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101 Hattie

She isn't evil she is just curious and most curious things can be annoying - Ku

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102 Redtail

Redtail doesn't deserve to be on here! Even though he did kind of lead to Oakheart's death it wasn't his fault!

Redtail is not evil! He barely had a chance to be in the book! Take him of now!

What did he do? He didn't even be in the book that long


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103 Petal

What! Petal is not evil, she protected Birch and Amber when One Eye took over Clear Sky's camp!

104 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Stuck up mary-sue cry-baby that did nothing for the clans, and had her sister put her life on the line while she was sleeping to spy for the 4 clan's sake! Ivypool should get more credit and should be part of the 3 way more then dove wing. All she ever did EVER was listen ONCE to see what the dark forest cats were doing, that's IT! IVYPOOL COULD HAVE GOTTEN KILLED AND DOVEWING SAT IN CAMP PEACEFULLY DOING NOTHING!

Okay, I'm not sure if I replied to you already, but she did use her senses to help the Clans, so part of your first sentence is totally wrong. Ivypool had to do it since she couldn't leave the Dark Forest (See Night Whispers.) Dovewing didn't sit in the camp peacefully and be immortal while the Dark Forest attacked, she fought in it too. She saved the Clans by telling them about the beavers too. Seriously? - Sunadayh

I felt as if Dovewing was a replacement of Hollyleaf

I felt Hollyleaf was too attached to the warrior code. So I don, t like her

Stuck up goody two shoes


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105 Frostfur

Why weren't all of Frostfur's kits made apprentices at the same time?

By this point you'll see good cats. - ClovertheAverageCat

! Frostfur is awesome!

What did she do

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106 Deadstar

We are talking about REAL warriors not fan made ones that people don't know about. Who is dead star? Either your lying or just doing a fan made thing.

Deadstar is fan made.

Who is Deadstar? If it was Deadstar, was he Deadfoot or what. I thought he was killed.

Who? The only cat with the "Dead" prefix is Deadfoot but he never became leader.
Don't put your fanfic characters on here.

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107 Sandgorse

Sandgorse was a bad father to Tallstar

Sandgorse was never a VILLAIN. He was loyal to his clan and never harmed anyone. Though he got frustrated when tallkit has to be a Moor runner he still loved tallkit.

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108 Boulder

He had to much faith in the warrior code. He didn't remember what Blood clan was like. He was just grateful of Tigerstar

Boulder made tigerstar bring Scourge which made Firestar lose a life

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109 Graystripe

Gray stripe is not evil, it's not he's fault that the two legs took him, anyway, he saved many other cats when he got caught! Gray stripe is one of my favors!

WHAT NO he is the favorite of all time for most percent of people

Graystripe is a beast who this happen I love graystripe this shouldn't happen just because. He loved two cats



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110 Lionheart

Seriously! Lionheart led Rusty into the Forest! And he died in honour when he was killed in a battle with Shadowclan!

Lionheart was NOT evil, what the hell did he do?

What? Take this cat off this STUPID list

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111 Oakheart

It wasn't his fault that his mother loved him more than Crookedstar. Read Crookedstar's promise (I think that's what it's called) you'll understand.

Without him we wouldn't have Mistyfoot or Stonefur! You idiots!

He was kinda arrogant but he apologized in Bluestar's Prophecy and he was a main character so I know that to some cats he was nice if u were nicwondering to him

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112 Mothwing

It was hawk frost that made mothwing to not believe in steal clan, everything that happened was hawk frosts plan, mothwing is not evil. Did she do anything after hawk frost was dead? NO! She did not, that proves it all!

HAWKFROST did the sign, not Mothwing. Hawkfrost is still my favorite character EVER

She doesn't believe in starclan! She put the mothering in front of the med cats den! She did the sign! To me, she is evil, even though I love leaf pool, and she is her friend, I hate Mothwing.

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113 Sedgestar

He only gave a life to Tigerstar so his clan can have a strong leader..

He gave tigerstar a life!

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114 Badgers

I agree with this one. Unlike a lot of other ones you put up.

Is this supposed to be the animal? Midnight was nice.

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115 Perchpaw

He killed maple (one cat) so did holly and yet everyone's raging about how there so evil and tiger and scourge r 'ok' wow people

116 Star Flower

Love her name, but what if she became leader? Her name would be Star Star

She kind of betrayed some cat when they were in love.

Star Flower-
Annoying, stupid, Mary-sue she-cat with unrealistic star-shaped pupils, beautiful fur, treacherous father, betrays cats, and becomes mates with her ex's father.
Scale from 1 to 8 on how evil she is

She betrayed thunder

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117 Billystorm

I haven't read Skyclan's Destiny or Skyclan and the Stranger, but why is Billystorm on here?

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118 Frost

He died to save Grey Wing and the other Moorcats, read The First Battle

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119 Brightheart

Shes not a villain, how could she be a villain? She was only trying to prove herself. If she warned a warrior they wouldn't let her go. Brightheart is kind, she came with her good friend swiftpaw. She didn't know what the dogs looked like, she couldn't of known that the mission would bring death for swiftpaw. Brightheart is not a villain whatsoever. I'm getting sick of these names of cats who aren't even evil at all.

Why on earth would she follow Swiftpaw on a mission that almost guaranteed death? I mean, she should have alerted a warrior or something...

Brightheart should not be here, she is not evil or mean at all!

She wanted to BE a Warrior. Not alert one.

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120 Cherrytail

Cherrytail is innocent, angeletic, and pure. why she on here? by the way, shes a wonderful med

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