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Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan


Er, why is Bluestar second? For about two books she was a good leader, but she lived for five books, and three of them were spent being insane, hating StarClan, and not trusting anyone. I mean, I know she saw her mom, sister, mate, and kit die in front of her eyes, but that's the life of a warrior. What about Crookedstar, whose behind her and never went insane? He lost his entire family, his mother, brother, father, mate, kits, and had a facial issue. Bluestar, on the other hand, always had support, while Crookedstar didn't always have support. And whose fault is it that her kit died? Bluestar's. Thistleclaw never killed anyone, he was just aggressive, his mate dies, and whose fault was that? I know Bluestar didn't shove Snowfur in front of a moving car, but she said "Let's get some fresh air and leave your kit behind, shall we? " And she upset Snowfur anyway, and took Whitekit's attention from Thistleclaw also. Bluestar took her kits in to the freezing snow on a grain of salt of ...more

Bluestar was the Queen of ThunderClan, but her love of her Clan killed her in the end. I love Firestar, but Bluestar deserves #1. She made him who he was. She is the one to be recognized. Bluestar dosen't get enough respect! Her mother, sister, and one kit died when she was very young. She is also the "aunt" of Whitestorm, the one warrior in ThunderClan who deserved the elders' den but never got there. And how does SCourge even be on the list? He's evil, purely evil and a true villan. Bluestar is THE CAT who should be first! BE mad at me, but she's my favorite leader of all time! - ZenyattaForever

Bluestar was a amazing leader who should be recognized more. She had a awful early life like watching her mother die and being there when Snowfur was hit on the thunder path. Some dislike Bluestar and say " But she went insane and crazy and mean". So what she lost so much first, her mother. Next, her sister. Then, her kits. Finally, her beloved Oakheart. Without them she just felt empty and like nothing. Try putting yourself in her paws and think about it.

I love Bluestar! She has been through SO much! First of all her father pretty much hates her, her mate died, her mother died, her sister died, her kit Mosskit died! And yet she pulled through! Why did she die? Firestar is fine but is nothing compared to Bluestar. If it wasn't for Bluestar, Firestar wouldn't be who he is! Firestar is a pretty bland character! At least Bluestar has some depth to her character! Though I guess if Bluestar hadn't asked Firestar (or Rusty) to join the clan then he would have never met Sandstorm and the would have never had my favourite character Leafpool!

Bluestar may have gone mad for a bit, but she has reason to. In the end, she saved her clan. I am annoyed about how Firestar is given all the glory, like he's the best. Somehow I find him self-righteous knowing he's a great leader. If not for Bluestar, though, he'd never have become a leader. Bluestar was never proud or self-righteous. I hope Bluestar is given the respect she deserves.

Why is she even on this list? She isn't a great leader at all! I personally think she is whiney, I'm not saying this without a reason. Blue star was okay for the first few books, but when fire paw (star) warned her about tigerclaw (star) she got MAD at him, even knowING that he's the prophesy cat. Then even though she got a warning, she was so surprised. Also, she chased thistle claw out of star clan without any reason other than she didn't like him. Snow fur loved him, and she didn't care. She didn't like him and didn't care about her sisters feelings at all, but she can fall in love with a cat from another clan and snow fur shouldn't do anything about it.

My favorites are BLuestar, Firestar, and Sunstar, but Bluestar is the best. She is loyal, strong, and kind. She is so loyal and I could go on and on about it. She gave up everything, she was a great mentor to Firestar, and without her Firestar wouldn't be here right now, and she saved firestar from tigerstar, even though she had given up on him, she was loyal through that and given up her kits so she could fufill something that starclan wanted. She was kinda crazy in book 4/5 but BLAME tigerstar for everthing/most bad things that happened to her. LOVE BLUESTAR AND WHOEVER DOESN"T like BLuestar MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND VOTE FOR HER!

I just like Bluestar in general. She is wise and very caring for her clan. If you don't believe me then your crazy. She gave her own kits for her clan! She would give up her life for her clan and she did. She is strong and trains Firestar. At first she was uncertain but then she figured out what the message Starclan was trying send meant. And she told Firestar that he was the fire that would save the clan before she died. The whole reason she gave Rusty the name Fire was because of the message! She overall Bluestar is the best cat for the job!

