough!

I hate how he left that hideous scar on Snowtuft. He's an old atupid jerk.

I agree with Russthewolf.

Screw you shredtail I simply hate you! ~harrystar(son of cherrytail and sharpclaw)

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22 Clear Sky

You greedy freak. You drive cats out of the group because they are no use and do not contribute. You just want powerful cats to protect you and fight your battles!

If you read Dawn of the Clans you would know he wasn't that bad in the end. He just was scared that his group would starve like his sister Fluttering Bird. He had to many things to control and that is why he started kicking his kin out. What I don't like about him is that he didn't want anything to do with his kit Thunder.

Yeah, One Eye is the cat who should be at the top of this list! He killed Tom and almost killed Sparrow Fur. One Eye also left Petal, Birch, and Amber to die when they got the sickness. Petal dies because of that! Clear Sky risked his life to save everyone from One Eye and got beat to death! I'm glad Clear Sky lived through all that!

Why is clear sky not the first most evil. THERE WOULDN'T BE EVIL IN THE CLANS IF IT WEREN'T FOR HIM.
List of some of the bad things he did.
1 Throw out his little brother cause he was injured. 2 Murder the mother of some helpless kits, and lie to them. 3 Murder a kittypet. 4 not want his own son. 5 caused many cats to kill each other. 6 Created boundaries 7 lied all the time. 8 hate his whole family. 9 Try to kill his brother, and basically tried to kill everyone. 10 tried to justify and say everything he was doing was right. 11 Throw out some of his most loyal followers because of injury. 12 Try to teach litte, cute kits harsh, battle moves. 13 lie to everyone. 14 super duper mean and demanding. 15 only cares about himself. That is just some of the things he did. HE is also the reason clans were divided, and they aren't all living in peace. I HATE your GUTS CLEAR SKY!

Hothead, Robber, Cheater, "Know-It-All", Won Top Ten "Worst Fathers"... Can you name more?

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23 Silverhawk

It's a she-cat, not a tom! Don't say false information on her like you know her well! You don't even know she is a she-cat! So stupid!

I would say he is EVIL! He almost killed Thistleclaw, the jerk! Even though Thistleclaw so deserved everything Silverhawk did, silverhawk is evilevilevil

How can you fell sorry for the fox hearted coward, Thistleclaw?!

Anyway, Silverhawk is in the Dark Forest, so we can say he's not very nice.

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24 Jaggedtooth

He's just either following his orders like a loyal "warrior" or being a coward.

Aw, please sympathize this little-ok, big- guy! He was born a rogue! Of course he has the heart of a rogue, he wants something in return for his actions! And he was part of the group who made ShadowClan strong again! Maybe I'm too forgiving, but this tom needs at least a shred of appreciation!
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

Well he was born a rogue but grew up in shadow clan then left with his mate and kits and shadow clans current leader hated him for that~hawk swoop(she-cat)

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25 Ruby

You terror! You changed poor tiny/scourge's life!
Look at it this way.
If Ruby hadn't left him out, made him want to prove himself, then tell him that unwanted kits get thrown in the river, scourge/tiny would have been a kittypet, and nothing bad concerning Scourge would have ever happened!

I must admit she was rude to poor scourge, scourge had no choice but to face his fears, SHE MADE TINY EVIL! LET SCOURGE PLAY! But no he let himself get colder and colder and he welcomed it.


Guys, people, shes not a villian she's just a really spoiled little brat. - ThePjCat

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26 Foxheart

I get that see was a young warrior but I hated the way she made fun of Yellowfang and always crawled over raggedpelt

Lol, her name is an insult. That says it all.

I don't think Foxheart is necessarily evil, but yeah she was mean. She was mean to Yellowfang, and was all over Raggedstar, but that doesn't mean she's evil.

I wouldn't really call her evil. Sure she was mean to Yellowfang and tried to steal Raggedstar away from her but just shows a jealous she-cat.

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27 Millie Millie

Millie and rainflower are the same but there different because the both shut there kits out of there life that's how there the same there different because millie payed attention to her injured kit and rainflower ignored her injured kit I fell sorry for crookedstar blossomfall and bumblestripe

I'm pretty sure nobody ever liked Millie, so yeah, I guess so.

Not a villain. She's a great cat. She wasn't thinking straight. She's not mean

I hate both of Graystripe's mates. They are both very annoying, acting like their actions are the word of StarClan. They are both kinda dumb if you ask me. But if I have to say one thing, Millie's much worse than Silverstream. At least Silverstream was actually pretty good in StarClan. - ClovertheAverageCat

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28 Nightcloud

How is this even on here? Nightcloud never did anything evil, she wasn't even in the Dark Forest. And don't use the 'she took him away from Leafpool' excuse. Crowfeather chose her at last, but only used her to prove his loyalty. Crowfeather is more of a villain than Nightcloud. And cats can change their mates like humans. Are you guys saying we should date someone that we don't love?

She is the gold digger of cats and she's as much a user of feelings as crowfeather is!

In my opinion she isn't evil but Breezepelt defiantly is! I don't blame Crowfeather for not loving her because no cats could trust him...

This is my mate Nightcloud...YA SEE THAT I AM HIS MATE NOW YA SEE THAT BACK OFF!

