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41 Shadestar

Shadestar is not even in the Warrior series, who put him/her on here?

I never heard of shadestar

I want to get this to number one then laugh at everyone's confusion. - ClovertheAverageCat

Shade Star is the TigerClan leader. Read Secrets of the Clans - Frogjaw1996

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42 Snake

HE HURT HIS OWN KIN! What a fox-hearted cat. I feel so sorry for violet, I mean he left her in shreds, about to die! If it wasn't for Barley and his actual love for his siblings, she would've been dead!

I hate you Snake! Poor Poor Violet!

I'm surprised his below Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Cinderpelt and Cloudtail

My name is violet

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43 Spottedleaf

Hey! Spottedleaf died because of Clawface! Sure she almost let herself love Firepaw/ Heart / Star but she didn't! She should not be on this list! She even said to Firestar while he was in Starclan to revive his lives and name, "You know we could never be together. Look after Sandstorm. "

What in the name of starclan she is not evil what fox dung moron put her on here- hollystar proud leader of hollyclan

WHY is SPOTTEDLEAF on here she is NOT evil at all whoever put her on here is wrong

Spottedleaf is not evil, she was just in love, and after she ended in starclan she was jealous at sandstorm but spottedleaf did never do anything wrong, she was just in love with firepaw/heart/star

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44 Silverstream

WHY IS SILVERSTREAM HERE?! She was NOT evil. In fact she was one of the sweetest cats ever!

... Why is Silverstream here? ... ~ Blizzardstar

She was selfish and bratty and caused Graystripe to be sad for the next two books after her deserved death. She didn't listen to her father, and was an idiot thinking she could still meet Graystripe and swim across the river while PREGNANT. Stupid cat.

I hate Silverstream, she is my least favorite character, but she got about 1 and 1/2 books, she was an annoying brat, but not EVIL. - Emberleap

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45 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

No way! Cinderpelt followed all the rules killed no one and survived a getting hit by a monster and not complaining about it

WHAT!?!? I really like her. I don't under stand why she's here. You know by putting her here you my as well put Firepaw higher up on the list because he broke the warrior code, all Cinderpelt did was disobey her mentor. And she got a horrible punishment that she didn't deserve.

But in the begining cinderpelt didn't listen to her mentor plenty of times and got run over by a monster and I'm not saying she's evil what so ever just that she didn't do what she was told. So any way, cinder pelt is good and she shouldn't be on the list.

Why is she on her she isn't even evil lol

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46 Twolegs

Yea twolegs are evil... I totally agree! I not being sarcastic! If it weren't for twolegs, they would still be in the old territories! - bluestar10

Twolegs are such a pain. ( Most of them) Most of them don't stop to think about how much their hurting nature.

Ok two legs are humans, but in warriors, they are so rude and stupid... They make them do weird stuff, like in Dark River it explained: they were poking bushes with sticks and encouraging each other to poke things with sticks... And hoping on one leg... Like what - CuriousKitten555

Humans are fine, but Twolegs... OH NO
There would still be a SkyClan if it wasn't for them :l

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47 Cloudtail

Cloudtail is my favorite! Why is he here?

Cloudtail is EPIC! HE IS NOT EVIL!

Look! It was all bluestar's fault Swiftpaw died, not Cloudtail's! He is so not evil!

What why is he here

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48 Dawnpelt

She accused Jayfeather of murder!

What... The... Heck... Dawnpelt is like the most cold-hearted cat ever! She accused jayfeather of murdering flametail when he actually tried to save him, not kill him! She should AT LEAST be in the top 20s.

She's not a villain! She accused Jayfeather of killing Flametail because he was her BROTHER. If your brother drowned and someone tried to save him and failed? Would you be any less angry?

I love her name, but Rock was the cause if Flamtail's death, but Jayfeather was in a way. He listened to that Foxheart and let Flamtail die.

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49 Pinestar

He wasn't evil, he just thought he had served his Clan well enough. A little disloyal, but not exactly evil.

So Tigerstar is the evilest on this list. And yet, the cat who made him evil is not somewhere higher than a low 44. Honestly, what is going on in this world?

