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101 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

It was an accident, he didn't want to kill her!

Lionblaze is terrible. He made Cinderheart so worried and I like her

Lion blaze is a legendary warrior and loyal too, he is not evil at all!

What that wasnt his fault if firestar had gotten free of her he would have "killed her" and if she was trianing an apprentice and fighting practice THAT would have killed her it wasnt lionblazes fualt I love lionblaze come on peole!

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102 Smudge

Smudge is not evil because he was telling fire star that wild cats live in the forest just to warn him because smudge thought they where a danger. Smudge never experienced meeting a wild cat so he thought they would kill for blood. Smudge is not evil he was a kit.

Sorry but- SMUDGE ISN'T EVIL! Honestly, why is he even on here?

Why is Smudge here? Who's the idiot that brought him here? YOU GUYS don't KNOW WHAT EVIL MEAN AT ALL

THEY HAVE definitely RAN OUT

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103 Cody

Cody is not evil. She only wanted to help the clan cats, rouges, and loners escape the cages. She didn't think clan life would suit her so she left to go back to her kitty pet lifestyle even though she'll miss leaf pool so that's why she's not evil.

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104 Goldenflower

Golden flower didn't lead the dogs in! She was mates to tiger star because he tricked her into having kits so his legacy would live on and he did so to Sasha to have ambitious hawk frost craving for the title " hawk frost leader of the forest" so she is not evil.

Betrayed the clan by leading in dogs!

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105 Sharpclaw

He is NOT evil, he just tested Leafstar on her leadership abilities because she was such such a good leader, and he is loyal to the warrior code.

Deputy of skyclan his destiny remains to be told

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106 Onestar

I think that it was weird that when he was a warrior he liked Firestar but when he was leader, he hated him!

I think he is NOT evil! Honestly... I think somebody was really bored when they did this- they seem to be jotting down any warrior name they can think of!

It was super happy that one whisker was gonna be leader but he sucks as one star he like hates fire star for some reason now


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107 Yellowfang Yellowfang

What mouse brain put Yellowfang on here?

Yellow fang was SWAG she wanted Firestar to be her son

She is pure awesome, plus he KILLED BROKENHEAD I MEAN STAR. (I called Brokenstar Brokenhead cause I hate him. )

Com on! Yellowfang is the coolest character ever and my favorite number 1. She is just sooo cool that I wish she was the medicinecat in all the books

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108 Snowstar

Snow star was in Code of the Clans - Frogjaw1996

And who, may I ask, is Snowstar?

Since when was there an Ice clan? I think she wants to be like scourge...

Who is Snowstar

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109 Redwillow V 4 Comments
110 Smokey

I can understand this. He pretends to like daisy but breaks her heart and goes for her sister Floss

Umm daisy and floss were never mentioned to be sisters

Actually Daisy had to leave because her kits would be taken away from her.

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111 Ivy Paw

Why is Ivypool here? She is the best cat in the whole series.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

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112 Blossomfall

Blossomfall's intentions were not to harm her clan. She felt like she got far more attention with the dark forest cats than with her own mother Millie who only cared about Briarlight and not giving Blossomfall at least a speck of attention.

Her evil mom did this to her if you ask me Millie should be punished for being a junk mother

She shouldn't be on here! She wasn't evil!

Blossom fall did not betray her Clan on purpose!

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113 Sheer

Sheer is just so dumb, also, who would want to be called Sheer

114 Fox

Ok he is part of clear sky's group of murderous little centipede minions look up a centipede and you'll understand

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115 Hattie

She isn't evil she is just curious and most curious things can be annoying - Ku

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116 Redtail

Redtail doesn't deserve to be on here! Even though he did kind of lead to Oakheart's death it wasn't his fault!

Redtail is not evil! He barely had a chance to be in the book! Take him of now!

What did he do? He didn't even be in the book that long


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117 ivypool ivypool

Ivypool shouldn't be on here. She's really nice and did most of the work in the last hope.

Ivypool isn't evil. TIGERHEART IS!
Sorry I hate tigerheart and love ivypool.
Tigerheart deserves that name for stealing dovewing from bumblestripe! - meows

She is not evil. She was just jealous of dovewing because docewing got to go to the leaders den very often and all warriors took interest in her. That's why she went to the dark forest cause they give her attention

She is so bad she is practically a villain

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118 Petal

What! Petal is not evil, she protected Birch and Amber when One Eye took over Clear Sky's camp!

119 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Stuck up mary-sue cry-baby that did nothing for the clans, and had her sister put her life on the line while she was sleeping to spy for the 4 clan's sake! Ivypool should get more credit and should be part of the 3 way more then dove wing. All she ever did EVER was listen ONCE to see what the dark forest cats were doing, that's IT! IVYPOOL COULD HAVE GOTTEN KILLED AND DOVEWING SAT IN CAMP PEACEFULLY DOING NOTHING!

Okay, I'm not sure if I replied to you already, but she did use her senses to help the Clans, so part of your first sentence is totally wrong. Ivypool had to do it since she couldn't leave the Dark Forest (See Night Whispers.) Dovewing didn't sit in the camp peacefully and be immortal while the Dark Forest attacked, she fought in it too. She saved the Clans by telling them about the beavers too. Seriously? - Sunadayh

I felt as if Dovewing was a replacement of Hollyleaf

I felt Hollyleaf was too attached to the warrior code. So I don, t like her

Stuck up goody two shoes


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120 Frostfur

Why weren't all of Frostfur's kits made apprentices at the same time?

By this point you'll see good cats. - ClovertheAverageCat

! Frostfur is awesome!

What did she do

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