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He's strong, bold, loyal, and determined. At the beginning, many only saw him as his father, but because of his driven passion to show that he is nothing like his father, shaped him into the leader he is now. He had a choice when he was first appointed deputy either to take all of Firestar's lives and become the blood thirsting leader his father was, or save him. He chose to save him out of loyalty and the bond he shared with his former mentor.

He never should've been leader! He's EXACTLY like Firestar! Besides, he actually considered murdering Firestar for a while, and trained with Tigerstar, who he had spent half of his life trying to get rid of! And, he can never decide who he wants his mate to be. He hates Squirrelflight, then loves her, then hates her, then loves her, then goes off with another cat, then loves her again. - FernmistCloverleaf

He has always been my favorite cat, even before he became a leader! He's ignored the bad influence of his father, and killed his own half-brother to protect his leader. I think he would make a wonderful clan leader, and I wish Erin Hunter would continue the series or at least make a special about him and his life as ruler!

I Think BrambleStar is the best leader there is because as a warrior, he had to go on a long journey from the four clans to the new territory, back, then back to the territory. He had the worst father, so he had to fight twice as hard to prove his loyalties, and he killed his half brother HawkFrost, who was just like evil, bloodthirsty Tigerstar!

Bramble Star is the best! Tiger Star is not. Bramble Star has proved he DESERVES leader! He killed his evil brother Hawkfrost (Hawk Frost is a stupid name because he does not fly and it is creepy. Sorry Erin Hunter! )
And he saved his leader! He was the best cat ever unless you count my warrior cat name, Black Feather

It should have been GrayStar on here, But I like BrambleStar too but it was not nice to keep bramble claw as deputy when gray stripe came home, leopard star chose misty foot/star as her deputy bun when she disappeared leopard star chose hawk frost and when misty foot/star came home, she got deputy again. Firestar should have done the same and take back graystripe as deputy. But I like Bramblestar too, and he made the clan stronger, he was never a bad leader.

I feel like Bramblestar should be higher on this list, but this is a list about Clan leaders and most of the books that focused on Bramblestar were when he was a warrior on the quest to the sun-drown place. But I do love Bramblestar in general. I must say he is my favorite cat in the whole series! - Ilovebramblestar

Sorry no, can't agree. He's too easily swayed and fooled. He's a bossy know-it-all and a crappy replacement for Firestar who was the best leader ever. He did win the struggle against his ambition but only after he almost killed his leader, I'm always going to have doubts about him. - Songwind

Gosh I hate Brambleclaw. Stupid making Squirrelflight's heart break, and training with Tigerstar, and being buddy buddy with Hawkfrost and taking Graystripe's place as a deputy... And after all that he got to be leader! I was so mad I could have ripped up The Last Hope!

I think Bramblestar is overrated. Everyone thinks he is great, but I think he doesn't deserve to be leader or even deputy. He broke the warrior code three times: Once when he trained with Tigerstar in the Dark Forest, once when he and Hawkfrost met, and once when he became deputy without training an apprentice. And yet all the cats love him. Reply if you support Graystar (Graystripe) over Bramblestar!

I was fine with Bramblestar before he became a leader. Now he's just a copy of Firestar. He's all into helping other people and being the hero. He was also so mean to Squirrelflight. I mean Jessy is the worst. Why would anyone like her? - Pebblepaw

I don't know him as a leader but I rlly like him. I think he will be a great leader. He is stronger from fighting his father all the time and still being a loyal warrior. He is a natural leader (proven in the great journey) and he stood against the 2 worst warriors of all time and the temptation of being a leader and saver firestar and he has an awesome mate. Go Bramblestar!

I posted this! Anyways- He was a great deputy, taking care of his Clan through thick and thin! Go Bramblestar! He is awesome! He would give up all nine lives for his Clan, he deserves to win this!

Hum I do not really like bramblestar I don't know why... Maybe because he became leader after Firestar? Well anyway he is a good loyal warrior cat but no cat could be better then Firestar or Bluestar...

Bramblestar is great. Firestar made the right choice making him deputy. Bramblestar is nothing like his father, that's good. Tigerstar is HORRIBLE, a murderer, while Bramblestar is great, a hero.

He's awesome! And by the way, Erin Hunter admitted HERSELF that the reason Leopardstar started her alliance with Tigerstar was that Leopardstar wanted him to be her mate!

Bramblestar is my favourite character and I think he is awesome! Bramblestar sometimes makes mistakes but he is still loyal to his clan.

Bramblestar is the WORST leader ever! He is too much like a young warrior, hot-headed and the dummest cat I have ever known in Warriors! He is not worthy to be in Firestar's place. And why did Firestar have to die flattened by a tree? He should have had the noblest of death. Doesn't Erin Hunter realise this? (I love her books, by the way, and can't wait for the Warriors film! ) Bramblestar should have made his cats shelter up a tree in the Great Storm, not in underground tunnels that could collape with the rain the Storm had brought along! From Sunheart360.

Bramblestar is a good leader because he was the only leader that I can think of that didn't break the warrior code

I HATE you so mich Bramblestar you are DUMB and I hope you heard that! You don't deserve to be clan leader! I hope you heard that!

Don't judge someone because of what their father did or what he looks it is all inside that matters

He's so cute! The fuzziest Tigerstar ever! Best Leader ever! He's mine Squirrelflight!

He is calm and also looks for others opinions without diving into conclusions - Firedawn

He lives a hard life. After all his father was a murderer he was placed under doubt AND didn't give in unlike Tawnypelt he ignored his fathers influence, killed his half brother and tried so hard to prove his loyalty Amzong cat

I'm disappointed with him. The Erins made a mistake making him leader. So much could have been done with him. He could have rejected Firestar's offer to become deputy and say: "I will fulfill the duties of a deputy, but I am content as a warrior and I believe Graystripe will come back." That would've been good. He could've learnt to be content with his life as a warrior and let Graystripe become leader. I do think that instead of Brambleclaw, Brackenfur would have been a better choice. So, Graystar and Brackenstar. Much better.