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Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar ...read more.


He's so evil! How could anyone ever like him! He was filled with bloodshed. Poor Brindleface!

Tigerstar is my favorite villain because he's just so enjoying to read on about. A good villain doesn't let you put down the book, and Tigerstar definitely kept me from putting Warriors down. He almost always had the upper hand (or should I saw paw? ); he had the whole Clan and Bluestar on his side, but he turned around and shocked them. Bluestar went insane pretty much for the rest of her leadership. He filled the Clan with fear, and especially intimidated Fireheart. He had knowledge of Graystipe's kits and Bluestar's kits. He tried to kill the Clan using dogs. He used Brindleface as a bribe. He killed Stonefur. He killed Redtail. If Scourge hadn't had his dog claws, Tigerstar probably would've won and beat Scourge. He used Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw for his plans.
Overall, he just always was entertaining. He killed so many cats, he tricked so many cats at the same time. He's the best villain of the Warriors series, in my opinion.

Wow, Tigerstar, Why do You do so much things?
Tigerstar:*shrug*Because I want to!
Shreds him in half

Tigerstar was evil, PLAIN EVIL! He was never to be honored! But, It is true he was never destined to be an villan, Thristlclaw and Pinestar is the ones to cause him like it. but nobody wanted him, I'd die the second time to protect The clans from Tigerstar! He killed many, many, many deaths (bluestar, Stonefur, Firestar.etc).Firestar is MY favorite cat, How dare Tigerstar kill him?! I HATE YOU NOMATTER WHAT YOU DO, TIGERSTAR!


Tigerstar is an amazing villain. He's one who can make their enemies fear that his presence is haunting them. He was able to kill so many cats, and it helped that he's one of the main reasons Bluestar went insane. It probably helped. Anyway, he was still able to haunt dreams dead--and I have to admit, he's great at planning. Except for Scourge 0.0

I HATE HIM! He's responsible for the DEATHS AND/OR INJURIES of Swiftpaw, Bluestar, Stonefur, Firestar, Hollyleaf, Tadpole, Brightheart, Whitestorm, Gorsepaw, Spottedleaf, and Redtail! He brought Bloodclan, and dogs to the forest and wreaked havoc on the forest! Tigerstar; if he was alive, I'd burn his fur off, stab him 20 times, tie him up in fishing line and leave him in the top branch of a California Redwood to die. Then, I'd burn his body, give his bones to my dogs for chew toys, and put his remains on the road to let them get run over, then feed them to the buzzards! Did I mention he brought THE ENTIRE DARK FOREST TO THE REAL WORLD! And he LURED CATS TO THE PLACE WHERE THEIR SOULS CAN BE CORRUPTED! I HATE HIS STUPID GUTS! (Wait till you see what I do for Scourge and Brokenstar)

Tigerstar is probably the most violent, ruthless, clever villain in the whole Warriors universe. But most people think that makes him the worst character, also. For me, he isn't. Yes, his father and sisters died as a kit, and Thistleclaw trained him as an apprentice, but some are much worse-like Dovewing or Bluestar (my opinion)

One Eye (from Dawn Of The Clans) should have been at the top of this list! If you read The Blazing Star, you'll know how bad he is! Also, it's Thistleclaw's fault that Tigerstar is evil, not Tigerstar's. If Tigerstar was trained by some other warrior he wouldn't have become so evil and ambitious for power. On my opinion, Tigerstar should not be at the top of this list!

I have to admit, Erin Hunter creates some pretty nasty villains, but honestly, Tigerstar takes the cake! He deserved to die %120! He had most likely associated himself with every one of the Seven Deadly Sins, not to mention all of the innocent lives he took! Erin Hunter, I salute you for your vivid imagination, and Tigerstar gets a number 5 spot on my Top Ten Most Evil Villains In Books.

Ye, Tigerstar's a good villain. He is well crafted and has just the right mix of cunning and action. Villains like Brokenstar have too much action and no brain, which makes for a very boring and easy character. Villains like Hawkfrost were almost all talk except for 1 or 2 actions, which are boring characters and easy to predict. Tigerstar's a good villain though. -A Person

tigerstar was a cruel and evil warrior to thunderclan

Tigerstar is the main villain throughout the story, killing many innocent cats. The first time I read about Tigerstar in the series, I already liked the name. I was kinda sad that he became the bad cat. If he weren't so bloodthirsty, he might've became a great leader. Too bad, such a strong warrior was wasted.

Tigerstar is my favorite cat! He wasn't born evil! It was because of Pinestar and Thistleclaw!


YOU'RE WRONG. I for one think Tigerstar helped ShadowClan during its time of need. He was a great father to his kits and just wanted to prove his loyalty. I also think he was the best villain to walk the forest.

Tigerstar just stinks! First he killed Redtail, then cave Cinderpelt her injury, then tried to murder Bluestar, then killed Brindleface, then brought bloodclan to the forest, then laid a trail of dead rabbits for thunderclan for dogs, then tried to murder ravenpaw!

Best cat ever. He's cruel and wicked, killed so many cats including our favorites, bluestar, firestar, spottedleaf, mousefur and hollyleaf. But who can blame him? Thistleclaw trained him to be like that and that's why we all simply love tigerstar.

He is awesome! I hate thistleclaw. If it wasn't thistleclaw tigerstar wouldn't die or be evil. Say yes if you agree with me.

How come he wasn't an official leader of the dark forest? He walks in, and a while later hawkfrost comes in and becomes a leader.?

Tigerstar is the best because he's a "good bad guy"! I love him, but sometimes I feel like he just needs to go away and take a break. He keeps coming back and back and back again over and over!

No one could possibly vote for someone else! Scourge actually isn't evil in a way since he killed this monstrous beast of a cat! Won't dare call him a warrior cat, let alone a leader! Not to mention this horrible cat killed one of my favourite cats, Redtail!

Tigerstar why the StarClan did you kill Runningwind and Brindleface? To punish you, I like every other bad guy in the series (Darkstripe, Clawface, Scourge, ) come on you know better Tigerstar!

I like Tigerstar... It's not his fault that he is evil. Thistleclaw's! If Tigerstar/claw/paw was trained by someone else, maybe he wouldn't turn evil. He is in my top ten warrior cats...

I think tigerstar was HOT I mean even though he's evil... Ah oh and EVERYBODY BACK OFF HE'S MINE!

He killed Redtail, Runningwind, Swiftpaw, Brindleface, Bluestar, Stonefur, and Gorsepaw! Tigerstar is THE most evil cat in Warriors for sure! Plus he crippled Cinderpelt and would've murdered Ravenpaw. I hate him for killing those cats (I like all of them) and I'm glad he died such a gruesome death.

I hate Tigerstar because he was responsible for Firestar's death! But at least at his dying moment Firestar did avenge his own death... Whatever that means!