Blue Star is a wonderful leader. I love her. She is the best leader I could ever have. Even though she went crazy and insane at the end. She risked her own life to save Thunder clan. She always deserve to go to Star clan. She is a very brave cat. So, that is why I love Blue Star so much. I also like Fire Star as much as Blue star. Blue Star was a fabulous leader.

I loved Bluestar in the first two books, until Tigerstar attempted to murder her. Yes, her almost all her loved ones were dead, and she gave away her kits, but if she was really that affected-why wasn't she insane before? I just felt that for a majority of the First Arc, she was insane. We didn't really get to see the most of her wise, calm ruling. This is just my opinion.

BlueStar is amazing! I absolutely love her. I like the part when she said to Firestar "You will be a great leader. One of the greatest this forest has ever known. You will have the warmth of fire to protect your clan and the fierceness of fire to defend it. You will be Firestar, the light of Thunder Clan." -BlueStar

Bluestar is loyal, and I can't believe how much she gave up for her Clan. She is an amazing cat, and I love her dearly. Tigerstar sucks because he killed one of the best leaders of all time! Even though she went kinda WHEE-OOH! Towards the end, she lived and breathed for her Clan.

I mean, you've GOT to admire the she-cat! She gave up her mate and kits just to serve her Clan. She's the one that ended the dog pack's attack. Look at her, she was so brave even though she feared inside. She trained the greatest leader in the world, too! Who could hate this brave, loyal she-cat?

If your mother, sister, kit, deputies and mate are all died right in front of you, what will you do? Die or alive? So I say that Bluestar is the most brilliant leader ever! Perhaps she lost the cats she love, and become insane, but she can fight these sadness! She is feeling painfulness almost everyday!

I really love Bluestar! She cared for her Clan so much that she gave up her nine lives all to save ThunderClan. She could be a little too secretive at times, but she was really the BEST leader ThunderClan could wish for! I do think she should be the #1 leader on this list

Bluestar, beautiful, intelligent, and strong. She might've been negative at times, but (in my opinion) she was the best leader. Oh yeah, Firestar but be great and all that, but Firestar is just that (it's too hard to explain. ) Blue star definitely surpasses Firestar in leadership. Bluestar will die for other Clanmates, even if she's on her last life. I admire Bluestar, it's unfortunate that she had to die in the 5th book of the 1st series though! - Asuna_Yuuki

Well, I do agree that she is a good leader and deserves a lot of respect, but who would give up their newborn babies just to be leader? And yes I know that if she hadn't done it Thistleclaw probably would have been chosen as deputy, but he wouldn't have been like Tigerstar. (I love Thistle! )

She sacrificed and lost so much. She lost her sister, kits, mate, and mother. She dealt with the pain as she lead ThunderClan. She devoted her life to her clan at all costs too. Carrying this pain would have been hard for Firestar.

SHE DOMINATES! She took rusty into the Clan and she should have never died. I don't care about stupid Firestarand and his "destiny". The only time I liked her a bit less was when she went"crazy".

Bluestar is the whole reason the series was created. If she hadn't invited Fireheart into the Clan, what would've happened? Boring stuff, that's what. And she sacrificed her life to save Fireheart. It's too bad that the greatest leader ever had to die.

Bluestar, in my opinion (and before her crisis), is the perfect example of the perfect leader! She was loyal and lead her Clan in horrible times, even when she was in her crisis! She is loyal and the noblest of the cats in her Clan. I wish she didn't die as soon as she did.

Bluestar is definitely my favourite leader. Despite the fact that insanity took over her, she was always trying to what was right. Her life was full of trials and tribulations, but her death was so bittersweet.

Bluestar always put her clan before herself. She even gave away her kits to save her clan from Thisleclaw. Bluestar was fair and brave and was the reason that firestar came into clan and became leader.

She's brave. She fearlessly leads her clan into battle. She rules her clan the right way: exiling disloyal cats and being willing to die for her clan. She is the image of female awesomeness. BLUESTAR RULES!

she is a awesome cat she fought and stayed alive then she fought in wars on her last life she goes to she ksick kits even knowning that she will get sick so if shes not in the top ten then I don't uner stand