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It's not his fault! Would YOU be happy if the love of your LIFE was killed and your only son was led away from you? Tigerstar could've not listened to him and only used his GOOD training as a warrior! Scourge didn't need revenge because he was attacked as a kit! Why do people get all mean and bloodthirsty when they're picked on( Brokenstar, Scourge, etc.)

Thistleclaw was the start of evil in Warriors. He made Tigerstar evil with his own bad mentoring and Tigerstar(paw), because of Thistleclaw's encouragement, almost killed Tiny! Even worse, Tiny then became Scourge and tried to kill everyone (for a good reason, I don't think scourge did anything wrong)! When Tigerpaw said to Tiny 'I'll never forget you', scourge never forgot it and then actually killed Tigerstar. This was ALL because of Thistleclaw. He did not deserve to have a good mate like Snowfur or good kits like Whitestorm. Blue star made the right decision to chase him to the dark forest!

I agree but I do hate bone for killing Whitestorm and snake and ice trying to kill violet - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Thistleclaw is the reason Tigerstar and Scourge are evil! He lost his mate, and his sister and went evil. Well think about Crookedstar or Bluestar, they lost LOTS more than you Thistleclaw, but they stayed amazing cats. Unlike you, you are evil and you should know it. He is one of my overall least favorite cats.

Listen Thistle haters. You just hate him because of the way Blue felt about him. How would you feel if your mate died, and her sister who was always annoying to you was the only one with her, then takes away his kit. What did he have left in life? Only ambition. He had too or else he would feel ultimate pain. And really people, how many cats are arrogant in the series? A lot! And Mudclaw was ambitious too! And yet somehow people feel sorry for Mudclaw! And then when he is happy in Star clan with his son and mate, he gets chased out and loses them forever. How much would you like Bluestar now? She isn't a angel ya know.

Thistleclaw goes right back to the beginning of Tigerstar and Scourge. It was Thistleclaw who turned Tigerstar into what he was, and trained in the dark forest. Thistleclaw made Tigerstar attack tiny, and so Scourge hated Tigerstar, and so everything turned horrible!

He is just so aggressive and downright mean for absolutely no reason. And yes I feel bad that his mate got killed, but he was already arrogant and violent before Snowfur was killed. His mate's death probably made him worse, probably because he was angry that Snowfur died. And also probably because he was angry that he was not chosen as deputy.

But he was already mean in the beggining! For absolutely no reason at all.

Not to mention the fact that he is a pedophile and groomed Spottedpaw to be closer to her... brrr

Thistleclaw is the most evil because he was the creator of all of the villains in the Warriors series, except for a couple. Thistleclaw created Tigerstar and Scourge, tnen Tigerstar created Hawkfrost. Three major villains that one cat created. He might not have done many greatly evil things in his life, but he sure inspired other cats to do some.

Is he really that evil? Did he kill any cats? Did he go on a murdering spree? Does he have any real quality that makes him a real villain? No. He doesn't. Yes, he pretty much egged Tigerpaw on to attack a kit, but does it make him evil? No. Just violent. It's like saying Ferncloud is best because she provides the most kits for the Clan. It's not true. (For me at least... )

Thistleclaw is not evil did HE kill any cats? NO! Did he put his clan is danger? NO! And may I mention who was the cat that attacked a dog all by himself THISTCLAW and for the sake of his clan! And STUPID Bluestar had to chase him into the Dark Forest away from happy Snowfur until she lost Thistleclaw I think Bluestar is more evil than Thistleclaw

I have to admit that thistle law was a bit evil but it annoys me how every one hates him. Yes he's the one who made tigerstar like he is but with out him this series would be completely different!

Thistleclaw was the reason tigerstar was so evil he is by far the worst cat ever I'm so happy he was killed by a Riverclan patrol! He was by far the most evil cat!

If it weren't for Thistleclaw I would have actually liked Tigerstar. Tigerstar could have had a good life and been one of the best and most loyal cats. I HATE you THISTLECLAW!

If thistle claw wasn't evil than tigerstar would not be evil, scourge would still be Tiny, and all of those cats wouldn't have died. Not to mention making hawk frost evil

He literally started all of the most evil cats. Tigerstar, Scourge. Tigerstar turned Darkstripe bad basically. Scourge had a whole "clan".

I think that Thistleclaw should be number 1, because if it weren't for him, Tigerstar and Scourge wouldn't be bad!


He's the ' root of all the evil in the series, for crying out loud! Honestly! He started Tigerstar's evil-ness, then that brought Scourge and everything else!

Thistleclaw is the one who made Tigerstar evil. If thistleclaw was never born Tigerstar would never have been evil

No! I love thistleclaw! He rocks! If it weren't for him, white storm would have never been born! I love you thistleclaw!

Hey Thistleclaw! Want a mouse to attack?! Since you have nothing to kill you mouse brain villain! Your such an dumb warrior! Good thing Bluefur was there to be deputy instead of you! Thistleclaw being deputy! Ha!

Thistleclaw is seriously why Tigerstar and Scourge are the bad guys of the series, I know his mate and his son was taken away, but dang...

If Thistleclaw hadn't existed, Tigerclaw wouldn't be so bad, swiftpaw, Brindleface, and all the cats he murdered would be alive, and maybe bluestar wouldn't of felt the urgency to be deputy and wouldn't of given up Mosskit.

He's not really a villain in my opinion, and that's why I voted for him. Weird opinion, I know, but hey. Some people/cats are aggressive and Thistleclaw is one of those people... /cats. However, he did train Tigerclaw, number one.

If it weren't for thistleclaw tigerstar might not have been evil!

I'm quite sure he started the horror of Tigerstar by being cruel to him and such. He basically started most of it.