Not only was he funny, friendly and kind but because he never let anything stop him. He was neglected, bullied, crippled and used. And yet, even after he lost EVERYTHING dear to him he stuck by his clan. Never once did his devotion fade even a little. That kind of determination deserves acknowledgement. In my eyes, he is an inspiration to us all. He's not just a leader. He's a hero.

Crookedstar lost almost everything. First Goosefeather breaks his jaw on a stepping stone, his mother casts him away and renames him crookedkit instead of stormkit. He then makes a promise to Mapleshade ending in the deaths of Rainflower, Hailstar, and others his father dies nearly immediately after and at the end of the book Oakheart dies!?! 2 things to say, die Mapleshade and you rock Crookedstar!

Crookedstar all the way. In Crookedstar's Promise he went through hell because of Mapleshade. She made his life a misery, but he still managed to be a strong, caring and amazing leader. Even with Mapleshade destroying every good thing in his life, he still put that behind him and looked forward, putting his Clan first before himself. He is a great personality and was a great brother to Oakheart. - Georgie141

He just rocked so hard... He didn't deserve the luck he got. Poor crookedstar! Crookedstar's Promise was the first warriors book to ever make me cry... It's just so sad that Rainflower hates him and he tries to impress her to "make her love him again" His best quality is having to deal with so many tragedies but still doing whats best for his clan no matter what!

Crookedstar! Definitely! After reading Crookedstar's Promise, I realized what a hard life he had! His mother practically disowned him after he had his accident and broke his jaw, and then Mapleshade went along and made his life harder... (Don't get me wrong, Mapleshade is a great villain) but he still managed to be an honourable leader and loving father to Silverstream!

Crookedstar deserves to be at the top because mistyfoot and Stonefur are related to Crookedstar so were is the respect thunderclan Bluestar should be so sad for Oakheart crookedstar would not be scared by tigerstar because he was not even scared of thunderclan

I felt bad for him while reading Crookedstar's promise! He had his jaw broken, had to deal with a bad mother and had all three of his kits die. Yet he is still a amazing cat and dose not give up. If it were up to me I would make Crookedstar the main cat in the first sires. He is loyal to his clan and a brave leader.

Crookedstar overcomes the sorrow and death in his life for the sake of the clan. He realises his mistakes and attempts to correct them. His judgement and loyalty show with the respect he gains, and his clan become more powerful and less reliant on other clans (such as leopardstar's Riverclan, and the end of Tallstar's reign of Windclan). Crookedstar has to fight on his way to power, but he does it fairly.

Crookedstar had more people in his life die than Bluestar and didn't go insane! Bluestar went crazy because a bit of her family tree died. It was her fault her kits died anyway, she broke the code. Crookedstar was a great leader and lost so much, his mom even abused him! He was hurt, lied to and lost so much.

I feel bad for Crookedstar. His mother hated him because he was disfigured, and because of Mapleshade he was forced to watch all the cats he loves die. Some say it was his fault for promising you-know-what to Mapleshade but he just wanted what was best for his Clan! He is an awesome leader.

Crookedstar was such a great leader and never deserved to die

he did not make River clan evil stupid Leopardstar did

Crookedstar was riverclans best leader. He was brave and would accept help when needed. He put his clan before himself and always kept them safe.

For any of you that have read Crookedstars promise you will understand all he's been through. Despite all the cats he loved dieing he still stuck with starclan even though he was scared they would reject him after training with a cat from the dark forest.

He was fair and just and never let his emotions cloud his judgement. Even when everything went wrong around him, through physical sickness and extreme grief, he remained a strong leader until the end.

Considering how his life was, being ignored by his mother, then having his mother, mate, father, and kits die. He had a pretty horrible life. But he made a great leader!

Although I'm more of a fan of Firestar and Bramblestar, Crookedstar is still one of my favorites. Shellheart is, too. I felt so bad for him; he had a really bad life. He was such a good leader - HollyleafOfThunderClan

A very stong leader. His wisdom and good judgement made him an excellent leader.

CROOKEDSTAR CROOKEDSTAR CROOKEDSTAR! He had tons of hardships but he's the most noble leader. I fell in love with him in Crookedstar's Promise. I PROMISE!

I love love LOVE Crookedstar! I feel so bad for him that when he broke his jaw his mother hated him. He was so brave when he went up to her and said, "I'm sorry I can't make you proud of me but I'll never stop trying."

He was an amazing leader. Yes, the part in the first/second book when he said he wanted WindClan's territory, but what would you do if there was a huge piece of empty land? Anyway, he was strong. Just read Crookedstar's Promise and you'll get what I mean. (Why is everyone else just talking about his part in Bluestar's Prophecy... ? )

He was so loyal kind and funny. GO Crookedstar!

Boo maple shade. Crookedstar is a mirror image of my favorite pet Obie. I have like 6 cats or something and Crookedstar will be my next cat's name.

Crookedstar was a great leader not only because he was strong, but because he was very clever and knew how to win battles very easily.

YES! He was a fair, kind leader to all. He was abused, and all his family died, but he still was sane. He still made wise choices. Applause.

Crookedstar faced so many hardships due to his mother, Rainflower, and he's still one of the best leader today. Go Crookedstar!