Yeah if he hadn't had kits with leopardfoot, tigerstar would of never lived. so brambleclaw may not of either but erin hunter could of made brambleclaw from a different mom

Disloyal, not evil

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50 Blackstar

He is not evil he just messed up some times

He was just following orders when he was Blackfoot but he became a greater leader for ShadowClan then Tigerstar or Brokenstar. He changed to a better cat and really cared for his clan that he would do anything. Rest In Peace Blackstar.

Ok, Blackstar stopped attending Gatherings, stopped training Apprentices, and he killed Stonefur!


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51 Beavers

So you want them to be homeless? The beavers were meant to make a dam! Cats are meant to be domestic unless they're wildcats. Its called the circle of life, same thing with sharptooth!

I think they are not evil, it's their nature to build a dam!

It's not their fault. They didn't know about the Clans.

If the Beavers didn't block up the stream things could be different. Tigerheart might not have been told about Jayfeathers herbs. Rippletail wouldn't have died and Leopardstar wouldn't send all her cats to defend the lake and stop cats from getting water.

52 Darktail

If you haven't read the new arc, A Vision of Shadows, (SPOILERS! ) Then avoid this. Darktail actually GOT to take over some clans. Three of them in fact. And Tigerstar never got to take over at all. Tigerstar only made the Great Battle. While Darktail made the Takeover of the Clans. (Almost! ) He drove SkyClan out of the gorse. Along with a crap ton of other rouges. - ThePjCat

Definitely more evil than tigerstar. After I read the book where he takes over his SECOND clan. I was about to CRY. And I don't cry at how evil villains are! HE MURDERED SO MANY CATS!

That feeling when DARKTAIL is LOWER than MOSSKIT! LIKE WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?

53 Thorntooth

This is the TigerClan warrior right? - Frogjaw1996

Who is that?

54 Maggottail

He was just a Dark Forest warrior, probably the first one. With stinky breath.

He has the right name, Maggot well actually his name should have been Maggotface

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55 Redstar

Is it too late now to say sorry? Apparently this website didn't accept that so you're in the villain list.


Shouldn't he have faded away by then? I mean that was so long ago. Who remembers him?

Maple is younger but is fading faster than Red

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56 Stormfur

Uh he's not evil.. He left RiverClan to protect his sister, and it wasn't his fault he was confused. So a little confusion makes a cat evil? Huh. He left the Clan because there was nothing left for him. His mentor was dead, his mother was dead, his sister was dead, and his father was missing. The only thing left for him was Brook.

Stormfur? Really? He never did anything to deserve being on this list.

How is he on the evil list?! At this point I think somebody was just putting down random cats!


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57 Tom

I hate Tom! If it hadn't been for him, Turtle Tail wouldn't have died!

I. Hate. Him. he killed turtletail, by stealing her kits! I cried when she died and gray wing was told about her death D:

I. Hate. HIM! Grrr. If I were there I would rip his stupid little throat out! I cried because he killed Turtle Tail.

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58 One Eye

We're talking 'bout the really evil one right, not the one who lost an eye to a badger?

The rogue in dawn of clans not the elder

Which One Eye are we talking about?

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59 Leafpoop

This is terrible. I can't believe you put this! I am outraged! So shut up to everyone who think's it's funny and who are wrong! 1:Some of the names are made up. 2: A bunch of these cats are not evil! Whoever put this on there was dumber than a box of rocks. Stupid. Please take everything down about Warriors because you have no knowledge about Warriors. Your a disgrace to Warrior fans!

What the heck? This name doesn't exist. Is this like a prank about Leafpool or Leafstar or whatever? Because yeah, both of them aren't evil.

Lol, my version of Leafpool - Catluv50

What the heck is wrong with these people?! Have they even read Warriors?! or have they got nothing but dust and cobwebs in their brains?! LeafPOOL is a great cat! She didn't do anything wrong, (well yeah, she mated crowfeather and stuff but was part of the STORYLINE people! )

If they preferred to Leafstar, I'm sure she or he was a great cat! (i honestly haven't read the books about skyclan and stuff and I really need to read those) - ThePjCat

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60 Mosskit Mosskit

Why is Mosskit here? She did nothing! I know she died and let Bluestar was blamed, but it's all up to Thistleclaw! No way she is here!

Wah? Mosskit is here? Has she killed a already dead vole in the fresh kill pile? (i'm laughing right now) - ThePjCat

I'm dying of laughter. Mosskit was NOT evil. - Emberleap


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