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Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .


I hate hate hate scourge. So first he was bullied. Why couldn't he just go and find some other friends, not his brother and sister? Then he nearly died because of Tigerstar. He shouldn't have gone in the forest anyway, and he only did it because of Ruby, who was clearly only TEASING him. He's so dumb. And then what does he do, take over the whole forest using a clan named after death? It wasn't even a clan, really. He's a blooming murderer, and for what? Some jerk telling lies? He overreacted! The clans had to join together just because of Scourge, a weirdo cat who dumbly agreed with Tigerstar. He's just like an attention seeker, but a lot worse. - Leaftail

I truly think Scourge's action speak for himself. Who becomes a serial killer just for what? Being mildly bullied? Getting nearly killed, but what lucky enough to survive? I never even saw ONCE Scourge talking to his mama about how his littermate's behaviors affect him. Did he even ask if it was true that unwanted kits are thrown in the river? NO! He then runs away, get scarred by Tigerpaw, and was saved by Bluefur. And then he repays the very cat who saved him by becoming a serial killer and launches attacks to the forest, causing cats, noble like Whitestorm, to die. Really? This is worse than Tigerstar, who had a bad influence in his life.

Scourge is actually an extremely misunderstood cat. He's not actually evil, but ignored and angry for not making himself noticed. He never got any love, but got verbally and physically abused as a kit. If this had never happened, he would never have ran away. Never would have became evil. Never would have met Tigerstar. Never would have fulfilled the prophecy. Meaning the wars to come would have never happened. So really, he isn't evil, just hurt and broken because of his past.


Scourge, as said by Erin Hunter, was a villain never before seen in the war cats series. I do believe tat he belongs at the top because of this since I agree he was a pure villain, tainted by his past. He, unlike any of the others, formed his own Clan, and his calm/insane personality leads him to be cunning, sly, and dangerous. (LONG LIVE BLOODCLAN! )

Scourge is evil. He is not my least favourite Warrior Cat and... It wasn't actually him to blame. If fox dung Ruby and Socks had been nice to him he would still be a sweet little kittypet, or maybe a brave Thunderclan Warrior. In my opinion, he is a bit more evil than Tigerstar because he killed Tigerstar and so Tigerstar was weaker than him. Yeah, Scourge's life is sad, and I do really feel sorry for him, but duh, he's evil, never mind about the past. And Bloodclan really freaks me out...

Evilness is not measured by strength. Tigerstar, believe it or not, WAS stronger than Scourge, however when he lunged at him, Scourge ducked out of the way, causing Tigerstar to fall. Then, he was vulnerable to Scourge's attack.

Scourge is awesome when he was a kit reminds me I how people treated me all the time! And Tigerstar ruining more of his life along with socks and ruby. Maybe if Scourge had a better family then he wouldn't be so evil. Scourge was evil on revenge while Tigerstar, he's just Evil.

Scourge is a brutal fighter and claims other's lives for no reason. That's why he's my favorite villain!

I think Scourge is the best cat in Warriors. I hate Firestar with a passion, along with Socks and Ruby, but especially Ruby. Why does everyone like Firestar anyway? And why does everyone hate Scourge? Firestar would never have been able to kill Tigerstar.

He should not be on the list. He had a rough life. He wanted to show that he was strong. Why would Socks and Ruby do that to the poor thing? Please take him off!

I think scourge was definitely the most evil cat of all time, for instants he made firestar loose one life, so he only has eight lives left and plus he killed tigerstar for trying to control his clan. - bloodstripe101

Scourge was a mentally tortured cat, and to add to that he was attack brutally. I'm not saying I don't like Bluestar, but she could've defended him. Really if he was a person, he could've had a mental condition like schizophrenia, or something like that.
Being evil, I would agree but he was a villain, I do wonder where he went after death.

Okay... You people need start taking pills.I have a soft spot for Scourge and always will but I'm not making big deal about it.Maybe you need to read about good guys for a while

Heck Ya Scourge is the beast and killa of Tigerstar! but then firestar kills that awesome villan.

Best for evilness, edginess, and most heart-breaking back story. Just look at him, he's just so edgy, he is too edgy. Then he just claws Tigerstar killing all his nine lives! And just Ruby and Socks. The child-hood bullies who get karma. by the way I think I read a fact that Ruby gets hit by a car awhile after they see scourge, and Socks got a new home. I mean Ruby was the worst so YAY!

Scourge would be my best friend if he were a real cat and I would adopt him. Ruby was mean when he said he wouldn't get adopted, but guess what Ruby The Ruddy, I just did. If that actually happened and I said that, I would laugh.

He deserves the crown of evil... And sympathy, too. His life was too hard. I threw the Bluestar's Prophecy across the room and yelled at bluestar when she didn't help him. He was one of the best warrior cats as well as the worst. He didn't really deserve to die... He just needed to.

I LOVE SCOURGE! He's my favorite warrior cat after all and I think he should be number one because he just kinda showed up and killed the main objective with one hit

I had a crush on scourge and I still do

You deserve to die you little beat! I hate you. Thank you firestar for killing him

He should be number one. What morons keep saying that it is Socks Ruby or Tigerstars fault he's evil? That is like saying if you get beat up it is ok to murder and hurt innocent cats and ruin lives. He killed more cats then Tigerstar has ever met! Scourge name is Scourge for heavens sake! And what mouse brain said Bright heart is ugly? Scourge should be one with Brokenstar as no. 2

What is wrong with you people Scourge is awful would you kill your friends because you went on Facebook and someone said you're too tiny to be in here gtfo Scourge is horrible but if he didn't throw a hissy fit he'd be an nice character and Ruby and Socks can go die in a hole Scourge Ruby and Socks can go die in a hole with Ashfur the internet is so weird

Even if he cost Firestar a life and all he is still handsome, cool, and he was only influenced by his abusive past. Let's not forget that he did us a favor of getting rid of that mange-pelt, Tigerstar (sort of) - Leafstar12

Hey you seen this video it's called Scourge's last lullaby, it was so, so sad cried through it, if you ever watch it it'll probably make you cry.

He was a good villain, being able to kill Tigerstar and cause such a huge battle, but he doesn't have a good backstory, or reason to do what he does: kill cats, and try to take over the forest. Oh, you got bullied by your siblings and beat up once? Yeah, go try to kill tons of cats and take over a forest by a battle that kills many! So rational and reasonable! - TheFlyingOtter

I have to admit I always had a soft spot for poor old Scourge and I keep on thinking what it would be like if he had a mate though he would probably give up evil for a family or teach them his evil ways.