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29 Tigerheart

I'm confused how he's evil. Sure he's breaking the warrior code by meeting Dovewing (but unlike Crowfeather, Feathertail, and Leafpool) they didn't really take things seriously. Their heart lies in their clans.

Tigerheart is a huge pile of fox dung I absolutely hate him more than any other cat he took Dovewing from Bumblestripe and told Blackstar about Thunderclans supply of catmint :C I hate him!

He stole Dovewing from Bumblestripe!
Dovewing is better off with Bumblestripe!
Quit saying she loved Tigerheart! He stole her from her true love!
I hate Tigerheart! I can't wait until he dies! - meows

Hate him

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30 The rabbit that blinded Longtail

I find this one funny. ( Call me heartless I don't care)

Fear this rabbit. He is evil. - Mewbosses

The most evil thing on earth.

The rabbit of doom

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31 Antpelt

I actually liked Antpelt a little bit but he trained with the Dark Forest and went to the Dark Forest when he died.

Totally agreed on why he is here HE'S EVIL

Too bad Antpelt got killed and still stayed in the Dark Forest.

We can admit, he's death is awful.

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32 Leopardstar

She was under the influence of tigerstar and isn't really bad

She loved Tigerstar. She couldn't have saved Stonefur. If she made any move to help him, she would have been killed on the spot.

She's not evil though she became a coward when Tigerstar became leader of TigerClan and didn't do anything to help Stonefur. Other than that, she's a great leader.

Leopardstar is NOT evil. she is a normal cat.

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33 Socks

I wouldn't call him evil, just a bit mean

They gave scourge a really hard life and they were the reason he went crazy

He was just following Ruby because its his sister.


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34 Raggedstar

Raggedstar isn't evil! He died because of Brokenstar, his son! It wasnt fair he died it was SOO sad. Yellowfang was his mate, she wasnt evil!

Why is he in the evil section he NEVER did anything wrong plus we don't know very much about him

Um poeple are you kidding me I mean what did he do? Leafpool had a mate and she's not evil. He din't have the evil shadowclan part of him and the only book that tells you info about him is Yellowfangs Secret.

He's a loving father and is sweet

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35 Squirrelflight

Squirrel FLight was never a villain, she never harmed anyone, she left because she needed to help her sister with the kits. If anything SquirrelFlight is Loyal to her kin, and she was really awesome to help leafpool with the kits. If she didn't help I bet one or all of the kits would die.

What did Squirrelflight do? If this is about lying about being The Three's (Not Hollyleaf) mother, she was only being loyal to Leafpool! Who put this up here?!

Wait? WHAT? How did she get in this list? She's a super loyal warrior, a super loyal sister, but a not so super loyal mate (for a bit) but she's awesome!

She should be in the Dark Forest! shes reasonable for all of ashfur's crimes, not ashfur himself. she reasonable for; breaking ashfur's heart, being mates with tigerstar's son, firestar's attempted murder and the three's murder, didn't tell the truth about ashfur's death! - Miststar

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36 Brick

Come on, guys. Brick was like Bone, and he's #12! What's the differences?

All the time I though she was a tom... O_O

I think she is almost as evil as Bone... She was one of the more powerful Bloodclan cats, after all...

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37 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

She really isn't that evil because she didn't want to fall in love with Crowfeather. It just happened.

She isn't evil. It was just falling in love, what next, you'll say Graystripe is evil? - CuriousKitten555

I understand Leafpool. Medicine cats have feelings too so you can't really blame her for falling in love. Anyways, if she never bore kits to Crowfeather, than the three kin prophecy would never have came true!

She isn't a villain. She made incredibly stupid choices, but is not a villain. - Emberleap

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38 Minnowtail

She is training in the Dark Forest. I know all dark forest cats are not evil but shes just odd.

I was so sad when I found out she was training in the Dark Forest.

39 Crowfeather

So what? He still loved Leafpool, he was saddened by SPOILERS. Hollyleaf's death. He did still care for his kits. He didn't want to mate Nightcloud, he had to! Starclan, Crowfeather is so misunderstood. - Mewbosses

I'm glad that he still has sense that he stopped Breezepelt attacking Lionblaze( Leafpool's kit). However, he doesn't know that Lionblaze won't be beaten.

He didn't care for his life when feathertail died left leafpool only went with nightcloud to seem loyal and rejected breezepelt!

I like Crowfeather but sometimes, I think he's a mousbrain. He loved Feathertail then he instantly loved Leafpool and they had kits that he didn't show his love. Then he became mates with Nightcloud and had a kit which he didn't even notice and was terrible at being a father to him, making Breezepelt hate him. Seriously Crowfeather, just show your affection to your kits for once!
But he's loyal (not really) and not evil.

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40 Lizardstripe Lizardstripe

So what if she didn't care about her kits? She still took care of them.

Oh man, another kit that's strong and wonderful... KILL IT!

I hate her. She doesn't think it's her fault that she had kits. I mean come on! You mated with your mate! And then she abuses Brokenkit and her other kits.

Lizardstripe completely made fun of Yellowfang and Raggedstar with her ignorant comments, She's almost as bad as Foxheart... Almost. - Featherstar of Thunderclan

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